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Functional Versatility

Weston Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer Review 2020

The taste and texture of food from vacuum sealing are retained better than frozen food. You can preserve the nutrients in food by vacuum sealing. High-quality vacuum sealer from Weston that serves your vacuuming needs is Weston Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer. 

The Compact Pro advantage vacuum sealer is one of the Best External Clamp Vacuum Sealers. Weston 65-0501-w Professional Advantage vacuum sealer is a great choice to choose with the worthwhile features it provides. As long as you want to store food in perfect condition, this Weston Professional Vacuum Sealer does miracles with its storing capabilities.

Weston Professional Vacuum Sealer for Sale

Weston is quite popular for making high-quality Vacuum sealers, and compactness is no way an exception. Having a 210-watt motor, ETL certification this Weston Professional advantage Sealer suits both for home or professional use. A commercial quality vacuum pump with fan-cooled motor helps in producing consistent and reliable seals.

However, Fan cooled motor present in Weston LTC Professional Advantage Vacuum Commercial Food Sealer prevents overheating. The Weston 65-0501-w Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer has the canister sealing capability and an easy to use control panel.

This Handheld Vacuum sealer has three modes, automatic, Manual, and Marinate Mode. The Automatic mode includes a simple one-touch vacuum-seal operation. Marinate mode of Weston vacuum sealer present provides two distinct marinating options, whereas Manual seal mode helps you to adjust the vacuum pressure for delicate jobs. Weston Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer 65-0501-w  consists of stylish black design with a brushed stainless steel lid.  

Angled vacuum chamber avoids liquids from entering into Vacuum Chamber. Like all other out of chambers, this vacuum sealer from Weston is not compatible with household bags or non-textured bags. For better results, Weston Vacuum Sealer bags having a textured or embossed lining is needed. The package includes 15 one quart Weston Vacuum Bags.


This Best Weston Professional Vacuuming Sealer Machine has overwhelming features and Specs, one of them is its 210-watt motor provides a powerful suction of 23′ Hg, which assures a sturdy and airtight seal. There will be no fear of Frozen burn as it vacuums the air very well. The unit seals Weston Vacuum Sealer Bags up to 11 inches wide. ETL certification assures your confidence in the build quality of the machine.

Different functions allow you to deal with any food you want to preserve. For Ordinary meat, vegetables use automatic mode for sealing. Furthermore, for soft foods, you can adjust the manual settings to alter the pressure applied and avoid damage. Weston 65-0501-w Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer is compatible with vacuum canister; hence you can use it for canisters, mason jars.

Intelligent design features such as a built-in fan that cools down the motor avoid overheating. Thus, reliable results obtain from time to time. Moreover, Weston Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer is hygienic, free from moisture damages as it doesn’t allow liquids into the sealing process. Of course, while buying the Best Vacuum sealer, we all look for its durability as this product satisfies that requirement.

However, you don’t require any prior knowledge to use this countertop machine’s settings and buttons. Moreover, the Control Panel allows you to choose vacuum speeds, distinct food choices, including marinating options. Weston 65-0501-w Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer is a User-friendly machine that is Fully Automatic.

Weston Professional Vacuum Sealer has a decent look, and it includes a minimalist, practical design with stainless steel cover. Also, the stylish look of the machine fits well with any modern decors of your kitchen. If you use Weston Vacuum Sealer 65-0501-w frequently, you can conveniently place on the kitchen countertop. Weston Pro Vacuum Sealer has a limited warranty of 1 year against the manufacturer and quality defects.

Weston Pro Advantage SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
210 watts
Item model number
Product Dimensions
18 x 10 x 6 inches
Item Weight
7.6 pounds
Stainless Steel and Black
210 Watts

All about Weston Pro Vacuum Sealer

Generally Speaking, for sealing large, bulky packages of food, owners prefer Weston Vacuum. Weston Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer Reviews consider this countertop machine as powerful enough, attractive that fits any kitchen. It is designed for the home users who wish to have a sealer, not just for freezing in bulk. Furthermore, this commercial vacuum sealer is most apt for home users but also has commercial design features. Moreover, Weston Pro Advantage Vacuum Sealer is worth the money you pay with the specifications it includes. 

How to use Weston compact Vacuum Sealer?

In general, Operation of Weston Vacuum Sealer is simple. The Pro advantage has a touchpad basically so that you can use it without reading the manual. Turn the machine on, place the bag, and then start, and the machine seals automatically. Vacuum Sealer Weston consists of an angled chamber opening which avoids liquids from getting stuck into the unit under operation. If you wish to use the accessory port, you plug in the hose and select either “accessory” for vacuum or “Marinate which creates an ideal environment for quick marinating.

Weston 65-0501-W Vacuum Sealer Control Buttons

  • On/Off Button: Press the on/off button to control the main power to the appliance. This on/off switch can even act as a cancel button at times.
  • Start Button: Press the start button to initiate the Vacuum Sealing Process.
  • Seal Button: Press the seal button during the vacuuming process or use the pulse button to initiate the seal. Also used for only sealing the bags without removing air from Weston Vacuum Sealer Bags.
  • Pulse Button: Pulse button manually controls the vacuum pressure when dealing with vacuum bags to vacuum and seal liquids, moist or delicate foods. This button ensures that liquid doesn’t enter into the vacuum chamber or the items don’t crush.
  • Accessory Button: Press the Accessory Button when using a vacuum canister to vacuum and seal items stored in the canister.
  • Marinate Button: Press the Marinate button while dealing with Vacuum canisters to marinate foods over 10 or 20 minutes.





How does a Weston professional advantage vacuum sealer cut the bags?

Weston Professional Advantage vacuum sealer comes with a bag cutter using which the vacuum sealer cuts the bags. All you need to do is, once the bag of food is sealed, gently pull it upwards which will enable its cutting.

How to use a Weston professional advantage vacuum sealer?

Weston professional advantage vacuum sealer has the advantage of being easy to use and the steps include-

    1. Place food in the bag.
    2. Place it gently in the slot of the machine. 
    3. Press the machine gently and wait for the sealer operation to work.
    4. Once the bag of food is sealed up, gently pull it upwards which will enable its cutting. 
Weston professional advantage vacuum sealer- How quiet is it?

Weston professional advantage vacuum sealer is relatively quiet when compared to other vacuum sealers. It does not create any loud noises while the sealing process is going on.

How long is the Weston Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer sealing area?

 Weston Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer comes with an 11"x 16" sealing area.

Can you use Food Saver bags or only Weston?

 Since a Weston or a FoodSaver vacuum sealer comes with similar sealing spaces, you can use FoodSaver bags here.

Bottom Line

To Summarize, Weston Vacuum Sealer is robust, high quality, and extremely well designed when compared to other brands. The Weston Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer is a commercial quality food vacuum sealer from Weston.  If you are searching for a heavy duty vacuum sealer, this Weston 65-0501-w Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer is the right choice for you.   Besides, functionality this Weston Vacuum Sealer 65-0501-w appliance is a great showpiece to your kitchen.  

Weston Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer is a magnificent product that gives reliable and high-quality results. It is also a user-friendly sealing machine with versatility and a powerful vacuum function. There are still a lot more features, which made this vacuum sealer the best on the market.

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