Slaouwo VS2681 Vacuum Sealer – Best Affordable Lightweight Sealing Machine!

Food, when not stored properly, will be wasted, as will be the effort taken in preparing them. If excess food has been prepared, our standard refrigerators cannot hold them fresh for long. For this problem, the Slaouwo food sealer VS2681 is the best solution. This product vacuum seals your favorite and perishable food to store them effectively for longer periods. This vacuum sealer was bought by us recently for the sake of testing its efficiency. Upon analyzing for over 48 hours, here is the in-depth Slaouwo VS2681 Vacuum Sealer review about what we observed.

Slaouwo Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine will seal up to 100 consecutive operations without having to take a break for the machine to cool down. This is magnificent! Isn’t it? Many other benefits include functions of both vacuum and seal separately. Its Control panel present will give all necessary information on operating procedures. Vacuum sealing with this appliance will enhance the life of foods and also maintain their freshness all along. This vacuum sealer is highly demanded in the market. Slaouwo owns a huge customer satisfaction for its simplicity and capability.

Slaouwo VS2681 Vacuum Sealer Review (2023)

1. Design and its Brilliance

We were awed at its overall functioning when we tried out this Slaouwo automatic food sealer to understand its design, operation, and skill. This Slaouwo sealer is equipped with a 11.8”wide and 30 cm long sealing strip. This strip is the centerpiece of its internal design. It is also fitted with an internal port. A built-in air suction hose is present through which we can even vacuum seal containers besides bags.

This vacuum sealer operates based on creating a vortex vacuum channel, which creates such a powerful suction(70Kpa) that removes all air to have the perfect seal. Both ends of open-sided bags can be sealed easily. Place one end and seal it first. Then put food inside the bag. Place another open end under this sealing strip and seal it fresh for extended storage. Food modes and speed are also present from which desired mode can be selected from its control panel. Additionally, our beloved wine can also be preserved using the internal suction hose and internal vacuum button.

2. User Interface

User interface on this best vacuum sealer for home use from Slaouwo was crisp and neat. We can select between Dry and Moist. The Dry button can be clicked for vacuum sealing fruits, vegetables, uncooked meat, fish, etc. And its Moist button can be chosen for vacuum sealing cooked or steamed food. An option to select the speed of sealing is also available. We had to choose between Strong and Gentle.

Some foods may require gentle care while vacuum sealing. For example, we wouldn’t want our bread loaf to lose its shape while storing. We had another setting, which is just to seal our food and not vacuum. If you want to combine both vacuum and seal, there is another button for it as well. There is an Indicator on each button lit when the process happens to alert about its functioning. Once the operation is complete, these indicators switch off. If we want to cancel the process in between, click the cancel button.

3. Functionality

Confusion might arise on what bags are suitable for vacuum sealing when using this professional vacuum sealer. We found that bags with textured lines are useful for both vacuum and sealing. Even bags with folded sides can be used for storing our foodstuff with this product. Bags without any specs mentioned must be used for sealing only. Perfect bags with perfect sealing will prolong life 8 times compared to other sealers.

The functionality of this vacuum sealer will last 35 seconds only. The flawless sealing length of bags or rolls used should not exceed 30cm to derive fruitful results. For liquid food, the vacuum function doesn’t work well. Use Wet option for moist foods alone. All details mentioned above will help choose the best accessories without having to have many trial and error sessions. This machine’s included accessories are a cutter, 2 bag rolls of medium and large size.

4. Compact and Lightweight

This Mini vacuum sealer from Slaouwo is so light that we can easily pick it up with one hand. Dimensions with its small size make it compact and easy to store. A small place in our kitchen cupboard will suffice for storing this product. Due to its sleek design, it will be an essential addition to your kitchen countertop as well.

We moved Slaouwo VS2681 vacuum sealing machine throughout the house since its portability was ensured owing to its lightweight. It has been designed to keep every user in mind, from its specs to design. Thus, we can opt to choose this vacuum sealer since it’s space-saving. We need not scour our kitchen to add another tool, and a small place on our kitchen countertop will be a perfect fit. If not in use, save space on your countertop by storing it away on shelves. It operates with a weight of just 3.5lbs.

5. Cleaning Mode

We found out that this vacuum sealer with cutter gives us great comfort in cleaning it. Many regular vacuum sealers in the market demand our precious time and effort to clean them. This might be an extra burden on our lives. But thanks to this Saouwo vacuum sealer, we were able to clean it with minimal time and effort.

Using a damp cloth, we could wipe clean this product without any challenges. The lid could also be cleaned thoroughly from the inside. Each corner was reachable and could be kept spot-free. We removed spills during sealing in a jiffy, and this helped in preventing stains. We used a simple paper towel during sealing to prevent juices from foods seeping into interiors and creating a mess. However, it is recommended to clean this machine once it cools down.



  • Manufacturer : SLAOUWO
  • Item model number : VS2681
  • Product Dimensions : 14.37 x 4.53 x 2.44 inches
  • Colour : Black
  • Item Weight : 3.5 pounds


What vacuum containers work with Slaouwo VS2681 Compact Vacuum Packing Machine?

Containers that support vacuum sealing by having a port for vacuuming will be suitable for sealing with the Slaouwo VS2681 Compact vacuum packing machine.

Can this Slaouwo food-saving vacuum sealing machine VS2681 seal mylar bags?

Mylar bags can be sealed using this Slaouwo food-saving vacuum sealing machines. The downside is that it can only seal and not vacuum. For vacuuming, we might have to buy bags with textured lines.

What is the largest width this Slaouwo food sealer model VS2681 will seal?

The sealing strip on the interior of this Slaouwo food sealer model VS2681 is 11.8 inches wide at the largest.

Does this VS2681 Slaouwo vacuum food sealer have strong suction power?

VS2681 Slaouwo vacuum food sealer has strong suction power. It has an appreciable suction power to have a perfect vacuum sealing on different types of food.

Final Thoughts

Slaouwo VS2681 vacuum sealer is considered the best food vacuum sealer for sale. It can be used to preserve foods by vacuum method to have a longer shelf life. No more food wastage due to improper storage. Using different modes of wet, dry, gentle and strong, we can vacuum seal various types of food that provide custom made operation. LED Indicators on its control panel give much-needed information on functions selected.

This device can be used to vacuum or seal and vacuum seal. It is powered to seal 100 times together before we put this vacuum sealer to rest. Its package contains a vacuum sealer, air-suction hose, 2 types of bag rolls to make a successful operation with precision. It’s compact and reduced weight attribute will be a huge plus. Our article has covered all major points that you might not see in most of the Slaouwo vacuum sealer reviews. Hope this Slaouwo VS2681 Vacuum Sealer review has aided in clarifying your hesitations regarding this best vacuum sealer. Have a happy shopping!

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