Different Types of Vacuum Sealer Machine – Which suits you the best?

Vacuum sealing is a method of eradicating the air from the bag so as to sanctuary the item or material. The core reason for vacuum sealing is to raise the product’s shelf life. In the regular vacuum cycle, this unit will use an assimilated pump to remove the great percentage of air from the bag. To improve shelf life, the most vital thing is to reduce the oxygen levels in the bag up to 0.05%. The very big problem is the oxygen present in the bag.

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Oxygen will increase the development of fungi, germs and some other oxidation impact on the lipids and eventually decreases the shelf life. So with the help of vacuum sealer, the oxygen levels can be condensed to the required 0.05% and upsurge the shelf life by 30% in almost all the food products. 

Vacuum Sealer Types

Each vacuum sealer has its own application. There are many different models available in the market with many different features. There are different types of vacuum sealer machines available today in the market. Below are some of them.

External vacuum Sealer

These countertop vacuum sealer units are not so expensive, compact in size and it is a common type of machine used by several homemakers. There are many manufacturers who prepare this type of vacuum sealer with Food Saver as the most recognizable brand. It is a clamp style machine and you need to keep the open end of a bag in the tray of machine and close the cap. This machine tugs the air straight out from the open end of a bag. Also, you must have to use the special type of bags that have texture in them in order to draw the vacuum. 

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  • It is easy to use
  • It is space saver, get fits perfectly on the kitchen countertop
  • It has high vacuum strength


  • Takes much time to cool down
  • It is not a portable device

Chamber Vacuum Sealer

A chamber vacuum sealer is efficient and capable of removing the high quantity of oxygen from a bag at very low speed. This vacuum sealer has the ability to take out sufficient oxygen and decreases the oxygen level to 0.02%. This unit is used with products that are tremendously oxygen sensitive. 

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This machine is operated with the sensors that get triggered once the unit lid is closed. These vacuum sealers work using internal vacuuming technique that is user need to place the complete bag inside the machine. 

This unit includes an assimilated oil pump that takes away the air from the chamber and also from the bag at the same time. This oil pump doesn’t require a source of beaten air.

A vacuuming cycle in this unit works in the following manner: initially, the hydraulic armrest unlocks the top cover of chamber sealer. At this point, the customer should keep the bag in the chamber, in such a way that bare part of bag is positioned on the apex of a sealing bar. The user then needs to close the cap of a sealer, and now the vacuuming cycle begins. At this moment, the oil pump will get triggered and will clear the air inside the bag and the chamber at the same stint. 

The amount of air exiled will be based on the pressure and time settings by the customer. Once the particular vacuum pressure/time is achieved the machine will either flush or seal the bag, depending on the way it is encoded by the customer. Most of the industrialized vacuum sealer will cover the bag twice to make sure that the seal is hard enough to grab the vacuum. After sealing the bag it takes some time i.e. Dwell/cool period for the seal to fix at one place. Once the series has finished the machine will then push the air into the chamber and the pressure in the chamber is also set back to normal and unlocks the cap. The whole procedure takes around 20 seconds using 10×10 inches of Mylar laminated bag that contains rice and the unit that has 14×14 inches chamber. 


  • It has greater vacuuming percentage
  • Greater productivity as it seals many pouches at once.
  •  Requires no operator involvement after the lid has closed 
  • It has an inbuilt compressor so all you need is an electrical outlet
  • It is capable to perform wet and dry packaging


  • It is very expensive
  • Heavier and difficult to move
  • Takes too much of space

Clamp Vacuum Sealer

A clamp vacuum sealer machine is easy to use and works by clamping down on bag in order to suck the air out before having the impulse heat on bag’s opening to create a seal which is impermeable. But this machine needs a particular type of bag that has textured passages inside. They are inexpensive and some of these clamp sealers can able to even seal the canning jars. 

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  • It is easy to operate and are cheap
  • Can seal the canning jars


  • It only works with some special vacuum bags
  • It is generally not used much because of its low vacuum strength

Which Vacuum Sealer is Best?

There are many new vacuum sealers are available in the market with different options. The only cost-effective choices for a home purpose vacuum sealer are clamp style and external suction devices which are commonly best-used brands for saving the food and pack a meal. 

Chamber vacuum sealer machinery is too expensive and can only be used in high volumes and for commercial purpose. 

Given is the list of few best vacuum sealers.

  • FoodSaver V2244
  • FoodSaver V3240
  • FoodSaver Game Saver
  • FoodSaver V4880
  • Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300

Tips to select the right vacuum sealer type

Many of the users get confused between a vacuum cleaner and a vacuum sealer. To avoid the misperception, a vacuum sealer is a unit which is used to sanctuary the food for a long duration.  Not only used for preserving the meat but also grocery products. Before you purchase the machine you need to notice a few features of vacuum sealing machine to acquire a good and suitable service. Below are some of the questions to take into consideration before purchasing the right vacuum sealer:

What is the reason behind using the vacuum sealer?

Are you looking for commercial purpose or personal food?

Which type of food that you are planning to preserve?

What are the types are bags you like to store the food?

Very soon you set your mind to purchase the vacuum sealer then you need to think about the above questions.

 Generally, external vacuum sealers are for personal use whereas the chamber vacuum cleaner is for industrial use. So select the type based on your requirement. 

So based on the purpose, food, type you need to carefully select which type of vacuum sealer is right for you. 

Different types of vacuum sealer bags

Different firms produce different kinds of bags that are compatible with different brands of vacuum sealer machines. Below is a detailed description of different kinds of sealer bags and with what sort of sealer machine they are appropriate.

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  • Standard chamber bags or Nozzle sealer bags: These kinds of bags are available commonly in the market and derive in rolls or pre-cut and are generally known as pouches. These bags are designed in a regular square profile with an opening and 3 sides sealed. They are available in various thickness and different sizes.
  • Tear notch bags: these bags are generally used for sealing the food and the ends of these bags are emanated with tear nick that makes you open the sealed pouch easily without the use of any sharp tool or scissors. You can open the pouch just by tearing the packet opening. They generally come with 3 mils thickness.
  • Zip Lock bags: these types of bag are suitable with chamber sealers and nozzle sealers. These bags are designed just like standard sealing bags but they emanate with the zip-lock system. These types are generally used for packing medicines, food and other products which need repetitive opening and closing.  They are available with 3 mils thickness and they are FDA approved.
  • Sous Vide Boilable bags:  These bags are particularly designed to resist the great temperatures and powerful pressure that emanates while cooking the food Sous Vide style. Sous vide is a cooking process that includes cooking of foodstuff partly and closing it and then chilling it. These bags are made up of high-grade plastic and can bear the maximum capacity of 212 degrees Fahrenheit and can able to stand the submersion in boiling water for an extended period. 
  • Vacuum sealer bag rolls: if you need different dimensions of bags but don’t wish to buy the bags of different sizes then prefer the vacuum sealer roll bags.  These are in the form of tube design where you can cut to your required length of bag from a roll. Once the roll is cut, the one side of roll is sealed with the help of vacuum sealer sealing function and then top up the bag, vacuum and seals the other end. The dimension of these rolls is 50 feet and width ranging from 8 to 20 inches.
  • Channel vacuum sealer bags: These types are particularly designed for storing the food for long periods. They are designed with a superior texture that is stamped on the front portion of a bag and forms channels for sucking more amount of air from the bag. This type of bag is useless for chamber vacuum sealing machine. 

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