FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer v2244 with Bags & Rolls Starter Kit – Ensures freezer burn free food!



Foodsaver V2244 Review 2020

Air can be one of the greatest enemies of food, and it can have a considerable impact on certain products taste, and texture. So, Vacuum Sealing has become prominent over time. Usually, Vacuum Sealing eliminates the oxygen content in the food and reduces the chances of freezer burns.

Foodsaver v2244 comes with an instant solution to avoid food wastage. The Food Saver Reviews say that it is a great entry-level vacuum sealer that can seal both wet and dry items. If you are interested in buying a vacuum sealer, Food Saver v2244 is a great choice.

Foodsaver v2244 vacuum Sealing System

This Food Vacuum Sealer with Starter Kit keeps food fresh up to 5x longer. Before upgrading to Foodsaver 4800 series, this was the primary vacuum sealer for sous vide. The vacuum sucks out air quietly and doesn’t make much noise. Foodsaver v2244 Vacuum Sealing System comes with an accessory port that can be used along with a hose vacuum to seal cans. v2244 Foodsaver is a smaller footprint that saves large counter space in the kitchen. This Vacuum sealer having lightweight utilizes manual procedure, delivers superior performance.

This compact Vacuun Sealer seals food with crush free airtight mechanism and then shuts off automatically. Its simple design makes it more flexible to any kind of setting, easy to store aside. Double-wide sealing strip present in Foodsaver 2244 provides a secure closure. Accessory port along with hose vacuums seals canisters and marinates food within minutes. Food Saver Vacuum Sealers work well with foodsaver bags and rolls. Vacuum Food Saver’s easy latch and lock operation give a crush free seal on everything right from meat bought in bulk to nightly leftover food.


Foodsaver FSFSSL2244 VacuuM Sealer FEATURES

This Best Vacuum Sealer for Food is suitable for all kinds of short and long-term storage needs. Foodsaver v2244 can be used to seal poultry, fruits, and heat sealing meats. Pack silverware and silver jewelry in bags to avoid tarnishing. You can use this handheld Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer v2244 to marinate your foods. You can easily seal leftovers to preventing food wastage, and also you can heat seal foods to save space they occupy.

Foodsaver v2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit works as both countertop, and the handheld vacuum sealer is used with compatible accessories. The Two options, like Seal, Seal/Vacuum for manual operation, are user-friendly. The accessory port is present in the lower half of the front panel. 

Extra Wide Sealing Strip gives you a tighter seal, which is usually two times wider than the normal. Removable Drip Tray present in Foodsaver holds the spills during the wet sealing process.

Vacuum Food Saver is quite simple to use when compared to other brands. Select an accurately sized bag or cut according to the required length from the roll by using scissors, sealing one side with the Seal button. Add food to the bag and place the open end of the bag to the vacuum seal.

Then close the door, easy lock bar, and a vacuum sealer machine will do its action. Press the seal button before the delicate foods get crushed. After completion of the sealing Process, remove the Sealed Bag.

Foodsaver v2244 Vacuum Sealing System is easy to maintain. Simply unplug and clean the machine using a slightly wet sponge. In general, Hard stains may require mild dish soap but don’t use abrasive cleaners.

v2244 Foodsaver has a limited warranty of 1 year. The company covers the quality and manufacturer defects and repairs or replaces the product if needed. The company will not cover the normal wear and tear of products caused due to negligent use or misuse of the product.

This Best Handheld vacuum Sealer V2244 keeps food fresh up to 5 times longer compared to other premium models available in the market. The Food Saver Automatic Vacuum Sealing Machine eliminates air, which is the main cause of food spoilage and creates an airtight seal for bags and locks freshness. Thus you can keep your food fresh, reduce wastage, and save money.

Buy groceries or food items in bulk and seals a variety of foods like meats, cheese, vegetables. This machine does a great job of sealing, thus favors the storage of bulk foods for a long time.

  • Jar Sealing: Don’t let your garden’s harvest go waste preserve the fruits, veggies for salads, soups, sauces, etc. The Foodsaver Jars gives you an easy way to enjoy or gift.
  • Prep Ahead: Foodsaver System allows you to prepare food at a time for your family. It deals well to seal up the ingredients like bananas, mangoes, blueberries, etc.
  • Seal Large Dishes: The Foodsaver expandable bags are large enough to vacuum seal bulk goods, large dishes, roasts. Built-in side pleats present in Foodsaver Vacuum helps the 11-inch bags to expand up to 14 inches wide.

If you want know How to use Foodsaver v2244, safetey tips while using it refer Foodsaver v2244 Manual. You can get complete knowledge about the product, and it is simple to understand the working operation of Vacuum Food Saver.

FoodSaver V2244 Machine SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Item model number
Cool Down Required Between Seals
20 seconds
5.9 x 10.6 x 17.7 inches
Item weight
1 Pound

All about Foodsaver v2244 handed Vacuum Sealer

Food Saver Reviews help you decide whether this v2244 meets your Vacuuming requirements. The Foodsaver v2244 Reviews suggest that this handheld vacuum sealer retains the freshness of ration that is bought. Handheld Foodsaver keeps food fresh 5x longer than conventional vacuum sealers. Worthwhile Features of Foodsaver handles all kinds of food irrespective of varying degrees of dryness.  

Foodsaver Intuitive User-friendly Control Panel

  • Seal Indicator Light- Constant light indicates the sealing Process is engaged, flashes when an error occurs.
  • Vacuum Indicator Light- Indicates the vacuum and seal process, shuts off when the process completes.
  • Seal Button– This Button has three uses. Press to create a bottom seal while making bags from Foodsaver roll. You can even stop the vacuuming process and begin sealing to avoid delicate foods crushing. Press to create a seal on multilayer film bags to keep food sealed airtight.
  • Vacuum & Seal Button– This button has, in general, two uses. You can vacuum package and seal food airtight, and the appliance shuts off automatically. You can Press to stop the vacuum process at any time.




Bottom Line

Generally speaking, Foodsaver is a small sealing machine that seals a large punch of items. All in all, Foodsaver v2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit is popular for its simplicity, reliability. The Food Saver v2244 helps save a significant amount of money, having a way to store leftovers without throwing away. The Foodsaver Vacuum Sealing System is relatively inexpensive and avoids freezer burns, etc. If you have limited counter space and don’t use vacuum sealers regularly, this is a perfect vacuum sealer to opt for. For more updates on Best Vacuunm Sealer stay connected with us.




How to care for your FoodSaver V2244 vacuum sealer?

We should see that the liquid does not enter the machine and clean the machine to remove any debris. This way, FoodSaver V2244 will last long with excellent performance.

How much is a FoodSaver V2244 vacuum sealer?

FoodSaver V2244 vacuum sealer would cost $7125.

How do I use my FoodSaver V2244?

 First, you should cut a bag of the size you require. Then seal one end of the bag by switching on the FoodSaver V2244. Put your food into the bag and then insert the other end into the machine. Thus the food gets vacuum sealed.

Are the FoodSaver V2244 bags reusable?

You can reuse the FoodSaver V2244 bags as long as you keep them away from sharp objects that could puncture them.

Foodsaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer is the durable machine that performs perfectly. Relatively inexpensive Vacuum Sealer that can seal a variety of foods. So, if you want to preserve your food for a longer time, get this amazing unit now.

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