Mueller MFFVS-01 Vacuum Sealer – Not only preserves food, but also keeps jewelry corrosion free!

When stored inside refrigerators, food, vegetables, and meat often go to waste without proper storing methods. Our hard-earned money goes down the drain when throwing spoilt items in the trash. Use the Mueller vacuum sealer MFFVS-01 model to have fresh food stored perfectly. It uses a vacuum method to seal packets of food flawlessly. Superb controls to choose a mode of sealing, indicator lights, and compact design makes this vacuum sealer one of the most sought-after products. We made extensive use of the sealer to gain enough knowledge to recommend its use. This Mueller MFFVS-01 review will feature all specifications, highlights, merits, and demerits to help you choose the best out of the rest.

Wasting food is considered a sin. Stop wasting food or other food items just for a minor reason for not being stored effectively. Grab the vacuum sealer machine by Mueller to have worry-free retention. When stored correctly, our money is saved. Hence it focuses on sealing our pockets as well! Smart technology embedded with trust from Mueller’s brand made it a satisfying purchase. Waterproof bags lock in the freshness of the items. Let’s begin with each feature that impressed us to go ahead with this sealer.

Mueller MFFVS-01 Review 2023 (Essential Features)

1. Dual Sealing

Food items stored might be of different types. We tried to put away dry as well as wet things. This Mueller MFFVS-01 vacuum food sealer has two modes of operation. We selected the dry mode for storing dry items like vegetables, fruits, etc. Another option available is the moist mode. Cooked food that needs to be kept fresh for many days can be sealed using the moist mode. Smart technology helped us here. The best possible preservation was guaranteed with the presence of two separate modes. The growth of fungi, bacteria, or mold can be stopped if food is vacuum-sealed and preserved easily. We used this vacuum sealer from Mueller to achieve the required results.

Sealing even cooked or steamed food cannot be a problem anymore with moist mode. No more worrying about preparing for a large party wherein cooked food might get spoilt by overnight storage. Tightly sealed packs from Mueller’s vacuum sealer will relieve you of all stress. Dry mode helped in keeping our fruits ever fresh and healthy.

2. Smart Controls and Simple Design

We rejoiced at options of controls on the panel. All necessities of a common user will be taken care of. Indicator lights of Mueller food vacuum sealer will give us more information on which mode has been selected while sealing. Mistakes will not happen as there is a Stop button even. The other two modes of vacuum sealing are gentle and airtight. Gentle packing can be chosen for food or other items when the texture and shape have to be conserved.

An airtight option can be selected for an ideal packing. The control interface is placed on top of the sealer to have a perfect view and easy hand reach. Digital buttons give ease of operation. Indicator lights are available for both mode selection. Plug-in design made it easier for us to set-up. The sealer is stylish and is a snug fit for our kitchen countertop. Portability is a must option for sealing gadgets.

3. Time and Money-saving

Freezer burn is a common term for food with ice crystals or frozen to the point of no return. Such food goes to a trash can directly. Our money and time are wasted. To prevent such incidents, plug in this best food vacuum sealer under $100 and close up your food packets to have fresh and tender food. Preparing before-hand and stacking up your freezers has become a daily routine.

Save your refrigerator’s space by neatly piling up fastened food bags instead of plastic boxes. We took out the bags, defrosted them, and fresh food was ready to be served or cooked henceforth. Hard-earned money not wasted on food products ever again. Bring in the Mueller vacuum sealer to your home. See the difference it makes in reducing money and time spent on cooking hereafter. Layout a proper timetable as per your daily meal basis and make preparations before-hand. Seal the cut, cooked meat, or other items, and prep time for cooking is saved.

4. Full Starter Kit

One question that popped to our mind while deciding to buy the best affordable vacuum sealer was, where do we buy the bags for sealing? Voila! Our question was answered during the purchase itself. A full starter kit with essential accessories to begin using this vacuum sealer was available. The kit comprises 5 medium and one extra-long vacuum bag roll.

An air suction hose was also provided with the kit. This hose can be used along with the vacuum canister. Medium bags can be used for storing small to medium-sized objects. Whereas the long bag roll was very much useful in preserving foods of large size. We tore up the required size of the bag, and we were ready to vac seal it. We understood that a starter kit was provided to get a better grip on the sealer. So, we didn’t have to move between stores to find flawlessly sized bags. It also gave us an idea of bag sizes we would have to buy in the future that would suit the Mueller sealer.

5. Easy to Clean

Any gadget can be termed an ideal and popular basis of its cleaning aspects. As for this Mueller compact vacuum sealer, ease of cleaning is a stand out feature. The design is made in such a way that it does not absorb the spills while sealing.

We could easily remove the stains by just wiping, and the sealer was spot-free again. No more accidental spill worries! Lift the lid to have a thorough cleaning. Even the toughest corners in the sealer can be swabbed clean and dry after a sealing session. This gives us the confidence even to fasten bags of oil without fear of mess.



  • Manufacturer : Mueller Austria
  • Item model number : MFFVS-01
  • Package Dimensions : 14 x 3 x 5 inches
  • Color : Black/Sliver
  • Item Weight : 2.2 pounds
  • Food Compatibility : Dry and Moist
  • Power Source : Electric
  • Warranty : 1 year


Can bags from other vacuum machines work with this Mueller MFFVS-01 vacuum food sealer?

Yes, bags of any make and other machines can work with the Mueller food sealer MFFVS-01. Please make sure bags are of the correct size required according to the need.

Can Mueller MFFVS-01 Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing System be used for sous vide cooking?

Mueller Austria MFFVS-01 is definitely the best vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking. Vacuum seal bags work best and give proper results when used in sous vide bath.

Does this Mueller Austria vacuum sealer come with a bag cutter?

There is no bag cutter with Mueller MFFVS-01 vacuum sealing system. Regular scissors can be used for cutting bags out of the rolls. The size required can be easily cut.

In which country is this Mueller MFFVS 01 food sealer made?

Mueller MFFVS-01 food sealer is manufactured in Austria. It is subjected to lab testing by Mueller to deliver the best product that lasts long.

Does this MFFVS-01 vacuum sealer Mueller have the option of heat sealing without having to run the vacuum?

Yes, heat sealing is available in the Mueller Austria Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine. We can seal the bags without vacuum just by using the “seal” option to give heat sealing. This helps in retaining the shape and size of items.

Final Thoughts

Vacuum sealers are a must-have kitchen tool when we would like to preserve food items in the freezer. With the Mueller MFFVS 01 sealer, we can be confident of saving money by preventing food from waste due to improper storage. A variety of options like wet and dry seal modes gives us the cushion to choose from.

LED indicators give the mode we are working with. Some other features like heat sealing without vacuum, spill-resistant body, liquids sealing is important for vacuum sealers. We used the starter kit comfortably and got the idea of bags suitable for our purposes. Read our complete Mueller MFFVS-01 review and do purchase this vacuum sealer with confidence, as we can vouch for its use and features.

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