KitchenBoss Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer G200 – Works great for both wet & dry foods!

If you are planning to buy a KitchenBoss Vacuum sealer machine, then you are in the right place! Kitchen Boss compact vacuum sealer is a good companion for your busy life. This vacuum sealer perfectly seals and stores food and other important stuff that might get affected when placed in the open air. You can store any food types, be it dry or wet foods or even soft foods like cookies. Vacuum sealing can keep your food away from bacteria. Not only foods, but you can also vacuum seal any documents or delicate items as well. Check our complete Kitchen Boss Vacuum Sealer review to know its working and performance based on our experience.

KitchenBoss G200 has a commercial-grade suction pump that can suck all air out of your packing. It is very handy that you can fit it into your kitchen drawers or take it with you while traveling. One good thing about vacuum sealers is it can help you save money that otherwise you would be spending buying products again and again whenever you need them. When we bought this vacuum sealer for critically analyzing and testing its efficiency, our minds were blown by its high-quality performance.

Kitchen Boss Vacuum Sealer Review for 2023

1. Design

G200 Kitchen Boss sealer machine package includes a vacuum sealer machine, a spare vacuum gasket, a hose, an instruction manual, 6″×10″ bags, and 8″×12″ bags (10 bags each of set). With its compact size, one can easily keep it on their counters or in their shelves when not in use. For vacuuming containers, jars, and canisters, you can use the hose provided in the kit. This model comes in five different colors grey, orange, red, silver, and white.

The piano mirror finish coating of this small vacuum sealer gives durability, and its smooth surface is also aesthetically very appealing. ABS plastic body makes this vacuum sealer very light but also provides good endurance. This product has a heating section at its top, a vacuum chamber, and an air suction hole with a vacuum gasket at its bottom. These parts are present inside this vacuum sealer, and controls are present on top of it.

2. Control Features

The control panel of any electronic device must be easy to operate. KitchenBoss G200 kitchen vacuum sealer is pretty simple to use, with clearly labeled control buttons located on top of its lid. The inching button helps you to manually control the suction of air for sealing soft foods like veggies, bread, and frozen liquids. The VAC seal button can automatically vacuum seal dry foods or moist foods and containers connected with the hose.

If you wish to seal packages without vacuuming, use the Seal only button. To open the lid, you have to press the open button. The LED lights indicate the ongoing process and help you recognize what’s going on. With manual control, you can instantly seal your bags. This simple control system of this KitchenBoss vacuum sealer makes it easy to operate.

3. Suction Power

In general, for any vacuum sealing machine, suction and sealing are the most crucial functions. No one would buy a vacuum sealer that is inefficient in sucking the air out of a pack or not sealing it properly. From this perspective, we would say that KitchenBoss G200-Graphite Grey Vacuum Sealer is one of the best vacuum sealers.

The highly efficient vacuum pump of KitchenBoss Multi-functional Sealer Machine can do powerful suction. With up to -60KPa of suction power, this commercial-grade vacuum pump can suck all the air out of packages quickly. Thus, this appliance provides safe and completely air-free packages that help you store your foods for a longer duration.

4. Compact Size

This best sous vide vacuum sealer measures 15 inches in length, 5.5 inches in width, and 2.75 inches in height. As already said, this vacuum sealer is very light and weighs only 3.5 pounds. This thin structure makes it easily fit anywhere in our house or kitchen, saving our kitchen space.

Also, it’s easy portability helps you to carry it with you for your tours and other traveling. There is a small compartment at the bottom for internally storing its electrical cord, making this device very handy. For those who don’t have a spacious kitchen, this food saver vacuum sealer can be your perfect match.

5. Heat and Fire Resistance

While using continuously, appliances heat up and cause overheating problems. Overheating can damage internal circuits and can even cause fire and explosion. Sometimes the damage cannot be repaired and needs total replacement of the appliance itself. For evading these problems, the body of KitchenBoss food sealer A01G200GUS is built up of halogen-free and flame retardant PC-ABS V0 material.

Though ABS is a plastic material, it is engineered perfectly to withstand high temperatures. PC-ABS V0 also meets food grade and environmental protection standards. So, we can definitely say that KitchenBoss food saver is very safe to use and is best suited for continuous operation.

6. Locking Option

With this vacuum sealer one can protect their food stuff or any other stuff from unwanted hands or any theft. With this vacuum sealer, we were able to protect our precious stuff from getting into danger. This option can be very helpful especially when people who have kids. Locking feature of this vacuum sealer makes it the best vacuum sealer among most other vacuum sealers in the market.

For locking all you have to do is push down this product’s logo on its two sides. While pressing the push down on these both sides one can lock this vacuum sealer. By locking this vacuum sealer’s latch when you can vacuum and seal the operation, you can be rest assured with this device!



  • Manufacturer : KitchenBoss
  • Item model number : A01G200GUS
  • Product Dimensions : 15 x 6 x 4 inches
  • Color : Grey
  • Item Weight : 4 pounds
  • Material : Engineered ABS
  • Sealing time: 6 ~10 seconds
  • VAC sealing time: 10~20 seconds
  • Vacuum suction strength : 12L/min
  • Max. width of seal : 11.8 Inch (30CM)


Where is this Kitchen Boss vacuum sealer G200 made?

The Kitchen Boss food sealer A01G200GUS is not made in the USA, and it is made in China. The manufacturer ships the product to many countries like Europe, America, Middle East, Australia, etc. The vacuum sealer is very safely packed and shipped. This Kitchen boss comes with a 5 years warranty and works very well.

is Kitchen Boss vacuum sealer system model G200 only 110 volt or 110-240 volt?

KitchenBoss sous vide vacuum sealer doesn’t have or require any battery. It is entirely electrical and for working needs to be connected to a power outlet. The rated voltage of this product is between 110-240V, but it can only work with 110V power. It works well on regular 110V AC power available.

how to use a Kitchen Boss food sealer G200?

G200 KitchenBoss food sealer is very easy to use and control. First, place the food or item you want to seal into a vacuum sealer bag. Using the open button, open its lid, and then place the opening of that bag into its vacuum chamber. Now close the lid and press down until you hear two clicks. Use the VAC seal button, and it will vacuum and seal your bag. Finally, press the open button to release and take your sealed bag out.

What is the maximum width bag this Kitchen Boss G200 vacuum sealer will take?

The total length of this Kitchen Boss vacuum sealer is 15 inches, and the length of its vacuum chamber is 12 inches. This vacuum sealer can only seal bags with a maximum width of up to 12 inches (around 30 cms). So this sealer is not suitable for sealing bags with a width of more than 12 inches.


When it comes to vacuum sealing and food storage, KitchenBoss food vacuum sealer A01G200GUS is the ideal one. This vacuum sealer lets you vacuum and seal any food without damage by providing manual control of the suction pump. Its effective vacuum pump and suction motor leaves no air inside your packages and also allows you to seal without vacuuming.

The Kitchen Boss vacuum sealer manual G200 is very easy to understand and provides all the necessary info to deal with its product. You can also use it to seal any commercial documents or jewelry, or antiques. This product has excellent resistance to heat, fire, and stains. With all its efficient working we can term this machine as the best vacuum sealer for the money. Hope this Kitchen Boss Vacuum Sealer review is found helpful for you to clarify your queries. Have a happy shopping!

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