Megawise 80kPa Vacuum Sealer VS26621 – Ensures quick sealing with one-touch!

Deep freezing might help in preserving food, but it is not a long-time solution. Food items tend to lose their color and flavor when kept in freezers for a prolonged period. Vacuum sealing is a perfect option for keeping food items safe for a long time without worrying about their oxidation. After observing different vacuum sealers, we bought this Megawise VS26621 Vacuum Sealer. We tested it to know about its efficiency regarding its essential features & potential and provided this detailed Megawise Vacuum Sealer review.

Megawise 80kPa Vacuum Sealer is compact and lightweight, not acquiring much space in our household, and performs its work efficiently. It has high suction power for sucking out the air from food bags completely and seals them tightly, making them safe for a long time. Its one-touch operation buttons make it convenient to use and also automate the process. It comes with an external cutter that is very safe to use and helps you cut vacuum bags according to your desired size. You can easily preserve dry and moist food items perfectly by choosing any of the dry and moist modes according to your food type.

Megawise Vacuum Sealer Review of 2023

1. One-touch Operation

Megawise Vacuum Sealer VS26621 has one-touch buttons that help in smooth and easy operation. To vacuum seal any food item, you just need to insert the vacuum bag in its chamber and touch any button according to your requirement. That’s it! This appliance will start its work. This ETL certified vacuum sealer comes with a 3-year warranty.

This vacuum sealer would automatically seal the bag tightly, or you can manually command it to seal by pressing its stop and seal button. This process takes about 10-20 seconds only to complete keeping your food safe and fresh for a long time. Its one-touch buttons not only makes this vacuum sealing process convenient but also makes the vacuum sealer automatic and smart.

2. Suction Power

The suction power of any vacuum sealer defines its skill and capability. This best vacuum sealer for moist foods has a high suction power of 80kPa using an electromagnetic pump and copper core. It sucks out air from the vacuum bags effectively within a few seconds with the tools mentioned earlier.

By touching any vacuum function, this vacuum sealer’s vacuum pump starts sucking out the air from our food bag effectively and seals it automatically after its process. These vacuumed bags get sealed tightly and neatly, having no wrinkles or creases on their seal. It is a great option for people who use this machine more often for several food items and want a quick and hassle-free process.

3. Two Selectable Modes

To avoid confusion while vacuum sealing various food items, the Megawise Vacuum Food Sealer offers two modes, dry and moist, that you can use according to your food type. It is a handy feature to prevent spending money on two types of vacuum sealers meant for dry and moist sealing individually.

You can easily touch the Food button from its upper and lower side for the moist and dry mode to easily vacuum different kinds of food. After this whole process, press its Stop and then Seal to give your vacuum bag an airtight seal, which will help it to last longer. Moist items are hard to vacuum seal in a combined function. But as this product has separate functions for both types of foods, it works effectively and is the best vacuum sealer for moist foods.

4. External Cutter

The external cutter of Megawise Vacuum Sealer 80kPa adds an extra element to the anterior of this product and does an essential job while using this vacuum sealer. The blades of its cutter are at the inward side, making it extremely safe to use.

While using any vacuum bag, sometimes it runs larger for a small food item. To save a lot of space, you can use this cutter to get a bag of your desired size and then seal the sides by pressing its Seal button. This prevents you from running low on vacuum bags at the time of emergency. Thus, it saves money and also produces less waste.

5. Design

This best vacuum sealer for the money has a sleek body that makes it look extremely stylish. It has one-touch buttons and an external cutter at the top for convenient use. Most of the efficient and multifunctional vacuum sealers are big and heavy that limits their use to one place only as they are difficult to move.

However, this Megawise Vacuum Food Saver has a very compact and lightweight body. Its dimensions are 15.2 x 4.1 x 2.3 inches and 2.3 lbs weight that allows you to move and carry it from one place to another or store it in a compact place if you use it less often. Thus, this Megawise lightweight vacuum sealer is one of the best vacuum sealers, which we can guarantee based on our experience and as per many customer views and review articles.

6. External Vacuum

This vacuum sealer has possessed many functions that help you preserve your food items for more prolonged use and comfort your lives by saving a lot of money. It not only seals food items in vacuum bags but can also be used for vacuuming a jar, container, and wine bottle. This vacuum sealer will store your food 5 times longer than most regular vacs.

This appliance comes with a silicone exhaust pipe that needs to be connected to this machine. This external vac pipe, when connected to any container, sucks out air from it to preserve the food item inside. This feature is effortless to use and also helps in the faster absorption of flavors into the foods that need to be marinated.

7. Heating Strip

Most of the vacuum sealers have short and low-quality heating strips that do not give a clean finish to the seal. Nevertheless, this best vacuum sealer for fish has a high-quality long heating strip that seals our vacuum bags neatly and tightly without causing any wrinkles or unevenness on the line.

The length of this heating strip is 12 inches that helps you seal many bags at a time. Sealing several bags(3-5) collectively saves a lot of time. While sealing these vacuum bags, this strip does not come in contact with the user, making it extra safe to use. So more hassle or worry in sealing food bags.



  • Brand Name : MEGAWISE
  • Item model number : VS26621
  • Package Dimensions : 16.14 x 7.13 x 4.37 inches
  • Color : Black
  • Item Weight : 3.14 pounds
  • Vacuum Sealing Time : 10 to 20S


Can Megawise 80kPa One-Touch Automatic Food Saver machine seal jars?

Yes, this Megawise 80kPa Food Saver machine can seal jars by using the external vacuum feature.

Is this Megawise VS26621 Portable Vacuum Sealer fully automatic?

Yes, this Megawise VS26621 Small Vacuum Sealer is fully automatic on its Vacuum Seal mode and can also do customized vacuum on other modes.

Will this Megawise VS26621 vacuum sealing machine work on 11 inch wide roll?

No, this Megawise vacuum sealer machine can work on the 10.8-inch wide roll only.


In the end, we would like to conclude that Megawise Vacuum Sealing Machine is a great option for your home. All its features, such as one-touch controls, external safe cutter, separate dry/moist modes, high suction power, external vacuum, etc., impressed us a lot. It is a compact and lightweight, high-quality vacuum sealer that can help you preserve all your food items by removing all the air from their food bags, maintaining their color, flavor, and freshness.

It is the best vacuum sealing machine for meat because of its separate moist mode. Along with keeping your food safe in vacuum bags, it can also be used as a jar vacuum sealing machine. It has all the essential features at an affordable price, which makes it even more loveable. Hope our Megawise Vacuum Sealer review is found satisfactory enough to quench your questions. Happy shopping!

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