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Ease of Use

VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealers are originally used by food packing companies as a way to preserve money. However, Vacuum Sealing prevents the spoilage and increases the shelf life of food. You can buy lower-priced bulkier food items at a time and repackage them into smaller sizes as required. Popular Chamber Vacuum Sealer for home users that is powerful is Vacmaster VP215. Ary Vacmaster VP215 gives high-level efficiency, along with easy to use features. Vacmaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer includes a conventional design with advanced commercial technology.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer VP215 Vacmaster Overview

Ary Vacmaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine is the cornerstone unit of all VP series machines, delivers superior performance. The Vacmaster Shop Vac is efficient, reliable and easy to use making it a necessary part of any operation. Vacmaster Vacuum Sealer is apt for culinary institutions, small restaurants. It is also a beneficial tool used by serious hunters, fisherman. Vacmaster VP215 is built with a stainless steel body, 1/4 hp vacuum pump to withstand for continuous and prolonged usage. In General, Vacmaster Vacuum Sealers are ideal for many vacuum sealing applications and makes vacuum sealing items a breeze.

Vacmaster 215 employs a 1/4 horsepower rotary oil pump, thus making it efficient and dependable, runs fast and quietly. The Vacmaster Shop Vacuums consistent performance makes it a top seller in the market. The Chamber present in the Vacmaster handles pouch sizes up to 10*13 inches. This Chamber Vacuum Sealer includes a double seal wire to ensure Strong, Permanent seal. Vacmaster Sealer produces reliable seals, deals well with solids or liquids. It can run continuously and doesn’t require cool down time between the bags.


  • Simple Digital Controls & Powerful Pump
  • Design
  • Ease of Use
  • Portability & Stainless Steel Exterior
  • Maintenance & Warranty:
  • Versatility & Rapid Cycle Time
  • Additional Features

When it comes to ease of operation this Vacmaster unit beats all other Vacuum Sealers. Simply vary the seal/vacuum times as needed, close the lid, and you are all set. Furthermore, the stop button present allows you to halt the vacuum cycle in the middle and seal bag instantly. This unit includes a 1/4 hp oil pump to extract air from the chamber. Also, the oil style pump consists of 3 oz bottle of oil.

Vacmaster 215 is made of stainless steel which is quite heavy. This heaviness inhibits the movement of  Vacmaster from one place to another place. Dimensions of VacMaster are large enough and need a committed space for storage. Its design is suitable to use in the kitchen at home or small restaurants, commercial establishments. However, this is not apt to use in large-scale packaging or bigger establishments.

Vacmaster vp215 is simple to use, and the operation process is also quite easy. Just place the items in the sealing bag, open the lid of sealer. Place the pouch in the seal bar and close the lid, chamber sucks out entire air and creates a vacuum inside the bag. The sound occurs when the pressure released indicating the completion of the vacuum process. The Transparent Lid helps for easy visualization in case of Vacmaster VP215. Don’t overfill the Vacmaster VP215 Bags as it may cause spilling.

This Medium Sized Vacuum Sealer weighs about 84 pounds and fits in almost a shelf or cabinet. It’s extremely difficult to maneuver and move around. VP215 Vacmaster has a deep pit to favor even large objects sealing.

The Construction involves stainless steel thus ensures the durability of the product. Vacmaster Vacuum Sealers remain for long time use, easy cleaning.

Maintaining VP215 is quite simple as it comes with a maintenance kit. Changing oil pump is not so hectic task in case of Vacmaster Food Sealer. Additionally, the VP215 Vacuum Sealer comes with different size storage bags that add convenience. You need to add oil before you use Vacmaster VP215 for the first time.

Ary Vacmaster VP215 has a limited warranty of 1 year against the Vacmaster VP215 Parts. The company involves an excellent packaging with double boxed so that there occur no shipping or delivery damages. In case of any damage or repairs within the warranty tenure, the parts are replaced by the company.

Vacmaster Chamber Vacuum Sealer is exceptionally flexible in terms of functionality. This Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide seals everything from steaks, fish, meat, soups, grains, etc. Although this doesn’t have an extension to seal containers, jars this seals almost everything in bags.

The Cycle time of this Sous Vide machine is quick, i.e., about 20-40 seconds. However, this feature allows you to seal portions of food rapidly for freezing or sous vide cooking.

  • See-Through Lid: The see-through lid helps you visualize the items you are sealing to avoid crushing.
  • 10 Inch Seal Bar: The 10-inch wide seal bar having double seal wire ensures optimal results. This feature also assures that the unit lasts for long-term use.
  • Bags Included: The  Vacmaster VP215 Bags are boil safe, microwave safe and at the same time freezer safe. Bags are of different sizes likely (25) 6*10 inch, (25) 8*12 inch, (25) 10*13 inch and serve various needs.


Specification Name Value
Item Model Number
ARY incorporated
Vacuum Sealers
84 Pounds
20*14*15 inches
1 Year

Heavy Duty Professional Grade Vacmaster VP215 Review

In fact, Vacmaster Reviews 2019 helps you decide whether the VP215 meets your vacuuming needs, worth the money you pay. The worthwhile features present in Ary Vacmaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine make it a top seller. It does its sealing job effectively and is a perfect choice for your home use, small restaurants. Best Vacuum Sealer 2019 provides straight service for a period of 8 hours continuously. Overall specifications it includes makes it an ideal Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer.

Control Panel of VP215 Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Gauge: Indicates the level of Vacuum inside the chamber.

Function Lights:

  1. Vacuum: Blinks to adjust vacuum time during the Vacuum Process. At the time of set up adjust vacuum time using up/down buttons.
  2. Gas:  This Particular model doesn’t offer the gas flush option.
  3. Sealing: Illuminates to Alter the Vacuum time while Sealing process is going on. At the time of Set up adjust sealing time with up/down buttons.
  4. Cooling: Lightens to adjust the vacuum time at the time of the cooling process. During Set up adjust the cooling using up/down buttons.

Working Indicator lights: Illuminates to show that Chamber Vacuum Sealer is in under operation.

LED Screen: Displays the current function or cycle time measured in seconds.

Stop Button: This is used to stop the cycle, instantly seal the pouch. This button works only when the machine is in the vacuum process.

Set Button:  Press to set the vacuum time, sealing time, cooling time using up/down buttons.

Up/Down Buttons: This button helps to raise or lower the sealing, cooling, vacuum time.


  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Suction Power
  • Efficient


  • Vacmaster Vacuum Sealer is a Sturdy Unit that involves quality construction
  • Oil Pump present offers longevity over time, favors heavy usage
  • Ary Vacmaster VP215 runs quietly when compared to dry pump models
  • Vacmaster Shop Vac includes a Commercial Chamber Technology
  • Favors prolonged processing without frequent cooldown periods
  • Vacmaster Reviews suggest that VP215 provides excellent customer service
  • Digital Version Control Panel is present in case of Vacmaster Vacuum Sealers
  • Produces consistent and tighter seals


  • Size is heavy when compared to other brands of Vacuum Sealers
  • Oil Pump Requires Maintenance, however maintenance frequency varies depending on usage
  • Vacmaster Shop-Vac unit is costly than dry pump units
  • The Vacmaster Sealer is not a Perfect Portable Sealer

Bottom Line

In general, Vacmaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is a great choice to opt for both home usage, small commercial establishments. It is a user-friendly device and does batch processing easily eliminating the hassle of overheating. Vacmaster VP215 Reviews 2019 consider it as the best product to buy which provides Perfect Sealing Solution. 
In addition, this Vacuum Sealer also keeps food fresh for a long time, flawlessly seals liquids without leakage. Although the Vacmaster machine is heavy, it is simple to operate and maintain. VP215 will put a stronger vacuum fastly, this is best for the customers who are willing to do a massive production. For more details visit our site and get updated information about Vacuum Sealers Reviews.

Vacmaster VP215 is the professional vacuum sealer that offers high suction. This commercial quality machine is both durable and reliable that offers superior performance. Though it is a bit heavy to move it is still perfect for the commercial purpose.

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