Geryon E2901-M Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Machine – Compact, Easy-to-use & Easy-to-clean!

Cutting down the food wastage is a delicious way of saving your money, helping to feed the world, and protecting our planet. Are you searching for a way to preserve our natural resources regarding edible items, thereby saving our nature? If yes, then you have crossed through the right review on product, Geryon Food Vacuum Sealer E2901-M. Vacuum Sealing is one of the finest ways to stow your food healthy and fresh. Sealing also provides layers of protection from the outside environment. This best affordable vacuum sealer has now become an indispensable appliance to maintain that relish flavor at your dining table. However, don’t come to the conclusion without reading the complete Geryon E2901-M review.

This Geryon Vacuum Sealer is the best-reviewed and popular choice because of its premium qualities and ease-to-operate. It allows preventing air from and around your food items and hence keeping it fresh and longer. Also, its sleek and compact design won’t take much space in your kitchen and will save you time, money, and food. So, here we are to help you choose this Geryon Food Vacuum Sealing System E2901-M, which we have brought to know about it in detail.

Geryon E2901-M Review for 2023 (Key Features)

1. Design

Geryon Automatic Food Sealer Machine is designed to preserve all varieties of food. This is the plastic vacuum sealer weighing just 2.62 pounds and with dimensions of 14.6 x 5.67 x 3.3 inches. We found that it can heat-seal bags up to 12 inches in size. It offers you either to just seal closed packaged food or vacuum seal the moist items.

You can see a few buttons on its top such as canister, dual-mode (gentle & normal), dual seal( vacuum seal & ‘just’ seal), and a stop button to operate with. This reaches your home with a full starter kit including Vacuum Sealer(1), Air suction hose(1), Heat-seal bags(5), Vacuum Roll(1), Vacuum Tube(1), and User manual(1).

2. Two Sealing Modes

There are two sealing modes of this GERYON E2901-M sealer. It can be operated with two selectable vacuum modes for both dry and moist food items. Do you wish to re-seal those crunchy chips packets? Or wish to preserve your slice of meat and fish? You can use this device with a simple one-touch operation on the top of it and changing the mode from ‘seal’ to ‘vac seal’ or vice versa.

Airtight vacuum seal prevents air from sealer bags to keep it fresh and also prevents freezer burn. Without atmospheric oxygen (air), aerobic bacteria’s growth is stopped hence increasing our food’s life span. So it is useful and practical for both dry and moist/steamed food settings.

3. Compactibility, Portability, and Affordability

At first glance, you will love its compact design with its sleek and smooth black color. Being such a lightweight model, you can carry it anywhere you wish to as it can easily fit in cabinets or drawers. This one-time investment will save you money as it is the best vacuum sealer under $100 available on the market.

We all prefer to buy food in bulk, but then again, there comes an issue with storing such bulk food for a more extended period. We are here to solve your problem as sealed food items can be stored in bulk in your refrigerator without any mess. So this can save a substantial amount of money dually. Also, it saves your time of going and buying fresh foodstuff before every meal as we found that it preserves 5x longer than refrigerators.

4. Built-in Cutter

This Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine E2901-M is also blessed with a built-in cutter that allows you to make your customized seal bags within a fraction of seconds. Geryon also provides five heat-seal bags along with this appliance’s package. You can preserve either a single piece of meat or a full plate of fries with the size of bags you prefer.

It seals up to 12″ width of vacuum sealer bags and rolls, so you can opt for the width of sealing bags accordingly. Thus, this saves your time and money to buy sealer bags multiple times and rather just take a roll, open it, and seal one side of the roll to make your preferred-size bag.

5. Ease of Operating and Cleaning

This best affordable vacuum sealer is a user-friendly vacuum sealer and can be operated with ease. To seal the bag, put one end of the bag in it, and press its upper lid to lock the bag. Your work is done. With soft one-touch digital buttons and blue LED indicator lights, operating this food vacuum sealer is just a piece of cake.

Cleaning after use has always turned out to be a problem for many of us. But we were happy to find that it has a separate design, which means you can disconnect its upper lid to clean the chamber and gasket very effortlessly and safely. Overall, this device’s operation and cleaning are hands-free and easy, with great vacuuming and sealing functions.


Technical Specifications of Geryon Automatic Food Sealer Machine E2901-M

  • Manufacturer : GERYON INC
  • Item model number : E2901-M
  • Product Dimensions : 14.6 x 5.67 x 3.3 inches
  • Item Weight : 2.62 pounds
  • Material : Plastic
  • Power Source : Corded Electric


Will this Geryon E2901-M Vacuum Sealer machine work on 11 inch wide roll?

Geryon E2901-M fits in 12″ width vacuum sealer bags and rolls. So, undoubtedly this machine works on an 11-inch wide roll. Also, with an in-built cutter, you can make your customized seal bags from the roll within a few minutes.

Does Geryon vacuum sealer E2901-M seal aluminum bags?

Yes, Geryon Upgraded Vacuum Sealer E2901-M seals aluminum bags with ease. It seals Geryon or other brand vacuum sealer bags and rolls. Aluminized chocolate packets and chips bags can also be resealed very well.

Can this Geryon E2901 vacuum sealer be used with the reusable ziplock bags?

Yes, this Geryon E2901 vacuum sealing machine can be used with reusable zip lock bags. But it is always preferred to use sealer bags or rolls.

Will this Geryon vacuum food sealer E2901-M work with the Food Saver jar sealer attachment?

Yes, this Geryon food sealer E2901-M works with the Foodsaver jar sealer attachment. An accessory port and a hose are dispensed off with the machine to vacuum seal canisters, jars, wine stoppers, etc.

Can FoodSaver bags be used with this Geryon compact automatic vacuum sealing system?

Yes, the foodsaver bags can be used with this Geryon sealer machine E2901-M. Geryon provides bags with the product, but other brand’s sealer bags can also be used safely.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up Geryon E2901-M review, we highly recommend this Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer Machine for all of your food sealing purposes. It designed to work with the ‘4S’ function- Food Saving, Space Saving, Time Saving, and Money Saving. Welcome this affordable machine to your kitchen to appreciate its multiple benefits. Geryon vacuum sealer manual is also super easy to understand and work with its device.

Geryon vacuum sealer E2901-M comes with a one-year warranty from the purchase date, which assures us of its quality performance. You can now store food items in bulk to entertain your guests with your cuisine techniques at those dinner parties. Also, it helps significantly in extending our food item’s life as it keeps food preserved up to five times longer than refrigerators and freezers. So clean, cook, cover, and chill!

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