Four Uncles QH-09 Vacuum Sealer – Maintains freshness of food for longer time!

To maintain the original quality and outstanding freshness of food, you certainly need an excellent vacuum sealer. Because exposure of food to open-air can decay its quality and taste in several ways. For this aspect only, the Four Uncles QH-09 Vacuum Sealer is effective in perpetuating the natural flavor and quality of food. That’s why we have bought this vacuum sealer to test its efficiency in preserving food quality. See our complete Four Uncles Vacuum Sealer review before getting to a conclusion of bringing this one to home.

After working with it for a long-term, we can assure you that this appliance has unique and productive ways to prevent different consequences that lead to food decay. It has a unique interface, displays four different food modes for storage, i.e., normal, dry, gentle, and moist mode, based on requisite. This vacuum sealer suctions air from food bags or jars and gives a tight seal. This product comes with a cutter to portion your meal prep according to your convenience. It offers an execution pack comprising a marker to record, a washable drip tray, a vacuum cork, a suction hose, and five small and five big vacuum sealer bags. It has an extraordinary and portable design as per our requirement while sealing food.

Four Uncles Vacuum Sealer Review 2023 (Key Features)

1. Design and Maintenance

Four Uncles Vacuum Sealer machine consists of a removable and easily cleanable drip tray. Drip tray grasps the juices from any high moisture contained foods and then can be removed easily for cleaning purposes. It has a comfortable and clear interface to operate, with classic and the latest sensitive touch buttons.

This vacuum sealer’s stylish outer design gives this appliance an edge to choose it over others available at this price tag. We found this vacuum sealer as an easy-to-operate device with a quick go through user guide. Besides, it comes with a built-in cutter that ensures the machine is compact and maintains its elegant design. Its compact design confirms that this vacuum sealer would hardly take any space compared to any other electrical appliances at your home.

2. Various Food Modes

We appreciate the Four Uncle brand, which builds a product with perfection and extensive features. Four Uncles vacuum food sealing machine has different modes of preservation by both automatic and manual control. Its four modes of preservation – Normal, gentle, dry, and moist. With these available modes, one can effectively store theri perishable foodstuff.

First, its normal mode is used to store a majority kind of food quickly. Most people prefer this mode for their food. The gentle mode is useful for keeping delicate food. The highly perishable food comes under this criteria. Next, the dry mode is also used commonly by many people to store their dry foodstuff. Lastly, its moist mode is essential for keeping juicy and wet foods.

3. Functionality

As soon you click on the vac/seal option of this FourUncles vacuum sealer for food, it starts reaching an appropriate suction level to vacuum air from bags or containers. You just need to put the sealer bag in this vacuum sealer’s mouth. Additionally, it provides an inbuilt cutter attached to the sealing machine. Using this built-in cutter, you can conveniently portion food for whole week prep inside the vacuum seal bag at once.

It is the best vacuum sealer for moist food and for people who buy large catches of food at a time. Apart from that, this wine vacuum sealer can compete with a wine cooler in preserving the original flavor of a wine. To achieve wine preservation, jar sealing comes into the frame using a vacuum canister for extracting air and wine cork. This vacuum sealer model is also working well for sous vide cooking as well.

4. Overheating Protection

Many vacuum sealers that are available in the market overheat in their process of sealing and vacuuming. This can be a bit of an issue. But, quite to our surprise, we found that this Four Uncles QH-09 Food Saver Vacuum Sealer comes with a smart sealing feature. The sealing process works when a metallic rod is heated up to a set mark that melts the plastic end to a certain level that will join the two layers together.

In this smart sealing feature, this vacuum sealer automatically activates the protection mode when the heating rod temperature goes above its maximum limit. This smart sealing system becomes an important feature when dealing with thin plastic bags containing sensitive food items. With an adequate amount of heat, it gives a tight seal to any food item to prevent external air exposure.

5. Additional Features

Four Uncle vacuum sealer can be termed as the best vacuum sealer for the money. This product offers us many features for us to store our perishable food items for longer periods. It preserves food five times longer than other vacuum sealers. Its “Pulse” mode allows us to control the amount of air to be extracted from our foodstuff, as per our need and desire.

Its “Manual’ mode is prefered to control or adjust between time gaps or intervals of vacuum extraction as per our requirement. Furthermore, this product’s “Marinade” mode is very productive in marinating chicken, fish, etc., and prevents usual freezer burn. This proves that it is the best food sealer machine under $50, which fulfills every need while packing any kind of food item, which further triples the shelf life of frozen foods and dry goods.


Specifications of Four Uncles QH-09 Food Saver Vacuum Sealer

  • Manufacturer : FOUR UNCLES
  • Item model number : QH-09
  • Package Dimensions : 17.01 x 7.91 x 4.25 inches
  • Colour : 1-Green
  • Item Weight : 3.68 pounds
  • Operation Mode : Automatic


Does this Four Uncles QH-09 vacuum sealing machine take certain vacuum seal bags?

Four Uncles QH-09 Food Vacuum Sealer is designed to take speaker bags with a width of fewer than 12.5 inches. This vacuum sealer can use all three types- lines, folded sides, no lines & folded side sealer bags.

Can Four Uncles QH 09 food vacuum sealer be used as just a bag sealer, without the vacuum?

Yes, this Four Uncles QH 09 vacuum sealer can be used as a sealer too. In this, you won’t be getting any vacuum-tight seal, and the air inside the sealed bag will remain as it is. However, this sealer never misses giving an airtight seal.

Does QH-09 Four Uncles vacuum sealing system come with bags?

Yes. This Four Uncles Vacuum Sealer comes with a set of ten sealer bags. There are five small bags to store small food items and five big bags to store big food items.

what is the largest width this Four Uncles vacuum food sealer QH-09 will seal?

The maximum width of sealer bags that this Four Uncles QH-09 Vacuum Sealing Machine can seal is 12.5 inches. Sealer bags exceeding that measurement won’t get the seal.


So, we’ve come to the end of our review on this Four Uncles QH-09 Vacuum Sealing System. It’s an excellent vacuum sealer machine and has a complete solution for preserving the freshness and natural flavor of various food items and even wine. This vacuum sealer with cutter has a well-customized design, portable structure, and user-friendly operation. It has an extraordinary compact design, which saves space and operates quietly. It consists of easy maintenance, with a removable drip tray, and can be cleaned easily.

This best budget food vacuum sealer renders different modes based on the food item. It provides jar sealing for wine preservation by using a vacuum cork and suction hose. Lastly, we recommend this product for you to vacuum seal and store your favorite food. Hope this Four Uncles Vacuum Sealer review is found helpful for you in buying this product. Happy shopping!

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