FoodSaver FM5200 and FM5480 Comparison Review

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If you are going out of station tomorrow and had so much food left in your house, where would you store it? You will put it directly into the freezer, right? The food kept in the freezer loses its original taste and does not seem healthy. There are vacuum sealers available in the market that do not allow air to enter, and your food is safe from freezer burns and mold. Meat can last up to 1 year, and still, it will taste flavourful and fresh. Your leftovers can last up to a week in these vacuum sealers. To make your vacuum sealer purchase easy, here is a detailed comparison of the most happening FoodSaver Vacuum sealers, FM5200 and FM5480.

FoodSaver FM5200 Vs FM5480

FoodSaver FM5200 Automatic Vacuum Sealer imageFoodsaver DAZA000088 FM5480 2in1 Black Silver Food Preservation System image
Basic InfoFoodSaver FM5200 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer FoodSaver FM5480 2in1 Food Preservation System
Size17.6 x 9.3 x 9.6 inches16.25 x 7.4 x 8 inches
Weight 9 Pounds9.93 Pounds
TechnologyAutomatic Moisture DetectionN/A
Double SealYesNo
Safety CertifiedYesNo
Removable Drip TrayYesYes
Pulse VacNoYes
Power126 Watts126 Watts
Automatic SealingYesYes
Warranty2 years2 years
No crush sealingNoYes
Wine stopperN/AYes
Warranty5 YearN/A
Check PriceCheck Price

FoodSaver FM5200 and FoodSaver FM5480 – Main Differences

Here is the complete guide to choosing the best FoodSaver vacuum sealer for food preservation. While reviewing both of its performances we find some amazing facts and come up with a complete comparison guide for you. Let’s check FoodSaver FM5200 Vs FM5480 review to know its performance and all.

Moist/Dry Food Vacuuming

If you want to store some liquids in a vacuum sealer, you have to use moist vacuuming, and for storing the dry things, you can use dry vacuuming. So, you need a vacuum sealer with dry and wet/moist sealing capacity. When comes to FoodSaver FM5200 and FM5480 both have dy and moist vacuuming features. So, you don’t have to worry about this feature if you buy any of them.

Automatic Bag Detection

FoodSaver FM5200 and FM5480 have automatic bag detection which pre seal the bag before vacuuming. This will help the machine to cool down before the next vacuum session. This is an advanced feature that saves your time and gives an accurate vacuum seal for food items.

Bag Storage and Cutter

FoodSaver FM5200 and FM5480 have separate storage for the bag, and you have to insert the roll of the bag at that place. Also, they both have a bag cutter with the help of which you can cut the bag of your desired size. These two models come with additional bags for food sealing.


FoodSaver FM5200 2 in 1 automatic vacuum sealer can seal four bags in a row without any break. But heat seals made by it are thicker and measure around 3mm with consistent pressure. In the FoodSaver FM5480, a high-capacity motor can anticipate continuous sealing. In FoodSaver FM5480, you have to press just one button, and it will automatically stop after completing its task. Also, in FM5200, there is a jar sealing option, whereas there is no such option for FM5480. So, both of these have their pros and cons.


When it comes to the design FoodSaver FM5200 and FM5480 look almost the same in design. But their dimensions and weight differ. These two Foodsaver vacuum sealers have extra space for storing bags and also a cutter to cut them. They can fit in any kitchen as they are not too big. The design looks sleek and elegant, which compliments your kitchen.

Additional Features

FoodSaver FM5480 preservation system and FM5200 have additional accessories that come with the packaging, which makes the vacuuming process easier. Both are included with vacuum seal rolls. FoodSaver FM5200 comes with 5 pre-cut vacuum seal bags and 5 vacuum zipper bags in different volumes. FoodSaver FM5480 comes with 5 vacuum seal bags and 11 vacuum zipper bags. FM5480 also has a wine stopper and a 1-liter container suitable for vacuum sealing. So you can consider the accessories while buying the vacuum sealer.


FoodSaver FM5200 and FoodSaver FM5480 are indeed the best products in the market. But sometimes we are confused between these best products. So, here we have compared all its features, which may help you buy the perfect vacuum saver for you. Both FoodSaver automatic vacuum sealers have almost the same design. However, there are some additional and missing features in designs. So, select the suitable one at your convenience.

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