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Ziploc Brand Vacuum Sealers mainly help the everyday consumer to save money and time. In fact, Ziploc Vacuum Sealer Systems are affordable and quality based products available in the market. They are small and powerful enough to vacuum seal, store food, keep it fresh for a longer time. The Ziploc Vacuum Sealer is a high-quality food storage appliance that keeps your food fresh when compared to conventional storage methods. Moreover, Ziploc Sealers specifically serve home use requirements. These mainly concentrate on removing air and moisture and locks freshness. Using these products you can sustain the nutritional benefits of food. This system works with the uniquely designed Ziploc Vacuum Bags, Rolls to put food or other items in the machine.

Best Ziploc Vacuum Sealer 2019 Reviews

Are you are facing a problem with tasteless ad spoiled food, and desperate to find a solution for that problem. Here is the answer, we have spent a lot of time researching and found the Best Ziploc Vacuum Sealers. It’s difficult to decide as they are many models available in the market. So to simplify your task of finding best vacuum sealer of Ziploc we have provided a detailed description of each product. Make sure to check the Ziploc Vacuum Sealer Reviews, Compare Features, and Speciality of each product. Then, choose a product which mostly suits and the one which fulfills your need. If you are looking for a way to store food effectively and safely read our Reviews on Best Ziploc Sealers.

Top 8 Ziploc Vacuum Sealers For Sale on Amazon


Ziploc Vacuum Sealer v203

Ziploc Vacuum Sealer v203

Help your family save money and reduce waste and seal in freshness using Ziploc Sealer. If you are looking for something that you won’t use a lot V203 would be a great way to go. Usually, Ziploc V203 is a high quality, high-value appliance that keeps your food fresh when compared to conventional grocery storage methods. Its design specifically keeps out air and locks in freshness, preserves valuable items and reduces space. This Ziploc Vacuum Sealer System v203 is compatible with the canisters and vacuum bags. However, Ziploc V203 Vacuum Sealer Machine features an enhanced locking system. It can be used to seal wet and dry foods including sauces, meat, and pasta. The machine is simple and user-friendly with only three simple_lists. Ziploc V203 Vacuum Sealer comes in with a slightly higher commercial value. Moreover, Ziploc V203 Vacuum Seal Machine is faster when compared to other models. 

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  • By Ziploc Vacuum Sealer V203 Reviews, many consumers found the sealer works well.
  • Bags are durable and easily cut to customize the size depending on food to be sealed.
  • Cancel simple_list can be used at any time during vacuuming and sealing.
  • The product comes in different colors allowing you to choose a unique product to your kitchen.


  • Ziploc Sealer V203 is not quite and is found to be annoying.
  • Another downfall of this appliance is non-removable drip tray.
  • Several Ziploc Vacuum Sealer Reviews say that the bags don’t seal well.


Ziploc V159


The Ziploc Vacuum Sealer System V159 is an ideal choice to keep your foods fresh. Moisture and ait interact with the food and cause damage to the food even before you eat it. Vacuum Sealing extends the shelf life and retains the natural taste by removing air that usually spoils food. This Ziploc V159 Vacuum Sealer is easy to use, and the chamber opens wide so that you can clean. Automatic unlocking feature releases the bag once it is sealed. This food saving machine Ziploc Vacuum Sealer V159 also consists of locking lid and an LED indicator light, instant seal simple_list. The cord wraps on the back of the machine so that extra cord is kept out of your sight. The V159 is a more lightweight machine with a sleek design. If you want something which you won’t use a lot, then Ziploc V159 is a great way to go.

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  • Using this appliance you can avoid freezer burns.
  • Ziploc Vacuum Sealer System V159 is easily affordable.
  • Cord trucks in behind the unit and cord will never lay around.


  • Some of the customers stated in Ziploc Sealer V159 Reviews that bags don’t seal all the time.
  • The V159 is Flat, without any wrinkles in the plastic.


Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer

Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer System-image

Ziploc V151 is a quality and affordable vacuum sealer on the market. This vacuum Sealer is Small yet powerful and works great to vacuum seal and store food.  Ziploc V151 comes with a beautiful design and can work relentlessly and delivers impressive results to users. One touch simple_lists offer a quick response on this Ziploc Brand V151. LED lights indicate different functionalities that this food saver offers to the users of this product. Since this Ziploc Sealer is of lightweight, you will not face any hassle while using it. Enhanced external dimensions give you the freedom to use large sealing bags. This food sealer is amazing for storing delicate items too. It might be sealing bags full of vegetables or some leftovers from the food you made this Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer System works efficiently.

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  • The  V151 Ziploc Sealer makes use of one-touch operation.
  • This Ziploc Vacuum Sealer takes up less Space in the kitchen.
  • LED lights give you an idea of which function you are running.
  • The V151 is compact and easy to use.
  • Motor is powerful and does an excellent job of removing air.


  • The Ziploc Vacuum Sealer V151 doesn’t come with a cutter like other products.
  • This product is little noisier when compared to other models available.
  • Seal bags used with this Sealer should be dry.


V366 Vacuum Sealer System

Ziploc V366 Vacuum Sealer System is significantly larger than other models of Ziploc.  If you want something with lasting power and meant for everyday use V366 is probably the best option. However, the larger size helps for a few more features for the Ziploc Brand V366. It has a feature that allows roll storage, programmable marinating. Ziploc Sealer V366 comes with a universal adapter making it suitable for canisters as well as Ziploc Vacuum Bags. All the features present in Ziploc V366 Vacuum Sealer System makes it a versatile appliance to use. Ziploc Vacuum Sealer System Review say that this product is fully featured, easy to use. Exclusive smart marinate feature allows you to marinate based on the type of food you are storing it may be either meat or poultry. High/Low adjustable Speed Setting is present in case of this Ziploc Vacuum Sealer System.


ziploc v366 vacuum sealer system-image

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  • Storage for bag roll is present in Ziploc V366 Vacuum Sealer.
  • Easy to use simple_lists make the process of creating a bag and sealing food simple.
  • Using the marinating option user can control how much liquid is removed from the bag.
  • Universal adapter allows consumer to use other accessories with Ziploc V366 Sealer.


  • The Ziploc V366 unit is bigger and takes up large counter space in kitchen.
  • In General, V366 is more expensive than its counterparts.


V204 Vacuum Sealer System

If you are looking for a sealer that does vacuum and seal freezer bags this unit does a great job. Ziploc V204 Vacuum Sealer works well and has wide sealing area. It gives you an excellent way to buy or cook food in bulk and freeze later. It has got gloss black finishing along with a sleek modern design. Locking the lid of  Ziploc Sealer Review say it is simple to use with the easy release simple_lists. Ziploc Vacuum V204 Sealer features an enhanced locking and sealing system.  A high-value appliance from Ziploc that retains food freshness 5x longer than traditional storage methods. Accessory port gives comfort to use with different tools to vacuum and seal a variety of foods. This Ziploc V204 Black Vacuum Specifically keeps the bags free from air and moisture to maintain freshness.

ziploc v204-image

Last update was on: May 21, 2019 9:07 pm

  • Sleek Modern Design.
  • Locking Lid with Easy Release simple_lists.
  • Gloss Black Finish.
  • Method of storage is quite easy.


  • Ziploc V204  Vacuum Sealer is hard to close.
  • This kind of appliance takes much time to operate.
  • In fact, this Ziploc Vacuum V204 Sealer doesn’t carry a drip tray to catch hold of liquids.


Ziploc V205 Vacuum Sealer

Ziploc V205 is one such model that allows you to seal everything from food to clothing and saves space.  Extend the life of pantry, refrigerator and freezer foods. This Vacuum Sealer is the winner of Gold Innovation Award in Vacuum Sealing. Eat healthy by sealing in freshness using a Ziploc V205Vacuum Sealer. This Vacuum Sealer from Ziploc retains taste and flavor of food, saves your money and time as well. It features a sleek modern design with gloss red finishing, works well with Ziploc Sealer System Canisters. Ziploc Vacuum Sealer System V205 includes three-quart bags, and an accessory hose to add comfort level. Ziploc Sealer V205 is recommendable for everyday use at home. However, Ziploc V205 Reviews are already proving the quality of the product. Ziploc V205 Sealer having a lot of capabilities is considered to be a great product at affordable price.

ziploc vacuum sealer system v205-image

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  • Ziploc Vacuum System V205 Sealer is Easy to Use and does the job quickly.
  • Having the seal simple_list is handy.
  • V205 Vacuum Sealer is affordable.
  • Most trusted name in food storage.
  • Saves money as well as time.


  • It is a bit hard to lock the Ziploc Sealer v205.
  • Bag cutter is not present.


V355 Ziploc Vacuum Sealer System

Ziploc Vacuum Sealer System V355 is popular among Ziploc Sealers through the wide variety of features it provides. This machine takes up less counter space in the kitchen and has fully automatic vacuum and seal operation with automatic release. It consists of easy to clean removable carriage. Automatic vacuum and seal allows you seal by simply placing the bag on the side and you can forget the rest. Accessory storage of V355 Ziploc System helps you store the accessories directly in the machine. Built-in roll cutter helps you customize bag size accordingly. Overall capabilities of this machine make it a top seller in the market. Seal only and pulse mode simple_lists increases the scope of using this machine for a variety of goods.

ziploc vacuum sealer system V355 -image


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  • Easy to clean removable carriage.
  • Fully automatic vacuum and seal operation.
  • V355 takes up less counter space.
  • Roll storage with a cutter.


  • These Ziploc Food Sealer appliances take much time for the operation.


V357 Ziploc Sealer System

The Ziploc V357 Vacuum Sealer System keeps food fresh and long. Compact footprint takes less space on the counter space and is specially designed to remove air and moisture. Usually, Ziploc V357 reduces wastage and maximizes storage space. Pulse mode helps for sealing delicate foods. Smart Marinate mode marinates based on the food you are sealing either it may be poultry, fish or meat. It also consists of High/Low adjustable speed setting based on requirement. Sleek black finishing gives a stylish look to your kitchen. Accessory hose present makes it convenient to use for canisters, jars, and containers. Seal Only, and pulse mode simple_lists increase the comfort level to seal various foods.

ziploc v357-image

Last update was on: May 21, 2019 9:07 pm


  • Exclusive marinate feature.
  • Automatic Release feature adds convenience to the user.
  • A User-friendly Product by Ziploc brand.
  • Roll Storage with Cutter.
  • Adjustable Speed Setting.


  • A few customers stated that they had a problem with vacuum.

Why Ziploc Vacuum Sealer?

Keeping food fresh is a challenge, and you no longer have to worry about this Problem. Here is the solution to that problem, i.e., Ziploc  Food Sealer. It effectively seals the food and ensures items to seal properly. Ziploc Vaccum Sealer has got the powerful motor, and they stand up to their claim of crushing a can. As far as Ease of use is concerned these vacuum sealers are hard to beat as they are basically of one touch.The melting Process of these machines is so precise that they don’t burn plastic but creates an airtight seal that can be pulled apart.

Intuitive design makes sure that you will not face any trouble while figuring out on How To Use Ziploc Vacuum Sealer. You can avoid the common problem of mold on the leftover food using a Ziploc Sealer. According to Ziploc, these products can extend the shelf life of food 5x more when compared to traditional storage methods.  In short Vacuum Sealers by Ziploc are easy to use, convenient affordable and does everything you wish with a vacuum sealer.

 How does this Ziploc Food Sealer Work?

Once the sealer removes air from the Ziploc Vacuum Sealer Bags, the bag has to be sealed so that air doesn’t go in. Heated Seal Bar comes into play and presses the Ziploc Vacuum Bags, and there is enough heat to melt the bags plastic. However, this heating will not produce any fire but creates a seal that you won’t be able to pull easily. The only way you can pull is simply cut the lower part of the seal.

The sealing technique involved is effective and removes air out. Experts say that this vacuum packaging works well in removing air and extends food shelf life noticeably. Because of the way the Ziploc Food Sealer keeps food airtight you need not worry about the mold or mildew setting. Furthermore, the Ziploc Food Vacuum Sealer prevents freezer burns.

How long this amazon Ziploc vacuum sealer keep the food fresh? 

Ziploc Vacuum Sealer Reviews say that food is kept 5x longer than regular storage methods. For instance, coffee seeds normally stay fresh up to 4 weeks, but with Ziploc, they stay good up to 16 months. Most vegetables, when kept in freezer stay up to 8 months but using Ziploc Vacuum Sealer they remain fresh almost for 2 and half years.

Nutritional Benefits

Ziploc Vacuum Sealer System not just prevents food from getting moldy but also delivers additional benefits to your health. We intake oxygen while breathing which leads to oxidation resulting in the breakdown of vitamins, minerals of food. As a result, there occurs a drop in the nutritional value of food. Storage conditions also affect the taste of food. If at all food items like vegetables, fruits are not properly stored we can easily understand the change.

Naturally, foods that are rich in fat, like desserts, baked goodies are the most vulnerable to spoil which makes them primary candidates for vacuum sealing. To put it simple Ziploc Vacuum Sealer System removes the oxygen that affects the quality and taste.


We have provided the review of popular Ziploc Vacuum Sealing Systems that will surely help you prevent food wastage, saves your money and time. The items mentioned above are highly recommendable and popular among customer reviews. In our Ziploc Vacuum Sealer System Reviews, we tried our best to present the features and functionality of each model and explained the pros and cons.  Vacuum Sealers from Ziploc are the highly regarded vacuum sealers available currently on the market and are the Best Vacuum Sealers. Choose a right product that exactly fits your requirement.

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