Foodsaver v3240 Vacuum Sealer – With just a touch it Vacuums, Seals and Shuts off!

Foodsaver v3240 Review 2023

Vacuum Sealers changed the realm of preserving food in this modern era. There are many types of bags that you need to reseal after you use or eat. Just like chips packet, you need to reseal it if it is too big to finish within a single time. The popular Foodsaver v3240 serves various needs with a one-touch operation. Want to know more about this Best Handheld Vacuum sealer, refer Foodsaver V3240 Review, before buying.

Foodsaver Automatic Vacuum Sealing System for Sale

Foodsaver v3240 Vacuum Sealing System with The Starter Kit keeps food fresh five times longer than ordinary storage methods. Avoid Freezer burns using this v3240 Foodsaver. This system removes air and moisture from multi-layer bags while retaining the flavor so that food tastes the same for months. The Foodsaver 3240 freezes the pre-made dinners to reuse in the middle of the week, leftover, cuts of meat. The crush-free instant seal protects soft or delicate foods while sealing. Roll holder and bag cutter present are convenient to use. Built-in cutter helps you create customized bags, and removable drip tray favors for easy cleaning.

The Foodsaver v3240 Vacuum Sealer System not only preserves food but also saves money by not creating freezer burned meat, moldy produce. The user-friendly machine has easy to understand control panel, saves countertop space with its vertical design. It has manual operation with two vacuum speeds and vacuums, seals and shuts off automatically with one-touch operation. Moist or dry setting options present ensures optimal sealing. Foodsaver v3240 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System does well with Foodsaver roller bags.


  • Control Panel & Reinforced Sealing System
  • Convenient Roll Storage & More Powerful Vacuum
  • Additional Comfort & Roller Holder with Built-in Bag Cutter
  • Extra Sealing Bar for Stronger Seals & Two Vacuum Speeds
  • Design
  • Ease of Use
  • Maintenance & Versatility

1. Straight Forward Control Panel & Reinforced Sealing System

The v3240 Foodsaver Hand Vacuum Sealer comes with an attractive, easy to use control panel. Speed settings allow you to adjust to the routine and gentle modes for different kinds of food. You can also choose a food setting to select for moist and dry food.

As a result of the reinforced sealing power, Food saver v3240 is designed to automatically seals every bag twice, resulting in thicker and stronger seals. Hence, bags will remain airtight as long as required.

2. Convenient Roll Storage & More Powerful Vacuum

Most of the Foodsaver v3240 Vacuum Sealing Machine possesses built-in roll storage. This feature adds comfort to access the sealing bags easily. This Best Foodsaver Machine also contains heat seal roll and pre-cut bags.

The Foodsaver vacuum is so powerful that it crushes an empty soda can. It removes more air out and keeps vacuum-sealed food fresh, avoids freezer burns way better than other models.

3. Additional Comfort & Roller Holder together with Built-in Bag Cutter

This Best Food Saver Vacuum Sealing Machine has a hose that can be used for canisters, containers increasing the food preservation choices. Sealing Strip can seal up to 12-inch wide bags, which is more than regular vacuum sealers. Dishwasher- safe removable drip tray holds the liquid overflow or spillage, thus favors easy cleaning.

This Best Selling Handheld vacuum sealer, furthermore, helps the user to create customized bags as required. Apt size of bags saves space, thus allowing more food to preserve.

4. Extra Sealing Bar for Stronger Seals & Two Vacuum Speeds

Included extra-wide sealing strip ensures safe and airtight heat seal which locks in flavors and taste of food. The wider the Seal, the lesser the chances for air accumulation and damage of food over time. Wider Seal also deals well with moisture content foods when sealing.

This feature of two vacuum speeds allows you to adjust your food to seal gently or normally. This Vacuum Sealer from Foodsaver is ideal for preventing food damage again and again.

5. Design

The FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit is simple to use and has a sleek design. It is user-friendly and comes with two sealing options, namely seal and vacuum. Thus, you can seal the bag without sucking air from it, or you can draw air out and later seal. This Foodsaver v3240 Vacuum Sealer also includes a port to plug in attachments for extra sealing options.

6. Ease of Use

Foodsaver v3240 Vacuum Sealer is quite simple to use. Select the accurate size of the bag and cut it accordingly and seal on one side. Add food to the bag, place the open end in the vacuum sealer and close the door. Press the vacuum/seal button, depending on your choice. Remove the Foodsaver bag after the sealing is completed.

7. Maintenance & Versatility

Foodsaver v3240 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System doesn’t require much maintenance. Just unplug the machine before cleaning and then clean it with a damp sponge. Don’t use abrasive, and always open the lock cover during storage.

You can Vacuum seal all varieties of food using this Foodsaver v3240. You can even marinate meat, by sucking the air out juices of marinade go deep inside the meat. Foodsaver 3240 can be used for sealing documents from getting wet or tear.



  • Manufacturer : Foodsaver
  • Model number : FSFSSL3240-ECR
  • Dimensions : 16 x 4.5 x 12 inches
  • Weight : 8 pounds
  • Manufacturer Part Number : v3240
  • Material : Plastic

All about Foodsaver Vertical design Vacuum Sealer

Foodsaver V3240 Reviews helps you decide whether this Foodsaver Handvacuum V3240 Vacuum Sealing System is worth the money. This Foodsaver Vacuuming Machine is a convenient and versatile machine with the innumerable features it provides. The Foodsaver v3240 Provides great functionality with the specifications it has and makes sealing task a breeze. Foodsaver is a wholly showcased machine and performs well in removing air and moisture, which are the main reasons for rotting and spoiling.



Using FoodSaver V3240 vacuum sealer is quiet easy and the steps include-

1. With the help of your two hands.
2. Place the open end of your bag into the sealing machine and press the sealing button.
3. Now the device grasps your pocket, and your sealed container will be ready in no time.


A FoodSaver V3240 vacuum sealer machine would cost around $139.99.


Inorder to clean a FoodSaver V3240, follow the steps below-

1. Disconnect the sealer from power.
2. Now open the cleaning area by pressing the buttons.
3. Check for any liquid and debris.
4. Clean using dry cloth or tissues.


The product comes with the dimensions of 16 x 4.5 x 12 inches.


The difference between the V3240 and the V3250 are the lifespan of the machine and the colours they are available in.


If you are searching for an affordable Vacuum sealer that serves various needs, this is the best food vacuum sealer to buy. Foodsaver v3240 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit provides great features, making it quick and convenient to use. Moreover, Foodsaver v3240 Reviews say that majority of customers are highly pleased with its worthwhile Specifications and Performance. Foodsaver with a starter kit is a versatile machine that can handle all the tasks a home user foresee from a Channel Vacuum Sealer. If you have limited counter space, however, wants to fulfill large sealing requirements, this is the best choice to buy. For more details stay tuned to our site

FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System image

Foodsaver v3240 is the reasonable Vacuum Sealer that serves various needs. It is well known as an automatic Vacuum Sealer with Superior Performance. It has many comfortable features like removable drip tray, built-in roll holder, etc.


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