NutriChef PKVS18SL Air Vacuum Sealer – Efficient, Easy to Operate yet Affordable!

Nutrichef PKVS18SL Review 2023

Food vacuum sealers are considered as one of the revolutionary inventions of this century. Now, what is a food vacuum sealer? It can easily be understood from its name, a food vacuum sealer is a specialized appliance which helps in vacuum sealing of different types of food items. It has been seen in a survey that by using a vacuum sealer, an average household in the United States can save up to $2000 a year. The primary function of any vacuum sealer is to use the method of vacuum packaging to remove all the air from a particular package, then seal it. By eliminating the air, not only the package becomes more convenient for storage, but also it keeps the inside food fresh and in optimal condition for a much longer time than any normal packaging does. Most of the generic vacuum sealers are equipped with a pump device, which pulls out all the air from the package or container so fast, that atmospheric air cannot replace the void, and then air sealed the package with heat sealing.Before you buy this Best Vacuum Sealer for home then Nutrichef PKVS18SL Review is just for you.

NutriChef PKVS18SL Automatic Vacuum Sealer Details

What types of food can be sealed in Nutrichef PKVS18SL Vacuum sealers? The list is infinite. There are no such food materials which cannot be sealed and packaged using an External vacuum sealer. The list includes different types of rice to rare and expensive collectibles. Vacuum packaging is useful for dry like rice or pulses or spices, etc.. Still, they are also extremely efficient for foods like fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, etc. along with raw food supplies, one can easily store their baby formulas as well with these vacuum sealers.

Why is vacuum sealing is considered as one of the best processes for preserving food? Oxygen is the key element behind the rotting of different types of food. In normal conditions, oxygen leads to oxidation, which decreases the number of nutrients present in the food and also decreases the quality. While in freezing, excess air in packaging may lead to freezer burn, which eventually rots the food item inside. Now this Nutrichef PKVS18SL Vacuum sealers remove all the air present in the packaging, storing and preserving becomes easier as there is no to minimum oxygen is present in the package. Hence increases the shelf life of the food to 5 times more than normal storage. Let us discuss the complete Nutrichef PKVS18SL Review, along features and individual advantages and disadvantages in the following section.


  • Attractive Design
  • Easy To Understand Control
  • Effective Suction Capacity
  • Variable Sealing Options
  • Fast And Efficient.
  • Comes With Several Accessories.

1. Attractive design

the very first thing anybody notices about any particular product is that external outlook and design of it. It is pretty hard to sell a product if it is not that attractive from the design and outlook point of view. Now, from that context, the Nutrichef vacuum sealer is small, compact and designed with a contemporary point of view. The entire stainless exterior is strong, any rust or corrosion resistant and meant to last. The lightweight vacuum sealer does not take up a lot of counter space as well.

2. Easy To Understand Control

People have a strange notion about these vacuum sealers, that they must be extremely complicated and controlling them must need a lot of information and thorough knowledge about the appliance. But in the case of this Nutrichef Automatic Handheld Vacuum Sealer Machine, the scenario is pretty different. All they require control buttons are placed on the top of the appliance, and comprises of start and stop button along with separate vacuum packing options for both dry and wet types of food. To ensure the safety of the food to be packed and to keep their shape intact, a “Gentle” mode is also included in the machine, which comes very handy while storing delicate fish or meat and even liquid food items.

3. Effective suction capacity

the cumulative success and effectiveness of any particular vacuum sealer depend on the quality of the suction it possesses. As mentioned in this Nutrichef PKVS18SL Review, it is more powerful suction leads to a better vacuum packing of the particular food. This Nutrichef PKVS18SL Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing System is not only suitable for vacuum packing and sealing plastic food packages, but it also comes with a specialized hose, which helps to do vacuum packaging on a different glass or plastic containers. For example, a bottle of wine bottle can also be a vacuum stop with Nutrichef Compact PKVS18SL Vacuum Sealer. Though the suction power is not that strong to suck out all the oxygen present in the package, to keep the food fresh for a lifetime, it is strong enough to increase the shelf life of any food items, five times more than regular zipper storing bags.

4. Variable sealing options

unlike most of the generic external vacuum sealers, this particular one from the Nutrichef is comprised of two different sealing options to increase the convenience of the user. Foods with higher water content require separate types of cleaning functions than those dry foods like rice, pulses or nuts and seeds. So, this Nutrichef PKVS18SL vacuum sealer is comprising of two separate modes for wet and dry foods to vacuum seal properly. Also, a separate Gentle mode is also included in the appliance for vacuum sealing more delicate food items like fish, meat, meal prep, gravies, soups, etc.

5. Fast and efficient

as vacuum sealing is associated with removing the maximum amount of oxygen from the food packaging, they are undoubtedly the most efficient way of storing any type of food. Moreover, these sealers are fast and can pack food packages in a jiffy. Also, as vacuum packing reduces the size and you can store them inside the freeze and freezer has also become easier with this. Along with all these features, prepping for breakfast and other meals become easier with the invention of these home level sealers only.

6. Comes with several accessories

other than the appliance only, the final packaging is comprised of a separate air suction hose, a wine stopper, 5 medium-sized bags (78 x 118 inch) and one extra-long vacuum bag roll ( 78 x 790 inch). However, as both types of bags are washable and waterproof, users can use them multiple times.



  • Manufacturer : Nutrichef
  • Sealing Modes : Normal And Gentle
  • Product Dimension : 6.1 X 14.2 X 3 Inches
  • Product Weight : 2.94 Pounds
  • Type : External Vacuum Cleaner
  • Power Source : Electricity
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Warranty : 1 Year Limited Warranty



7.8” x 11.8” and 7.8” x 79.0” bags can be used with vacuum sealers by Nutrichef PKVS18SL.


Sealing is a straightforward process. Place the food pocket in the machine. It helps to vacuum the air and seal the food.


You can use the sealer bags if they are not punctured with Nutrichef PKVS18SL.

1. Take the bag and refill it with other food items
2. Seal it accordingly.
3. If it is punctured, the sealing process cannot be done.


To clean Nutrichef PKVS18SL vacuum sealer-

1. Switch off the machine first.
2. Open the cleaning area.
3. Dry all the liquids that got accumulated while sealing


I Hope this Nutrichef PKVS18SL Review will help you to know more about this amazing Best Air Sealing System For Food Preservation. The necessity of vacuum sealers is increasing day by day, and the extremely fast and modern lifestyle is the main reason behind that. In today’s time, nobody has the time to go for buying grocery or raw food shopping every now and then. So it is always better and convenient to shop all your supplies on a monthly or once in two months and properly store them. And there is no other option than Vacuum sealer to the job. Vacuum sealers are not only save time but also save a lot of money as well. Though there are thousands of different brands started manufacturing vacuum sealer, after the appliance gets its popularity, but the Nutrichef one is one of the best amongst them. This Best Air Sealing System For Food Preservation does not only keep food fresh and safe for the longest period, but it can also be used in the sous vide cooking method as well. People with or without a budget, Nutrichef PKVS18SL Air Vacuum Sealer is something to look out for at the end of the day.


The Nutrichef vacuum sealer is considered one of the best compact and portable vacuum sealers present in the market at this point. Comprises of a smart yet lightweight design, the appliance is compact, hence easier to carry and does not take up a lot of counter space as well. Comprises of separate sealing modes for both dry and wet foods, this Nutrichef Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer PKVS18SL also comes in a separate Gentle mode, which comes handy while sealing delicate food items. An extremely fast and efficient way of storing food items, this Best Vacuum Sealer By Nutrichef can provide 5 times extra shelf life to foods than any other conventional food storing and preserving methods.


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