Neeyer Vacuum Sealer Machine – Ensures strong suction not only for bags but also for jars!

Proper food storage is a necessity to keep your food fresh and long-lasting. We are often running behind newer and better ways to preserve food. Vacuum sealing is a modern take on food preservation that does not demand any change in the food, but it is only a way of storing it. One such vacuum sealing machine is the Neeyer Vacuum Sealer machine that preserves food and increases its lifetime 3x times the original capacity. All our views on it are presented clearly in the below Neeyer Vacuum Sealer review.

This food sealer can help store a bulk quantity of foods compared to a refrigerator or freezer and avoid freezer burn. Thus, it facilitates two functions at once; space-saving capacity and stores your food safe and secure to retain its original taste and flavor. Usually, chip packets are finished because there is a lack of storage, but this Neeyer food sealer will save the chips efficiently for later. This vacuum is perfect for saving and storing meat, fruits, vegetables, liquids, cookies, seafood, etc. When we bought this vacuum sealer to test its efficiency, we were beyond surprised with its high-quality performance.

Neeyer Vacuum Sealer Review (2023)

1. Dual-Mode

Neeyer automatic vacuum sealing machine comes with dual-mode functioning, that is, for dry and wet foods. These modes are manually selectable. From moisture-laden food and liquids to solid dry foods like raw meat, vegetables, chips, etc., this product has a separate mode to facilitate storage.

This vacuum sealer’s different modes provide you the best possible preservation for your food, depending on its type. It should be manually selected through the button present on this product for a personalized experience. This mode is not only beneficial for different food items but is also helpful to avoid damage to this machine due to spillage of liquids on its heat sealer.

2. Design

This airtight vacuum sealer from Neeyer has a sleek and modern design for making it a compact machine. This allows us to store it care-free on our countertops. It has a shiny finish over the border lining and a soft matte looking finish throughout its body product. The food sealer is available in two variants, black and white.

Both the above colors look fresh, shiny, yet very subtle, adding to our interiors. Thus, this machine is definitely recommended to add to your home décor. A small digital panel with all buttons necessary for smooth and personalized functioning is available on this vacuum sealer. These buttons are lit with LED lighting for a user-friendly operation. It’s extremely light and compact that it can be easily carried anywhere you need.

3. Various Sealing Options

Many vacuum sealers limit their usage with limited functions and modes. But, this best budget vacuum sealer is not short of ways to store your food. This machine supports numerous modes for different storing techniques. Wet and dry modes ensure that food is safely bifurcated based on the moisture and liquid content like different drinks, juices, and food with dry snacks like chips.

These versatile modes ensure good storage and safeguard this machine to be durable for longer life. It also has dedicated modes for marinated food, canister setting, sealing, and vacuum sealing. Marinated meat, seafood, everything can be stored in bulk, ready to be cooked with the help of this vacuum sealer.

4. Preservation and Space-saving

This best vacuum sealer for long term food storage is highly demanded among its customers. Preserving food is a necessary process to keep it fresh, healthy, and long-lasting for a longer duration. For instance, meat and seafood can be stored and kept in the same fresh state for 3 to 5 times longer than an average conventional storage facility.

Several bags are included in this Neeyer vacuum sealer’s packaging. However, one can effectively use any bags with standard edges, folded edges, etc. The food can be stored in bulk quantities in these bags that save space in your regular storage capacity. This best vacuum sealer under $50 is known for its energy-saving operation.

5. Warranty

As we all know, the warranty that is given on any product assures us of its quality and performance. This best vacuum sealer for moist foods demands no extra maintenance or work. This brand has made sure they provide accuracy with its high-end technology and product range. They showcase their consideration with the warranty period they offer.

Neeyer Vacuum Sealing Machine comes with a 2 year warranty period that includes replacement, maintenance, and other after-sales services. Vacuum sealer marinator comes with an immediate 45 days complete money-back guarantee. This is very reassuring for their customers, and it portrays the brand’s confidence in their range of products and customer management services.


Specifications of Neeyer Automatic Vacuum Sealer

  • Manufacturer : Neeyer
  • Package Dimensions : 16.89 x 7.91 x 4.76 inches
  • Color : Black
  • Item Weight : 3.96 pounds
  • Operation Mode : Automatic
  • Warranty : 2 years


Does this Neeyer food saver vacuum sealer machine work with 11 inch wide roll?

Yes, the Neeyer Automatic food vacuum sealer works find with multiple size roles. The range could be from 8 inches to 11 inches wide roll.

What’s the warranty of Neeyer food vacuum sealer?

All Neeyer products hold a warranty of 2 years. This Neeyer airtight vacuum sealing machine has a 45 days money-back guarantee.

Is this Neeyer vacuum food sealer electric or battery powered?

The Neeyer Vacuum Food Sealer has a power cord connected to the machine. Therefore, it’s powered by electricity.


As we arrive at the end of this Neeyer automatic vacuum sealer review, we must say that it is a must buy considering its efficiency. It does fit well with the identity, and it is one of the best vacuum sealers for moist foods in the market. The compact, sleek, and modern design is an add-on to the interiors of your kitchen décor. It can be easily stored in any cupboard because of its size, being 16.89 x 7.91 x 4.76 inches and weighing in at 3.96 pounds (1.7 kgs). The digital panel present on its top is equipped with buttons for sealing, vacuum sealing, canister mode, and marinate mode.

The digital panel present on its top is equipped with buttons for sealing, vacuum sealing, canister mode, and marinate mode. After a thorough analysis, we have fabricated this review. Hope you find this Neeyer Vacuum Sealer review to be helpful in giving you clear information about this vacuum sealer. Have a happy shopping!

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