Weston Vacuum Sealer Pro 2100 – Powerful, Easy-to-use and Durable!

Are you looking for a commercial food sealer with high durability and powerful performance? If yes, then a commercial vacuum sealer is indeed the perfect solution for you. Recently, we have bought a vacuum sealer from Weston. Being curious about its performance, we tested its features. The Weston Pro 2100 Vacuum Sealer is a well-built body with faster performance and is perfect for bulk-sealing for many years to come. This vacuum sealer lets you preserve your food items with speed and power. Dive into our in-depth Weston Pro 2100 review to see its benefits and drawbacks that are explained based on our experience.

With this vacuum sealer’s help, one can store meat, fish, coffee beans, bread, cheese, and many more that can be sealed to extend their shelf lives. This vacuum sealer should be your ideal choice for protecting your game meat, fruits, vegetables, fish, and also your prized possessions. Because it prevents freezer burn and relishes the food for up to 6 times longer than other traditional storage methods. It also removes ill-flavored chemicals and preservatives in the food. This appliance has great sealing power and robust vacuum strength to save your bounties of nature.

Weston Pro 2100 Review, 2023

1. Design

Weston Pro-2100 vacuum sealer is specially designed as a commercial food sealer. The product is manufactured with stainless steel weighing 23 pounds to give its strong and powerful performance. The color option available with Pro-2100 is white, which is sleek to have a glance on. It also has small storage at its back to keep your folded cord safely.

We found that this vacuum sealer seals up to 15’’ bags with an extra-long teflon seal bar. It comes with a countertop installation so you can place and connect it with electric power anywhere you wish to. With dimensions of 15 x 23 x 9 inches, it best seals the sea food with just one click for a long haul. This vacuum sealer reaches your home with a kit including a vacuum sealer, an accessory port, a detachable power cord, and a user manual.

2. Transparent-Locking Lid

One of the excellent features of this countertop vacuum sealer is its see-through lid with a handle to open and close. It helps to have an eye on your seal bags for perfect alignment. A detachable power cord helps you to place the vacuum sealer at different storage compartments with convenience.

This vacuum sealer’s transparent acrylic lid with a viewing window permits you to glance inside its vacuum chamber and inspect the vacuum sealing process. The angle vacuum chamber prevents liquid from the moist food from entering the pump. Thus, this allows this vacuum sealer to last for a long time. While using it, we found that vacuum sealing becomes an easy and efficient method of storing varieties of food items with Weston.

3. Dual Operating Mode

Weston Professional vacuum sealer gives power-packed performance but is still simple to use with its two operating modes. In its automatic mode, you are just one click away to keep food fresher. With great suction power, when you seal soft and moist food items, there is a manual control mode that allows you to control and set up pressure and timings.

The delicate food loses its softness if it’s natural liquid is sucked out by the vacuum sealer. But this commercial food sealer gives full control over the vacuum pressure through its digital control panel. So, you can easily seal your soft foods, pictures, valuable or delicate objects. Its vacuum sealing method also protects food from dust, moisture, and other external elements from hampering its freshness.

4. Digital Control with LED

The digital control of Weston 65-0101 vacuum sealer is effortless and can be used by anyone. This product’s LED lights let you glance over the sealing process. With this facility, one can operate the push-button on its panel even in the dark. You can place the bag in between this device’s seal bar and press its start button from the digital control panel.

Thus, this vacuum sealer automatically seals and releases the bag. For manual operation, push the timer button and power suction button to customize for your delicate food items. Many vacuum sealers suck out the moisture from your garden vegetables and fruits, making them dry. But, you will not face this problem with Weston vacuum sealing machine. You can precisely set and monitor your sealing process quickly with this vacuum sealer.

5. Seal Bar and Suction

The biggest catch in this best commercial vacuum sealer is you can preserve your pork, meat, seafood, etc., in large quantities. This appliance’s Triflon extra-long 5 mm thick sealing bar can vacuum seal up to 15″ wide bags. Also, if your bag’s width is smaller you can place two seal bags simultaneously to save your time and energy.

Additionally, this vacuum sealer has a double piston pump that draws up to 28″ Hg vacuum strength and operates with 935 watts. The greater the vacuum strength, the more remarkable is the power to pull the air out of food bags. It is precision engineered with a built-in fuse on one side and a fan on another. We found this fan-cooled motor an extra-good feature because it helps to use the sealer continuously without overheating.

6. Additional Safeguard Over Possession

The most surprising feature we noticed throughout examining our product is that you save your rare coins, silver possession, or other valuable possessions with this vacuum sealer. Sounds odd? But this is true. Many valuable items lose their shine while coming in regular contact with the air. So, you can very safely keep such valuables away from air and moisture.

These said valuable and precious objects could be placed in airtight storage by sealing them similar to sealing any food item. So, along with preserving your meals, you can also safeguard your possessions with power and efficiency. Hence, it is recommended to use this Weston 2100 vacuum sealer to air-seal your rare collections.


Specifications of Weston 65-0101 Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer

  • Manufacturer : Weston
  • Item model number : 65-0101
  • Product Dimensions : 15.3 x 23 x 9 inches
  • Color : White
  • Item Weight : 23 pounds
  • Wattage : 935 watts
  • Max. width of seal : 15 Inch


How wide is the seal on this Weston commercial food vacuum sealer machine?

This Weston commercial food vacuum sealer machine has an extra-long Triflon seal bar. It can seal bags up to 15” wide with zero inconveniences. This means you can store a lump of big-sized chicken meat in one sealing bag.

What is the duty cycle of this Weston Pro 2100 vacuum food sealer machine?

Weston Pro 2100 food sealer can be effectively and continuously used, granted its high-grade material. It has no functional problem while using it for hours with occasional cooling down of its seal bar. The fan-cooled motor in this machine prevents overheating for repetitive use.

What is the main difference between the Weston 2100 and 2300 models?

There is no difference in design, operation, and performance between both the models of Weston; Weston 2100 and Weston 2300. The only distinction we can make out in both models is the color; 2100 is painted with crystal white and 2300 with shining silver.


Weston vacuum sealers are geared up as the most popular brand amongst customers providing a 1-year limited warranty. This Weston vacuum sealer Pro 2100 can be considered to be the best commercial food sealer. It will provide flavoring nourishment to your family for years. It will save and serve all your prized and flaunted catches fresh on your plate. The multiple features are namely its fan-cooled motor, extra-long bar, double piston pump, dual operating mode, etc. All these features not only simplify our experience with this product but also help keep our food fresh for more time.

With its heavy-duty construction and top of the line performance, it becomes the perfect appliance missing next to you. So be ready to taste a sealed meal as fresh as it is directly served from your farm to the table. We took extra care to fabricate this article on this product to be more apparent to you and unique from all other Weston Pro 2100 vacuum sealer reviews. Hope this Weston Pro 2100 review is found helpful to you. Have a happy shopping!

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