KOIOS Vacuum Sealer 80kpa VS2261 – Compact & Easy to Use!

Are you confused watching advertisements of so many vacuum sealers in the market and still couldn’t find the one that suits you and your home/workplace? Well, you need not worry at all! We are here to help you choose a vacuum sealer that provides good and quick sealing without any complex usage procedure. Here, we bring you the KOIOS VS2261 vacuum sealer review, talk about what it has to offer us, and some disabilities.

This 15.04″ × 4.09″ × 2.44″ dimensioned vacuum sealer machine gets your food well preserved for a longer time and proves to be quite efficient due to its property of keeping stored both dry and dry moist foods intact. Also, being a compact and featherlight material, it is an excellent space saver. Needless to say, this compact vacuum sealer has the easiest operating features that include four easy buttons for four particular purposes. Now, without any beating around the bush, let’s dive into details of the brilliant features this device has to offer.

KOIOS VS2261 Vacuum Sealer Review for 2023

1. Potent Suction Ability, Fast Cutting, and Quick Sealing

Equipped with an electromagnetic pump and pure copper wire, this KOIOS food sealer helps you remove all the air from the bag with its strong suction ability. After vacuuming the bag, this sealer makes it perfectly airtight so that the food inside it remains fresh upto 7 times longer than usual.

Besides the property mentioned above, KOIOS food vacuum sealer also gives you a quick sealing effectively without any hassle. Firstly, it provides you with fast cutting as it has got a sharp blade incorporated into it. You just gotta put the bag on the cutter’s lip in the right position, close the lid of it and keep holding the bag in the same position. After that, you have to slide the bag cutter across the roll in order to get the bag length. And there you go, next to seal it. This sealer has a quick sealing process where you hold the bag with the required food inside, and your sealing is done in a perfect manner.

2. Dual Food Storage Mode

Now, buddy, you may get many other sealers in the market, but a few like the KOIOS sealer can store both dry and wet foods. Especially for the wet food, neither will it leak anyhow nor will the food quality get damaged. It has the maximum potential to store liquid, also wine. What you need to do is press the right settings or buttons for that, such as dry setting for the solid foods and moist setting for the poached, simmered, or steamed ones.

Not only storing different kinds of food, but this food and wine vacuum sealer also knows how to preserve them well. Suppose if you keep an exposed piece of meat in a freezer, it will be preserved for 3 to 5 months, whereas the same piece of meat, if vacuumed and sealed by the KOIOS sealer and then stored in the freezer, can be preserved for about 2 to 3 years. Likewise, seafood and fish, which remain fresh upto 5 months in a freezer, can retain their freshness for about 1 to 2 years in the freezer with the help of the KOIOS VS2261 sealer. Rice and flour, if vacuumed and sealed properly, can remain fresh upto 2 years at normal temperature. Bread and nuts can be sealed and stored for 2 days and 5 months, respectively.

3. Space Saver and Easily Operated

As mentioned earlier, this jar vacuum sealer is quite compact and light to carry anywhere. Thus it’s quite adaptable and adjustable for your home or workplace. It’s also a great replacement for the heavy, old and bulky vacuum sealers as it doesn’t take up much space.

In spite of being highly efficient, this sealer doesn’t puzzle you up with lots of complex operation steps to follow. It consists of 4 simple buttons for 4 huge purposes. The first one is for starting the device or switching it off. Simultaneously, the middle two buttons play the main roles, where the former is for sealing the bag no matter if it is vacuumed or not, and the latter for vacuuming and then sealing it. All these settings are available for both moist and dry foods, for which the last button is designed accordingly. Even you don’t need to press the buttons harder to get the machine started or to make it stop, as a slight push on the buttons will do the job swiftly.

4. Sous Vide Companion and High Durability

Cooking food sous vide ensures your food is evenly prepared without any extra burning. This also ensures that the food doesn’t spill out anyhow. Makes it able to restore its original shape and appearance without losing excess fats, which means that your food is completely safe with the sealing that this sealer provides.

But to prevent overheating, you need to allow this best vacuum sealer for food to cool down for at least 1 minute before the next use. If you want best results, here is a tip for you not to use the same bag again after storing raw meat or any kind of greasy food product. This Sous Vide vacuum sealer is highly durable and can perfectly seal bags that make them ready to put in a microwave but just don’t put the already microwaved or heated bag again in the sealer.

5. High-temperature Resistance

KOIOS vacuum sealer 80kpa is highly heat and temperature resistant. The sealer consists of a pad of heated strips at the bottom of it. The strip contains a mica sheet in it, which can easily withstand temperature upto 300 F. Having said that, it is also necessary to mention this device can provide 40 consecutive sealing continuously without harming the machine and keeping the food intact as well. You may keep the lid open to let the remaining heat dissipate if you feel the machine is getting a little warm. Otherwise, if you keep sealing the bags with a 60 seconds break between each sealing, it won’t show any defect. Each sealing takes about 8 to 12 seconds, and we think that’s surely incredible! Moreover, compared to other machines, this is quite famous for its absolute mess-free sealing.


Technical Specifications of VS2261 KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Machine

  • Manufacturer : KOIOS
  • Item model number : VS2261
  • Package Dimensions : 16.2 x 6 x 4.6 inches
  • Color : Black
  • Item Weight : 3.14 pounds
  • Operation Mode : Automatic
  • Suction Power : -80 kPa
  • Sealing Time : 8~12 Seconds
  • Rated Voltage : AC 100-120V


Can this KOIOS vacuum sealer roll and make its own bags of the size needed, or is it necessary to buy individual bags?

Well, the KOIOS sealer does have a cutter incorporated with a sharp blade in it, which can easily cut the bag to get the required size. Despite this, when delivered, this product comes with free 10 bags, so that you can get your work started immediately.

What is the largest bag VS2261 KOIOS Vacuum Sealer can seal?

The largest bag that this KOIOS vacuum sealer machine, 80kpa automatic food sealer, can seal, is approximately 12 inches wide. You will get the advantage of sealing 5 to 6 bags all at a time with this sealer, which is a fair deal.

Is there any warranty on this KOIOS VS2261 Sealer?

This is a very significant and to-be highlighted point of this KOIOS small vacuum sealer, which is that it provides you a 10 years warranty service. This is really a major reason that this sealer got so popular in the market. Just go through the information given on the activated card you got with your ordered package. Follow the instructions provided there, and you can activate your 10 years warranty service easily.

Final Thoughts

Now, as we have come to an end of our KOIOS VS2261 Vacuum Sealer review, we guess you’ve also made your mind whether to buy this food vacuum sealer or not. But if you want to know our personal opinion, we would say you can give it a try. You may get quite a few other sealer machines in the market. Still, this one stands out from the crowd due to its quick and effective sealing, space-saving quality, easy operation, mess-free and continuous output, and great preservation mechanism. Also, you won’t get such an efficient vacuum food sealer at such a pocket-friendly price. Having already mentioned, this really can help you in preserving your moist food well. We feel this is the best vacuum sealer for moist foods.

Nevertheless, if you don’t find this much useful, no issues at all! The choice is always yours. We also recommend you do well-versed research before buying any machinery appliance to get deceived by any chance. Finally, we hope our honest and candid review, which we made after lots of research and tests, came to your help. So, finally, if you land on a decision to buy this vacuum sealer, we would wish you a very happy purchase, buddy!

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