What are the Differences Between Vacmaster VP210 and VP215?

Vacmaster VP210 vs VP215

Vacuum sealers preserve food and it proved these are effective in keeping them fresh and nutritious for long periods. Apart from saving and preserving food, people have also been using vacuum sealers to protect others’ products and items. Many of us use vacuum sealers for sealing our emergency kits and make-up products and accessories. These vacuum-sealed storage bags are used conveniently while traveling. As there are different models and various types available based on your usage. One such amazing choice is chamber vacuum sealers. Among the infinite choices, which chamber vacuum sealer should you choose and how? Well, there are certain features you should look into. For now, we will be comparing Vacmaster VP210 vs VP215 review.

Vacmaster VP210 Vs VP215 – Key Differences

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer imageVacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer image
Basic InfoVacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum SealerVacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Size24 x 19 x 19 inches20 x 14 x 15 inches
Weight 72 Pounds84 Pounds
Sealing Time20-60 Seconds20-60 Seconds
Motor Power¼ horsepower¼ horsepower
Cool Down Required Between Seals2 seconds2 seconds
Double Seal TechniqueYesYes
Material of ConstructionStainless steelStainless steel
Voltage120 volts120 volts
Safety CertifiedNoNo
Jar sealing optionYesYes
Warranty1 year1 year
Marinate optionYesYes
Check PriceCheck Price

Vacmaster VP 210 Or Vacmaster VP 215 – Which is the Best?

Most of us are aware that Vacuum sealers are appliances that help us pack food items and increase their shelf life by removing air from the packaging. These best Vacmaster vacuum sealers come very handy when we have plenty of uncooked frozen items which need to be stored for quite some time. Here are some of the differences between Vacmaster VP210 chamber vacuum sealer and Vacmaster VP215.


Both Vacmaster VP210 and Vacmaster VP215 vacuum sealer are constructed from stainless steel, imparting a wonderful silver color to the vacuum sealer body. Both the vacuum sealer models have a controlling knob and some buttons for changing settings on the front profile control panel. But Vacmaster VP210 vacuum sealer is somewhat less weight when compared to VP215.


Both Vacmaster 210 and Vacmaster 215 have a horsepower of ¼. This is more than enough and is sufficient for each task that the vacuum sealer is expected to perform. With this amount of motor horsepower, the vacuum sealers take no time for sealing and vacuuming. Mostly, the sealing is finished in no more than four to five seconds. At the same time, vacuuming takes on an average of 40 seconds. Overall, performance is really good and efficient.

Moist/Dry Food Vacuuming

With the Double seal technology, it becomes super easy to seal any liquids, sauces, curry, or dry ingredients without vacuuming them out of the sealing bag. Most vacuum sealers do not provide this feature. However, these two vacuum sealers Vacmaster 210 and 215 have a double seal technology. Therefore, for obvious reasons, we loved both of these equally for having this double Seal feature.

Ease of Cleaning

Vacmaster VP210 and VP215 are very convenient and easy to clean. The cleaning process is fundamental. You can easily wipe off the plates, trays, and external bodies of the vacuum sealers with a damp cloth. Or, if you just want to remove any superficial dust particles, wipe them off with a dry cloth. That’s about it.

Automatic Bag Detection

Unfortunately, Vacmaster VP210 and VP215 do not have an automatic bag detection feature. But, all the other features overshadow this mild drawback and do not compensate for the user experience.


As mentioned earlier both Vacmaster VP210 and Vacmaster 215 are manufactured from stainless steel. Stainless steel makes the vacuum sealer body very durable and strong. Apart from the strength imparted to the vacuum sealer body, stainless steel also makes it corrosion and tarnish-resistant.


As of now, there is no manufacturer warranty on either of these vacuum sealers. However, almost all the e-commerce platform sellers provide the buyer with some limited warranty on the Vacmaster vacuum sealers. Therefore, you need to check with the seller if they will be providing you with any warranty. The VacMaster VP210 chamber vacuum sealer will come with a 1 Year warranty.

Additional Features

For both the vacuum sealers, settings for sealing and vacuuming can be customized based on the user’s needs and requirements. Compared to most other vacuum sealers, Vacmaster VP210 and VP215 are value for money and worth every penny spent on them. Both the vacuum sealers come with additional accessories like 60 3-Mil vacuum chamber pouches and a vacuum sealer cleaning kit.


We reviewed both the vacuum sealers from Vacmaster thoroughly. Every feature that could be of any concern to the user was considered and researched well enough. Our team feels both the models, Vacmaster VP210 and VP215, are gorgeous and worth buying. They have brilliant features and satisfy user needs. They can be used for storing large amounts of food and frozen items. Based on your needs you can opt for one.

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