All about Vacuum Sealer – Benefits of preserving food using Vacuum Sealing Machine

What is a Vacuum Sealer? A vacuum sealer is one of the machines used in the kitchen and there are many uses with a vacuum sealer. Used to store the food, jars and sealing bottles, resealing the bags and urgent situation preparedness and corrosion safeguard.

What is a Vacuum Sealer?

Vacuum sealing initially used by food packing companies in the 1940s as a way of saving money. This technique prevented the spoilage and prolonged the shelf life of food products, especially one who transported food for longer distances. It not only prevented the growth of mold and bacteria but also kept the food fresh and hindered the freezer burn. It is a convenient and economical way for households to protect, preserve and store their food.

What is a Vacuum Sealer image
What is a Vacuum Sealer image

How does the Vacuum sealer machine work?

The vacuum sealer machine pulls the air out from the container or a plastic bag and seals it firmly so that no air can get in. When sealing some soft or juicy food items in plastic bags for storing in the freezer, it is better to freeze the items for a few hours before sealing them. In this manner, you can stop the food from being compressed or losing the succulent substance in the vacuum sealing process. Vacuum Sealer machine helps to protect the food contents from liquids, oxygen, and bugs. 

Advantages of vacuum sealer packing machine

Below are some of the benefits of vacuum sealer packing machine:

  1. Vacuum sealer saves the time: You can seal the food of a family-sized portion or individual section of vegetables or snacks and freeze up them. At the time of eating can just pick up the sealing packet and have it. This is particularly useful for cooking sous vide- make the segments you require for VacMaster sous-vide pot and cook till they are ready.
  2. Vacuum sealer machine saves the money: At a time you can purchase a bulk amount of meat and split it into meal-sized sections and sealing helps you in having the fresh meat in hand for 6 months. This will help you saving the money instead of buying the meat whenever you require it. 
  3. Vacuum sealer machine preserves food: A vacuum sealer protects the foodstuff from the growth of microorganisms and mold. Vacuum sealing helps the food to divest from the oxygen. So microorganisms, bacteria, and mold cannot develop without oxygen. 
  4. Vacuum sealing protects the food: Vacuum sealing keeps the food away from freezer flame and dryness. In general, freezer flame takes place when the water goes inside the food. A vacuum bag helps the food to stay in contact with the air, such that moisture cannot vanish and acts as a brilliant barrier from the elements. 
  5. Food lasts longer: Frozen food that vacuum-sealed will last on an average of 2-3 years while food stored in some other ways will last for 6-12 months on an average. Most of the food vacuum sealed will last in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks. 
  6. Vacuum sealing will extend the shelf life: When the food vacuum-sealed then its shelf life extended greatly. Vacuum sealing helps in storing the food for longer period than the food crammed in plastic bottle or bags. The precise amount of time for the food items to last in vacuum packing will depend on whether the food stored in freezer, refrigerator or pantry. 
  7. Efficient food organizations: A vacuum sealer machine makes the food to be stored with proficient and prepared packaging. Vacuum sealed food occupies a smaller amount of space in the refrigerator and can be easily identified as the stored food. 
  8. Vacuum sealed food tastes better: Vacuum sealing holds the moisture, juices, and flavor of food. 
  9. No freezer burn with the chamber vacuum sealer: Vacuum sealer wadding machine offers the food an air taut atmosphere avoids the crystals which can be the reason for the freezer to burn from appearing on food. Vacuum sealing helps the moisture to stay in food for some extended duration of time so that food will be tasty and fresh even for months. 
  10. Vacuum sealing keeps the food safe: Vacuum sealing takes away the oxygen and prevents the chemical reactions caused by the oxygen that can make food to get mess-up. It even prevents the formation of bacteria which can spoil the food. 
  11. Reseal chips: A Vacuum food sealer is a fine choice for resealing the flakes but keeps in mind that you should not use vacuum suction as it may squash the fillings. Allow quite a few inches of open space at the apex of a bag, keep the bag in a sealer machine and then push the sealing key. 

Benefits of Food Preservation

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Below are some of the benefits of food preservation:

  • Food preservation prevents the food from being spoiled with the action of microorganisms and enzymes. 
  • Food preservation increases the safer storage period of food. 
  • It also increases the availability of food in out of season. 
  • It helps to increase the availability of different food even at distant and in the places that are not easily approachable. 
  • Raises the shelf life
  • Inactivates the anti-nutritional factors. 
  • Increases the availability of convenience food, for example, instant mixes, ready to serve beverages. 
  • Food preservation helps to make up the deficiencies in the diet. 

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