FoodSaver VS0150 Vacuum Sealer – Ensures vertical storage and less bag waste!

Imagine reaching the freezer and noticing ice-coated steak, which was in there for weeks, wouldn’t it be harmful. A good vacuum food sealer will keep your food from freezing and keep it fresh for a longer period. FoodSaver VS0150 is one of the best food vacuum sealers in today’s market. It keeps food fresh and preserves it 5x longer compared to other storing methods.

FoodSaver compact vacuum sealer puts an end to freezer burns, which happens when frozen food gets harmed due to dehydration and oxidation because of air touching the food. This vacuum sealer seals with 35% reduced bag wastage compared to the other standard models in the market. It offers 2 types of customizable settings, which are dry and moist to make sure the bag is airtight irrespective of the type of food. This FoodSaver vacuum sealing unit has a vertical built-up that is very efficient when saving valuable countertop space. It adds up more value if you have extra food or buy food in bulk. It keeps the food fresh for weeks and, at times, even months. We shall go ahead about our FoodSaver VS0150 review and tell you about some interesting attributes this appliance will offer you after thoroughly testing and examining it.

FoodSaver VS0150 Review for 2023 (Essential Features)

1. Design

FoodSaver has structured this vacuum sealing machine, keeping in mind the protection of the food for longer time. VS0150 vacuum sealer perfectly seals the food bag, wherein it expels air from it, which is specially designed to preserve the food product’s life. It has a dimension of 17.29 x 4.97 x 8.99 inches (L x W x H) and weighs about 5.99 pounds. This food vacuum sealer is lightweight and portable, which can be moved easily without any effort. It is made with a mixture of silicon, plastic, and steel material, making it strong and reliable.

FoodSaver vacuum sealing system offers protection against water, dust/ dirt, and harmful microorganisms that could damage the food items. It also comes with a patented drip tray which can be easily cleaned. This is one of the best compact vacuum sealer design of year.

2. Food Storage

Food vacuum sealer increases the food item’s shelf life whether kept in the freezer, refrigerator, or pantry. Just imagine keeping your food uncovered in the fridge or freezer, with thoughts that you will use it up in a couple of days, but later after weeks noticing the food turning freeze burned or moldy. With FoodSaver portable vacuum sealer, you can seal up any food item in just seconds and save it from getting damaged.

The food is stored in the freezer or pantry with the plastic seal on for weeks or even months. FoodSaver VS0150 comes with high-quality seal bags. You can even reseal or reuse these bags at least a couple of times. You can store anything from meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc., without having to worry about it getting damaged.

3. Bag Storage and Removable Drip Tray

FoodSaver sous vide vacuum sealer VS0150 offers an 11 x 8 inches bag roll with bags of 2-gallon size. The vacuum sealer provides room for bags that are already installed in the unit. These rolls have an in-built cutter, which makes them convenient and easy to cut bags.

Older versions of FoodSaver products did not have an option of a removable drip tray. FoodSaver PowerVac Vacuum Sealer comes with a detachable drip tray, which can be easily washed and attached back to its place. This drip tray collects all the liquid that gets sucked into the vacuum sealing duct.

4. Vertical Storage System

FoodSaver vertical vacuum sealer VS0150 can store vertically, which saves up space when placed on a countertop. This vacuum sealer machine is cleverly designed for minimum wastage of seal bags. It provides 35% less bag wastage if compared to other vacuum sealer models in the market. This storage system offers 2 types of customizable functions, which are moist mode, here you can select this mode if you need to store juicy foods such as fruits, cucumbers, spinach, or Brussel sprouts. On the other hand, you can select the dry mode to store dry foods such as jerky, peas, rice, etc. VS0150 will keep the food safe 5x longer than other standard storing techniques.

5. Effective Suction

A vacuum food sealer should have a powerful suction system, or else even a slight amount of air in the bag could cause damage the food item. This newest FoodSaver vacuum sealer has an effective and high power suction system. It suctions out all the air from the bag’s front opening completely, it immediately seals the bag, and this entire process is completed within seconds.

With this, you can easily freeze meat, vegetables, nuts, and fruits for days and sometimes even weeks. Since the bag is tightly sealed packed, it will not let any damage or harmful microorganisms settle over the food. You can even check the suction level you require, as different foods would need their customized sealed packs.


FoodSaver PowerVac Vacuum Sealer Specifications

  • Manufacturer : FoodSaver
  • Item model number : VS0150
  • Product Dimensions : 17.29 x 4.97 x 8.99 inches
  • Colour : Black
  • Material : Silicone, Plastic, Steel
  • Item Weight : 6.12 pounds
  • Storage : Vertical or Horizontal


Does this FoodSaver VS0150 PowerVac Vacuum Sealer come with any bags?

Yes, the food saver vacuum sealer VS0150 comes with one 11 x 8 inches’ bag roll, 3 quarter-sized vacuum seal bags, and 2-gallon sized vacuum-sealed bags.

Does the FoodSaver VS0150 vacuum food sealer come with an accessory hose?

Foodsaver VS0150 vacuum sealing system does not come with an accessory hose. If you need one, you can purchase it separately.

What is the suction pressure rating (in Hg) of the FoodSaver VS0150 compact vacuum sealer?

This FoodSaver VS0150 PowerVac vacuum sealer comes with a suction pressure of 24-inch Hg or -80 KPa.

Final Thoughts

FoodSaver PowerVac VS0150 vacuum sealer is a very useful home appliance if you purchase bulk food or have much meat to freeze. It will keep the food fresh and prevent it from freeze burns and molds. This PowerVac food sealer can work well on a countertop and saves a lot of space because of its compact size. It is designed to provide 35% less bag wastage when compared to other food sealer machines. It offers two packing modes, dry and moist, specifically built for dry and juicy food items.

FoodSaver VS0150 Sealer’s vacuum suctions all the air while sealing the bag, and you can store up the food items in the freezer, refrigerator, and pantry for weeks or even months without worrying about it getting damaged. Also, it comes along with a removable drip tray that can be easily cleaned and attached back again. Wrapping up our FoodSaver VS0150 review, it is a perfect product if you search for a compact and durable vacuum food sealer.

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