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Weston makes several products for home food processing including vacuum sealers, dehydrators, juicers, pasta makers, etc. As such they have a broad range of experience in food appliance industry all of which they brought into play Vacuum Sealers. If you want a top quality vacuum sealer, Weston Vacuum Sealer deserves your attention. All their products are geared toward fueling a movement of hunters, gatherers, and locavores with enduring well-built products needed for sustaining approach to food. Weston Food Vacuum Sealers are heavier, an indication of more durable housings and internal parts. The Weston Food Vacuum Sealers are one of the Best Vacuum Sealer 2019 available in the market. All Weston Vacuum Sealer Reviews 2019 suggest it as a top rated vacuum sealer to seal any food within few minutes. In General, Weston Vacuum Food Sealer is famous for the reliability.

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Weston Vacuum Sealer Reviews 2019

This review on Top 10 Weston Vacuum Sealers gives you a brief description of several Weston products. These Products are designed to do a certain task depending on the accessories included. Weston Food Vacuum Sealer Reviews revealed that the food preserved in Weston Vacuum Bags lasts 5x fresh than Ziplock bags, other food packaging methods. Before buying a Weston Vacuum Sealer compare the features, Specs and choose a relevant model for you. There are a lot of models in Vaccum Sealers, and it is difficult to choose one particular product. So to simplify your decision, we have analyzed top Weston Vacuum Sealers and given a detailed review of each one of them. Choose the best product that meets your requirement.

Top 9 Weston Vacuum Sealers for sale 2019


Weston Pro 2300

Weston Pro Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer is a different type of machine altogether compared with the standard offerings in the market.  The Weston 2300 Vacuum Sealer is a professional grade vacuum sealer that best suits people who use them often or seal large quantities of food. Having high-quality construction this unit lasts for years with proper care. Weston 2300 delivers rapid vacuum sealing when compared to other models. It is in fact, the most capable and large external vacuum sealer in commercial range. Stainless steel design of this machine falls compatible with any kitchen. This heavy-duty cyclic Weston Vacuum Sealer handles everything and seals within seconds, prolongs food shelf life. This unit works perfectly fine with normal moisture meats. Extra long seal bar present in this Weston Pro 2300  makes your job easier by sealing large bags.

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  • High-Quality professional grade.
  • Fast and efficient.
  • See-thru lid for easy alignment.
  • Made of durable stainless steel.
  • Automatic nad manual mode helps for more maneuverability.


  • Expensive.
  • No onboard bag holder.
  • Not compatible with all types of bags.
  • It is not portable.


Weston Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer

For sealing large, bulky packages of food owners prefer Weston Professional Advantage Countertop Vacuum Sealer. Weston Vacuum Sealer 65-0501-w takes little force for the lid to get closed, delivers powerful suction and a solid seal. Featuring 23′ HG Vacuum Strength and 210-watt motor this is suitable for both home users or professional use. The Weston Advantage Vacuum Sealer is an out of chamber sealer which means for perfect sealing bags containing embossed lining is needed. This Weston Vacuum Machine struggles with moist cuts of meat apart from that it handles everything excellently. Fan cooled motor present will not let the machine to get overheated. Optional Accessory Hose present in Weston Pro Vacuum Sealer allows you to seal vacuum canisters too.  A commercial quality machine having one-touch vacuum to seal operation.  

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  • Powerful Motor.
  • User-friendly control panel.
  • Affordable.
  • Fully Automatic One-Touch Operation.
  • Sturdy and Reliable.
  • Weston has Sleek and Stylish look.


  • Cannot seal if the bag is not properly placed.
  • The motor is Quite noisy.
  • Needs little bit pressure to close properly.


Weston Pro 1100

Weston Vacuum Sealer Pro 1100 is a features a 680-watt motor to easily seal food for extended preservation and storage. A compact version of pro series Vacuum sealers with added benefits of Vacuum bag roll holder and cutter. Weston Pro 1100 also features vacuum and sealing process controls, digital displays. This commercial vacuum sealer has a simple one-touch operation that automatically seals food. The manual mode of this Pro 1100 allows delicate sealing of soft foods, photos, and other valuable items. Weston 1100 Vacuum Sealer is a True Commercial machine with fan cooled motor for prolonged use. This model is a high-quality machine and reliable sealing. Detachable power cord and side mounted vacuum port allow it to use for vacuum canisters. Fully adjustable sealing time function with LED light adds convenience while processing.

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  • Durable and resilient.
  • Ability to adjust sealing time.
  • Pulse control.
  • Relatively Small.
  • Automatic mode with simple one-touch operation.


  • Low Performance.
  • Quality Control is not so impressive.


Weston Pro Vacuum Sealer 2500

Weston’s quality and performance driven products for your home ensure best quality material and design. Vacuum package liquids, sharp, fragile foods or powdery foods with ease. Ideal for fish, bone-in meats soups, sauces, and marinades. Weston Pro 2500 works great for compression, infusion, and sous vide. Weston Pro 2500 Vacuum Sealer is made of stainless steel and has rapid vacuum and seal time. Generally, Weston Chamber Vacuum Sealer has a transparent lid for alignment and draws a pressure of 29.5′ HG. This Vacuum Sealer Weston can save plenty of money on vacuum pouches by using commercial grade vacuum sealer bags. Instant seal function of  Weston Pro 2500 creates custom-sized bags. This Weston Vacuum Sealer has  Adjustable sealing time with easy to read display, and the display indicates the progress while sealing. Check out Vacuum Sealer Amazon Sale for Weston Pro 2500 at best price.

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  • Fully digital controls.
  • Suitable for Heavy duty use.
  • Quick Vacuum and Sealing times.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction.


  • Difficult to repalce seal bar and seal bar tape.
  • Weston Sealer Machine 2500 is heavy.


Weston Pro 3000 Vacuum Sealer

Lock in freshness using  Weston Pro 3000 Vacuum Sealer. The sealer’s extra large sealing bar seals bags up to 15 inch large, makes food storage easier than ever. Weston Pro Vacuum Sealer capable of 28′ HG keeps the food fresh 5-6 times when compared to traditional methods. This sealer is the largest in the industry which makes sealing a breeze. Having finest materials and industrial construction this machine is designed for lifetime use and durability. Simple digital control present in  Weston 3000 allows you to monitor the sealing process. Manual seal mode controls the amount of vacuum pressure while dealing with soft or delicate foods. Transparent acrylic lid for perfect alignment while sealing. Fan cool technology prevents the  Weston Vacuum Sealer from overheating.weston pro 3000 vacuum sealer-image


  • Heavy duty Vacuum Sealer.
  • Seals bags upto 15″ wide.
  • Adjustable Seal time.
  • Easy to Use.
  • See thru acrylic lid for perfect alignment.


  • Expensive.
  • Starts sealing before the bags are entirely free from air.


Weston Pro 2100 Vacuum Sealer

Weston Pro 2100 has Heavy duty construction and delivers top-line performance. Generally, Weston 2100 Vacuum Sealer is Great for businesses or for households and makes food saving easy. High powered vacuum system preserves meat, fish veggies and more. The Weston Pro 2100 Vacuum Sealer is simple to use and results are comparable to the professional or commercial unit. Protects your personal possessions from harmful effects that oxygen or freezer burns causes. Extra large Teflon bar seals bags up to 15″ wide. Detachable power cord of Weston Vacuum Sealer Pro 2100 helps for easy transport and storage. Bright LED lights present in the Weston Food Vacuum Sealer helps to visualize the stages of the sealing process.  Weston Pro 2100 Vacuum Sealer Best Price offers both automatic and manual modes for easy one-touch operation. Double piston pump delivers a sure vacuum locked in using extra large seal bar.weston pro 2100 vacuum sealer-image


  • Airtight sealing.
  • Easy to Use and install.
  • Flexible Sealing to various sized bags.
  • Stores food longer than typical vacuum sealers.
  • Durable and stable design structure.
  • Seals plastic bags quickly.


  • Heavy and bulky.
  • Expensive when compared to other premium models.


Weston Harvest Guard portable Vacuum Sealer

Compact, portable harvest guard for both hunters and food gardeners who work too hard to let it go. Keep your food fresh with awesome added features like adjustable seal time, digital display, pulse mode and accessory hose. Rear-mounted handle and 12v adapter allow you to use it for fishing, hunting, and camping trips. This feature-packed vacuum sealer offers a portable design with versatility. Designed for experienced home processors and others who know how to use a vacuum sealer. Having a 110 Watt motor Weston Portable Vacuum Sealer delivers a sure vacuumed lock. The sealer offers adjustable seal time for great control, pulse mode for sealing moist or dry foods. Seal only mode is present to make bags from rolling material, the accessory mode allows it to use for canisters.weston harverst guard portable vacuum sealer-imageweston harverst guard portable vacuum sealer-image weston harvest guard portable vacuum sealer-image


  • Compact.
  • Adjustable Heat Setting.
  • Dual Power versatility.
  • Strong Vacuum Sealing System.
  • Great for outdoorsmen and gardeners.


  • No built in roll storage.
  • Weston Portable harvest sealer is made of plastic.
  • Buttons have to be slid up and down to lock things in place.


Weston Harvest Guard Vacuum Sealer

The harvest guard vacuum sealer is a compact sealer that preserves food, meat, and vegetables by locking in freshness and flavor. Having a 110-watt motor and the single piston pump present draws vacuum strength with a normal and extended mode for sealing bags. It features a 22.5″ HG vacuum strength and a port for canisters. Weston Harvest Guard Sealer can seal up to bags of 11″ wide. Easy to use controls of Weston Brands Harvest Guard Vacuum Sealer are of pressure and duration. Seal mode allows you to monitor the vacuum pressure for delicate foods, whereas lid mounted seal bar prevents overheating. with awesome features and different modes of vacuum sealing for large and small bags, this is for hunters and gatherers.weston harvest guard vacuum sealer-image



  • Compact design.
  • Easy to Use Control Panel.
  • Portable Machine.
  • Accessory port to use for canisters.


  • Sealing of liquids is little difficult.
  •  Durability lacks as the construction involves plastic.
  • Basic food vacuum sealer.
  • Digital options are missing.


Weston Realtree Sportsman’s Advantage Vacuum Sealer

Great for keeping food, emergency supplies, firearms both dry and sealed. A heavy duty Weston Realtree Outfitters is the ultimate hunter’s companion to preserve game at home. The Weston Realtree Advantage Sealer has a stylish stainless steel design finishing. It is not only great for preserving meat and food but also deals with other items and leftovers in the home. can seal bags up to 11 inches wide and produces consistent and reliable seals. Automatic sealing mode favors one-touch operation for both vacuuming and sealing. Fan cooled motor present prevents the machine from getting overheated thus allows doing sealing continuously. Weston Realtree Sportsman’s Advantage Vacuum Sealer is easy to use with a black lit control panel. Angled vacuum chamber opening prevents the liquids from entering into the vacuum chamber of Weston Realtree Outfitters Sealer. 

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  • Consistent and Reliable Sealing.
  • Marinate mode with two marinating speeds.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • Powerful Motor.
  • Fan Cooled Motor prevents overheating.
  • Angled Vacuum Chamber opening doesn’t allow liquids to flow through a Vacuum Chamber.
  • Delivers High Vacuum Strength.


  • Should use non-chambered vacuum pouches.
  •  This Weston Sealer is compatible with embossed or textured bags and doesn’t use household bags, unlike other models.

Things to consider

Few things to Consider while buying a Vacuum Sealer

Frequency of use: When searching a vacuum sealer for home use, consider how frequently you use it. If you plan on vacuum sealing lot of food or other items, make sure to get an item that lasts over a long run. So, it’s better if you don’t prefer a cheaper model that will break down after several uses.

Cost of Bags: Before buying a vacuum sealer you need take into account the cost of bags. You can purchase bags in a variety of sizes, quantities and you can even buy plastic rolls and cut them based on your need. Hence the cost of bags is an important criterion to consider before buying a vacuum sealer.

Sealing items other than food: Some models have options which allow you to seal bags, canisters, thus allowing you to seal other than food. Many vacuum sealers consist of suction hose that connects to larger bags as well as food storage bags. Whenever you vacuum seal with the air is removed from the bags, compressed to small size thus storing them is easy within less space. Make sure to buy a vacuum sealer which will serve plenty of needs with a single unit.

Storage and Maneuverability: Space is a valuable thing in many houses. People want to purchase a vacuum sealer that will fit easily on the counter while in use. No one wants a bulky product that takes large space anyway. It should be easy to put it aside when not in use.

Cost: Usually, Cost of an item greatly varies depending on the features and accessories included. The one with more advanced features costs more. The difference in price also occurs with variation in sizes. However, Industrial vacuum sealers cost more than household sealers.

Why Weston Products?

There are plenty of vacuum sealers available on the market. But the reason why you should prefer Vacuum Sealer Weston over other brands is given here. Weston Food Sealer is a better choice among many other Products because it is designed to serve for many years, heavy use. The products from Weston serve both commercials, and home user needs. However, Weston sealers are not throw away products like many other appliances today. In General, Weston Vacuum Sealer Parts are replaceable, and you can buy parts and send them away for repairs.

Weston Vacuum sealers let you marinate and preserve your fresh foods and latest hunts in most effective ways. With Ultra Powerful Vacuum Strength, heavy duty commercial grade bags, and highest all-around quality in vacuum sealing products you can’t go wrong with Weston Food Vacuum Sealer. Moreover, Weston Sealer can seal bags of higher range compared to other products.

We looked at top models from Weston and given the detailed description of each product. If you want to buy a Perfect Weston Sealer then know the ins and outs of each product and compare various models. It can be difficult to choose between all the various types and models. Choose a suitable product from Weston that best suits your need by analyzing overall features and highlights.

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