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Geryon E2900 Review 2020

How many times have you wished that you could have all the ingredients chopped up before you start cooking, just like in those cooking shows? I am sure, many times a day. With this new cooking trend coming in, one appliance that has become very popular is a vacuum sealer. It helps you seal up your food in bags and keep it for use later. It is not just for the ready to go ingredient preparation, but it is also for storing leftover food that usually spills in our refrigerator or gets freezer burns and ends up getting wasted. All of that can be avoided if you want a Best Food Vacuum Sealer For Money. Here in the Geryon E2900 Review, you can get the complete features, pros, and cons, so check out before you go to buy it.

GERYON Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine for Sale

Most of them are big and bulky and are very readily used in commercial kitchens. Smaller ones like the Geryon E2900-Ms Compact Vacuum Sealer are available for use at home. It is very compact in size and the perfect one for use in the kitchen daily. The E2900 can’t compete with all the best commercial vacuum sealer people are using these days, but it will do the task right if you are using it at home. It is one of the most inexpensive vacuum sealers, which is why it is very popular with first-time buyer The touch screen buttons are again a great add on to the easily navigated vacuum sealer. You won’t have to check too much or read too many manuals to understand how the sealer works. Now let’s get into the detailed Geryon E2900 Review in the following sections. Iam sure you will love this geryon vacuum sealer / automatic machine / effective sealing easy to use compact features and all. 

Geryon E2900 Food Sealer FEATURES

The system with which Geryon Small Vacuum Sealer Machine E2900-Ms works is designed for specific types of bags. It will easily remove air from them by using its multi-layer material heat seal, which will keep all the air out of the bag. It turns out to be a very economical option rather than an expensive one because you won’t be wasting as much food which otherwise goes waste in spills or freezer burns. The sealed bag will keep your food safe until you need it.

This Geryon e2900 Mini Automatic Vacuum Sealer has been designed with separated parts. It is possible to take off its upper lid, and then you can clean up its insides very easily and quickly. It is anyways very compact, so you won’t have to deal with much that way. Unlike most more significant vacuum sealers, it is easy to handle as well, which is why maintaining and managing it is quite convenient. The bags that you use with the sealer are also brand provided and easy to clean up after use.

Operating Geryon food sealer for home Use is easier than doing anything else. The functions are fully automatic, and all of them can be done with the press of a button. There are a soft touch digital buttons in the control panel placed on the top, which lets you easily browse through all the functions there are. LED indicator lights are also quite useful and let you experience and use the vacuum sealer at ease and without too many complications. As says in geryon e2900-ms review this compact vacuum sealer will offer fully automatic operation. 

What makes this E2900 is the best Geryon vacuum sealer and one of the most popular ones as well is that it is flexible and versatile in it is used. There are two sealing modes to choose from, which gives you the flexibility to do the job. These two modes can be selected depending upon the type of food you are sealing in. All food items are not the same and need extra care, which is why these two modes are present. There is a possibility of resealing as well because of these modes.

The geryon vacuum sealer machine e2900-ms. is very effective in what it does and does the job perfectly, as well. The sealing will be done to ensure that no air is let into the bag. The food stays fresh as well, and the sealing system works specifically in a way to make sure the aroma of the food is also preserved properly. Any food you seal will stay put based on its shelf life and as durable as the bags from Geryon are, your food will be perfectly fine.

Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine E2900-MS Specifications

Specification Name Value
2.6 x 5.5 x 14.4 inches
1.2 kg / 2.65 lb
Silver and black
Model no
Rated voltage
110-120V AC
50 - 60 Hz
Sealing time
6-10 Seconds
VAC/sealing time
10-20 Sec
Suction Strength
Construction Material
Engineered ABS
Lifetime Warranty
LED Indicator




Final Words

The geryon vacuum sealer e2900-ms is one of the most compact vacuum sealers available in the market. It has been designed specifically for homes so that it doesn’t take up too much space, given all the appliances we already use in the kitchen. Many reviewers have tested the performance of this Best Compact Vacuum Sealer, and it has done fairly well in the convenience segment. That is possible only because of how lightweight it is and how easy it is to clean. Moreover, the accessories that you get with it prove to be very useful as well. There is a hose attachment that comes with it, which can be used to seal certain types of containers. Even a wine bottle can be sealed up with it in. We hope this complete Geryon Vacuum Sealer Review is helpful for you to choose the best one of your choice.


How to use the Geryon E2900 vacuum sealer?

Follow the steps below to understand the working of Geryon E2900 vacuum sealer-

  1. Place the food in the bag.
  2. Open the sealer and place the food package. 
  3. Thus a vacuum-sealed package will be ready. It helps to preserve food.
Are Geryon E2900 Vacuum Sealer bags already sealed on one end?

 No, the Geryon E2900 Vacuum Sealer bags are not already sealed. You should seal them after cutting.

What is the max-width size of a bag you can use with this Geryon E2900 Vacuum Sealer?

Twelve inches is the maximum width of the bag Geryon E2900 Vacuum Sealer can use.

Does the Geryon E2900 vacuum sealer come with bags?

Yes, it has a starter kit that has a few Geryon bags.

Is it necessary to use Geryon bags?

 No, the sealer is designed to be used with vacuum sealer bags of any brand.

How do you know if the Geryon E2900 vacuum sealer bag is sealed?

 Wait till the lock sound comes up, that is when you will know that the bag has been sealed.

performance as mediocre, but it has shown excellent results when used with delicate food items. It can still quickly seal up ten bags in a go without losing vacuum anywhere. This is what most average vacuum sealers can do, which is why the E2900 marks for a good purchase for beginners.

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