Geryon Vacuum Sealer E2800-C – Not just saves food, but also your time, money & space!

When we spend more money on food items, it is necessary to look over the essential appliances to store and preserve our food properly. Vacuum sealers became the necessary tool for any home cook and bulk shoppers. These machines help vacuum the food bag from moist air and get it sealed without allowing any air inside—thus saving from any spoilage or freezer burn. Geryon vacuum, model E2800-C is one such sealer for storing our food longer without any spoilage. With a lot of recommendation, we have bought this vacuum sealer, to test and know its quality performance personally. And after analyzing its features, here we presented our genuine Geryon E2800-C Vacuum Sealer review.

This Geryon vacuum sealer, model no E2800 is a perfect choice for home chefs to store any amount of vacuum-sealed food items in less refrigerator space. We fascinate its 4S’ feature of saving- food, time, money, and space. It comes with a vacuum sealer, 5x heat seal bags, and 1 roll with texture on its sides. We agree to its compact and lightweight design, achieving user-friendly performance and adequate storage. Its high suction power removes all air from packages, and the automatic operation system features hand-free seal indicator lights.

Geryon E2800-C Vacuum Sealer Review, 2023

1. Design

Geryon vacuum sealer machine, with its 2.5×5.4×14.6 inches of dimension, achieves a slim and compact design that allows it to befit in drawers or cabinets. The attractive black color adapts well to any counter space kitchen. This vacuum sealer E2800 weighs 2.2 pounds and is made of plastic. It was aimed to remove air from specialized designed Geryon bags or other brand sealer bags that can fit up to 12”width.

The Geryon bags multi-layer materials heat and make the sealing process effective to prevent air and freezer burn. It features easy operating control panels. It is structured with a well-finished vacuum chamber, high-temperature sealing strip, and lower sealing gasket. This product serves with sealing rubber strip and upper sealing gaskets, making the sealing process efficient. High suction power is made possible through an air suction hole in this device.

2. Control Panel

The control panel of any device must be easy-to-operate to give convenience to users. This Geryon compact automatic vacuum sealing system features a stop, seal, and vac seal button mentioned on its upper surface. These controls are hands-free and come with automatic seal indicator lights. The seal button operates to seal the Geryon food bags or other brand food bags with its heat sealing.

The Vac seal button sucks air in sealer bags and then gets it sealed tight so that it doesn’t allow any inflow/outflow of air. In contrast, the stop button makes its vac seal control the air suction process and can be sealed separately. This vac seal facilitates sufficient airtight for cookies, bread, or pastries.

3. Additional Accessories

This sous vide vacuum sealer comes with a package of included accessories like the 5x vacuum bags, 1x vacuum roll, and 1 user manual to guide you through its operations and usage. This sealer machine performs efficiently for any vacuum sealing bags and bags with folded sides.

The provided bags of this appliance are of size 7.8″x11.8″, where any sealing bags of 12″ width would aptly fit the best in an airtight vacuum sealer. The vacuum roll got 7.8″ x 78″. It extends its utility by sealing only the bags that are not folded and have no lines in them. This is the best vacuum sealer that saves time, money, and effort. This device provided with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty to assure customers with its reliability.

4. Marinade Cooking

While you’re fond of cutting your favorite meat or tantalizing vegetable, marinating the food, and airtight sealing, it will serve you the tastiest meal. Sealable bags can be used to hold the food, but Geryon plastic vacuum sealer E2800 C does it effectively by sucking out all the air and maintaining the coated food in an airtight sealed bag.

This Vacuum sealer for marinating helps with the marinating process to soak food with your favorite flavor and store it in an airtight sealed bag, maintaining its freshness and taste for longer years. It is essential to keep the coated flavored food away at least 2.5 inches of space from the seal as it should be restrained from any liquid. After the bag is completely sealed, it is recommended to refrigerate it for a few hours before using, to make the meat or vegetables wholly soaked in the marinade. Proper sealing of food will keep the food fresh and serves a tastier meal.

5. Energy Efficiency

Many foodstuff manufacturers search for energy-efficient vacuum sealers efficient in food storage and satisfy from an economic standpoint. However, it isn’t an easy thing to successfully get one such energy-saving product. But, relax here we have got this Geryon vacuum sealer machine E2800 which is highly friendly in saving our electricity bill.

The process of sealing and vacuuming air works at 110-120V AC and rated power capacity of 110W. Its compact design with high efficient sealer designed to operate at 50-60 Hz of frequency that matches other vacuum sealers’ average working. This vacuum sealing system aimed to consume less electricity that reduces your utility bill. Thus, this machine is no more a burden on your budget.


Technical Specifications

  • Manufacturer : GeryonUS
  • Item model number : E2800-C
  • Product Dimensions : 2.5 x 5.4 x 14.6 inches
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Plastic
  • Item Weight : 2.2 pounds
  • Rated voltage : 110-120V AC


How many bags can you seal before this Geryon food vacuum sealer E2800-C needs a break from becoming too hot?

You can seal approximately 15-16 bags before this Geryon food vacuum sealer E2800-C needs a break from becoming too hot.

Can Geryon E2800-C vacuum sealing machine seal a bag of chips also?

Yes, you can seal a bag of chips with this Geryon food vacuum sealer E2800-C. It is preferred to use chip bags with textures on both sides.

How long does Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine E2800-C take to heat?

It takes about 15 sec to seal and nearly 18-20 mins to vacuum seal with this Geryon Vacuum Sealing Machine E2800-C.

Does Geryon E2800 Vacuum Sealer turn off automatically after some time?

Yes, this Geryon E2800 Vacuum Sealer automatically shuts off after it gets sealed.


This E2800-C Geryon vacuum sealer review helps the home chefs and bulk shoppers in choosing the best one with essential features. We found its features remarkable that can be used in any part of our home. We took its help to airtight pack our valuable things from getting tarnished. And this vacuum sealer effectively prevented the stored stuff from dust and dampness. It multi-tasks efficiently by packing, storing, preserving the belongings, and waterproofing while camping or boating.

We were certainly satisfied with this 4’S of Geryon compact sealer –saving time and energy and achieving cost and compact space for its placement. Also, we encountered an easy and quick process in its sealing operation and storage. We made it easily portable to any room with its lightweight and compact design. Hope our Geryon E2800-C Vacuum Sealer review is satisfactory enough to give you a clear info. Have a happy shopping!

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