85kPa Pro POTANE VS2690 Vacuum Sealer – Perfectly vacuums any type of food!

We all can agree that buying food in bulk due to the attractive discounts is irresistible, but it might be a bit of trouble when we think about finishing it within a short period. And at that moment, all we need is a vacuum sealer machine-like the POTANE VS2690 vacuum sealer that keeps our food fresh and intact. When we bought this vacuum sealer to test its efficiency, we couldn’t stop ourselves from falling for it. Below our in-depth POTANE Vacuum Sealer review might help you know its real face.

POTANE Vacuum Sealer Machine makes sure to extend our food’s lifespan and keep it safe. With this machine, you can live a sustainable life and save your money, which otherwise would have gone down the drain with rotten food. Its efficient suction system makes sure to remove excess air from the bag and keep our food’s smell and taste intact. You can save up a lot on your storage space with its air-tight vacuuming and sealing. You can save your food from freezer burn, and it makes marinating an easy job. Switching to this small vacuum sealer would be a wise decision to keep your food healthier and fresh.

POTANE Vacuum Sealer Review for 2023 (Key Features)

1. Design and Accessories

POTANE VS2690 85kPa Pro vacuum sealer is 15.86 x 9.09 x 5.08 inches in dimensions and weighs about 4.66 pounds. Its silver body, sleek and compact design gives it a classy look. This mini food sealer has a sloping top design, and its high-suction power makes sure to avoid any leakage.

This vacuum sealer ensures proper sealing with minimal wastage of our food bags, thus saving our money. Its package includes 10 bags of 22 cm * 30 cm and 28cm * 40 cm. It comes with an accessory hose, a hidden plug, a removable drip tray, and a hand-held cutter for cutting the bags that come with this one.

2. Technical Specifications

This professional vacuum sealer makes sure to do its primary job very efficiently, that is, to keep your food fresh and healthy. Compared to other vacuum sealer brands that use cheap wires and rusty motors, POTANE VS2690 food sealer uses 7 mm heating wires, has a brushless EMGEL 8830 engine, and pressure-resistant sealing cotton.

When the vacuuming and sealing are done, this vacuum sealer’s red light stays on, indicating its on-going process. Food can easily be vacuumed and sealed with just one touch with this efficient vacuum sealer. Thus, this vacuum sealer becomes the best among many vacuum sealers.

3. Smart Control Features

It is an 8-In-1 vacuum sealer; you can use it for different kinds of food depending on their consistency. It comes with 4 operation modes and also 4 level suction powers that meet all your needs. POTANE vacuum sealer with cutter VS2690 will identify the kind of food and make sure to vacuum our food accordingly, then air-tight seal it.

There are different options like dry, moist, soft, and delicate to keep your food fresh and for long periods. You just need to choose from ‘vacuum & seal,’ ‘seal only,’ and ‘vacuum only’. You can easily then put in your food bag and let this machine do its wonder. It comes with an easy access vacuum port and is designed to protect itself from a burn.

4. Automatic Bag Detection

We must say that this vacuum sealer is the best vacuum sealer for sale. It comes with an Automatic bag detecting feature, making it a feasible experience to vacuum and seal your food. All you have to do is just put the bag with food in this product’s vacuum chamber. For locking it, press this chamber down on the lower left and lower right corners of this vacuum sealer. That’s it! This machine takes over from there and does its job.

This vac sealer’s remarkable suction power makes sure to keep your food’s odor, and flavor, preserved for a great time. Unlike other vacuum sealers, which take a more extended period to cool down between seals, this one takes only 20 seconds to cool down between its seals.

5. 5-Year Warranty

The warranty of any electronic device will guarantee us its durability and reliability. This best affordable vacuum sealer offers a 5-year warranty, and along with that, its manufacturer will provide 24-hour friendly customer service. With POTANE’s efficient customer care service, any issue, defect, or glitches regarding your vacuum sealer can be solved within a day.

If you choose POTANE, not only do you get a 5-year warranty, but also, along with that, a 2-year no-hassle return guarantee. POTANE is a trusted name in the vacuum sealer industry, with safety as their #1 priority. Their vacuum sealers are ETL and UL tested and certified by the Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories (NRTLs) for compliance with applicable product safety standards.


Specifications of POTANE 85kPa Pro Vacuum Sealer Machine

  • Brand Name : POTANE
  • Model Number : VS2690
  • Package Dimensions : 15.86 x 9.09 x 5.08 inches
  • Item Weight : 4.66 pounds
  • Warranty : 5 year
  • Operation Modes : 4
  • Cool down time between seals : 20 seconds


Where is POTANE vacuum food sealer VS 2690 made?

The POTANE vacuum food sealer VS 2690 is made in China.

How long does the food stay fresh after sealing with POTANE VS 2690 food vacuum sealer?

After sealing with this POTANE VS 2690 food vacuum sealer, food can be stored for days and months, depending on the food quality and type.

Does this POTANE Vacuum Sealer VS2690 come with an accessory hose?

Yes, this POTANE Vacuum Sealer VS2690 comes with an accessory hose.


Our final thoughts as we conclude our experience with this POTANE 85kPa Pro Vacuum Sealer Machine is that we were highly satisfied by its performance. This portable vacuum sealer is undoubtedly one of the best home vacuum sealers in the market that you can have your hands on. And its automatic bag detection sensor makes sealing and vacuuming easier than ever. So, no more worrying about the bulk food in your freezer.

One can simply put their food from meat to veggies, or even keep their marinating in the eco-friendly bags and let this vacuum sealer do its job. With its smart controls, you can have different vacuuming and sealing kinds depending on your food, be it dry, moist, soft, or delicate. Easily cleanable, this vacuum sealer enhances our convenience with it. This POTANE vacuum sealer’s small size and grand performance make it an excellent and sensible buy! Hope this POTANE Vacuum Sealer review is found helpful for you in understanding this machine clearly. Have a happy shopping!

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