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Koios VS2233 Vacuum Sealer Review 2020

If you are eagerly searching for Best Food Vacuum Sealer, then this Koios VS2233 Vacuum Sealer Review is just for you. This Koios VS2233 food vacuum sealer is designed to operate easily, and it is a good investment that each householder should think because this machine makes things much easier for everyone. Koios Commercial Vacuum Sealer has a stainless steel finishing that looks great and stylish on your counter.

KOIOS Compact Vacuum Sealer Machine Details

 The KOIOS vacuum sealing system, V2233 latch is an easy handling system that helps in keeping your food fresh for up to 7 times longer. It is easy to store this device anywhere because of its compact design and best for using regularly. Koios automatic food sealer is a heavy-duty device that makes the sealing process faster for about 35 consecutive seals. This Koios Vacuum Sealer machine comes with all the accessories and things that you need to start. KOIOS vacuum sealer has a built-in cutter for handiness and it also included with an accessory port that helps in sealing wine and other liquid bottles. From this Koios VS2233 vacuum sealer review, you will get a complete picture of this sealer so that you decide whether to purchase this or not. Let’s check out Some key features of this Koios commercial vacuum sealer in the following section.

Features of Koios VS2233 Food Vacuum Sealer

 You don’t need anyone to assist you when you are using this machine because you can do it on your own. All you need to do is just cut the required size bag, make sure to leave 2.5” allowance, which is needed for the sealing process. Then insert the food into the bag, then place the bag on the vacuum chamber, now put down and press the lid on the bag to make sure that it will seal correctly, then click on the button whether you want a vacuum seal or seal. It is very safe and secure to use this Koios VS2233 Food Vacuum Sealer because it will not work if the lid is not closed fully so that you can prevent burn injuries. 

It is very easy to operate this Best Food Vacuum Sealer machine. Touch-panel buttons can easily manage every function. Click on the 3 function button, so automatically, the machine will vacuum and pack your food. With the help of a cutter, cut the bag to your required size based on the amount of food you are packing. It can also vacuum and close many bags at a time, which is very efficient in packing your food properly.

It is the best compact vacuum sealer for sale as it features 4-in-1 multi-function that is dry & wet food-items vacuum sealing, seals, vacuum then seal, and a cutter. If you need to vacuum and close your food, then press the “vacuum and seal” button. You can also seal the food bag, go for the “seal only” button. It even has a cancel button if you want to discontinue the vacuum and sealing process. The other important and great thing about KOIOS Vacuum Sealing System, VS2233 is that it has a built-in cutter, so you don’t need to use scissors to cut the bag to your needed size manually. The package also included a tube that means this Koios Automatic Food Sealer can also vacuum seal wine and many other liquids.

Taking out air from your sealer bags can make the food stay fresh for a longer time. It is a perfect food saver for fruits, pulses, vegetables, marinated food, and is the best food vacuum sealer for meat. This Koios VS2233 Vacuum Sealer Machine Protects the food from bacteria and nasty germs. Along with this, the taste, nutritional value, and aroma of your food will be properly maintained as the air from the bad is vacuumed. The vacuum-packed ingredients are ready to use in sous-vide cooking with all the nutrition and flavors.

packing your food in the bag for storage will save your time a lot and even save much space in your fridge and food cabinets. This Best Food Vacuum Sealer For Meat is capable of sealing multiple bags at a time so it saves more time. Even if you keep plenty of sealed bags in the refrigerator, you will still have space for keeping many items inside. By saving your lots of time and space, you will get an opportunity to keep things properly and maintain your home’s hygiene.

The Koios vs2233 vacuum sealer can work up to 40 times continuously, the food will be fresh for a longer time if vacuumed and sealed. It provides us with many advantages like keeping the food-items fresh, saves a lot of space, particularly if your fridge is a little small, very comfortable to use, and on top of all, it is very cost-effective.

The VS2233 seals both moist and dry food items. You can set the setting accordingly so that the machine will pull out the moisture and air before you pack the food. The functioning capacity of this Koios Vs2233 Vacuum Sealer Machine is outstanding, and it can work successively for more than 30 times without any damage to the machine. The bottom pad has a mica sheet which gets heated up to 300 degree Celsius; thus, the sealing process is done smoothly.

This KOIOS Vacuum Sealer For Meat has an effective suction power with which it removes complete air from the package to avoid bacteria formation and keep the food away from freezer burns. This Koios Commercial Vacuum Sealer with indicator lights, and automatic sealing operation provide you an easy, inexpensive, and quick way of storing your food items. Make sure that your food items are safe, and it is better to clean it often.


Specification Name Value
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1 year
15" x 3" x 6"
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How to use Koios VS2233 vacuum sealer?

 Koios VS2233 sealer helps to vacuum seal food packages. We need to place the bag in the sealer, and the process is done. The steps are-

  1. Place the food into the sealer bag.
  2. Place the bag into the opening of the vacuum sealer.
  3. It vacuum seals your food automatically.
Which vacuum sealer bags are compatible with Koios VS2233?

 Most of the bags are compatible with Koios VS2233 irrespective of the type and brand.

How to seal wide mouth mason jars with Koios VS2233?

 Koios VS2233 comes with a jar sealing attachment. You can use this to seal the jars.

What is the difference between the Koios VS-2150 and the Koios VS-2233?

The significant difference here is the vacuum air compression. This is great in VS 2150 and less in VS2233. Also, the color of the faceplate and the name on the top is different too.

Can Koios VS2233 Vacuum Sealer work with liquid-like foods such as chili?

 Yes, Koios VS2233 Vacuum Sealer can do this. However, it is suggested to use a deep bag so that chili can sit at the bottom. You can also use suction to a point, then stop it and seal, as you do not want the liquid to be sucked into the machine.

Does Koios VS2233 vacuum sealer unit have a roll storage section?

No, there is no such storage section.

Are the accessories and canisters given with Koios VS2233 vacuum sealer unit?

No, it is not given with canister. But, this machine has a hose to connect the canister. It is given with an accessory port.

Does the Koios VS2233 vacuum sealer given bags are freezer safe?

The Koios VS2233 vacuum sealer bags are freezer safe.

Final Words

Finally we are concluding the Koios VS2233 Vacuum Sealer Review with all its features. Overall, you will never feel regret purchasing this kind of Best Wet Dry Vacuum Sealer because it is beneficial in your daily life. Compact yet powerful, easy to use and operate, saves time and space, the freshness of food lasts for 5 times longer, aroma and taste will be the same, and cost-effective- you will experience all these features when you purchase this Koios automatic food sealer. Another great feature of this unit is you can vacuum and seal, or seal, or cancel the process, the completion of the sealing process takes 12 seconds, and completely safe because the process will start only when the lid is closed properly and completely. You will have fun using this machine with its exceptional design and features. So, never miss the chance to own this unit and find your way to store the food items properly. you can also use this unit to your jewelry, gadgets, and documents to keep them safe and avoid further damage.

KOIOS VS2233 vacuum sealer machine comes with a dry & moist mode. Its multi-functional features make it one of the best food vacuum sealers for meat. If you are in search of cost-effective- compact Vacuum Sealer then this one is perfect for you. This Koios VS2233 Food Vacuum sealer effectively works up to 40 continuous seals and you can seal multiple bags at a moment.

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