FoodSaver Space Saving Food Vacuum Sealer 31161366 – Compact but Powerful!

Storing your fruits & veggies without letting their quality deteriorate is a struggle that undoubtedly everyone goes through for a long time. For that reason, freezing sealed food becomes crucial. But how do we get a vacuum sealer that is suitable for our needs? Behold as we bring you this FoodSaver 31161366 vacuum sealer, which is portable, easy to use, highly efficient & affordable. We bought this vacuum sealer for the sake of testing to know its functioning in detail. Here is the FoodSaver 31161366 review that we come up with after analyzing.

This FoodSaver device is a pretty and small sealing machine that is a fully automatic vacuum sealer. It also adjusts the alignment with its built-in tray. It has an intuitive control panel, so sealing your food airtight is a no-brainer now. Also, it comes with a safety lock, so there is no risk of your child getting harmed. The vacuum sealer is generally compatible with 8” bags, although we can use it for bigger ones. Moreover, the sleek steel body adds to the beauty of your place.

FoodSaver 31161366 Review for 2023

1. Coherent Packaging

31161366 vacuum sealer FoodSaver seals plastic bags and gives us an excellent sealing experience. It creates a dynamic airtight seal that is as powerful as vacuum sealers twice its size, limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria & fungi. This compact vacuum sealer also prevents the evaporation of volatile components, allowing us to keep food fresh five times longer.

This vacuum sealer sucks out any air that is present around our food before vacuum sealing it. Its plastic, hence claps around the food, leaving no room for oxygen or moisture to persist. Experts believe that the lesser the contents of oxygen, the better the quality of a vacuum sealer. Its consistency that it provides is astonishing. But we would recommend you not to store foodstuff that has a chance of getting crumbled or crushed while vacuuming.

2. Specifications

We must say that this is Food Saver space saving food Vacuum sealer is a countertop vacuum sealer. This tells us that its design comes compactly. It has a stainless-steel body, which makes it strong & durable. The insides and base comprise strong black and silver colored plastic. It also has an elegant look, and its steel body will go very well with our steel-themed furniture.

Despite its robust performance, this vacuum sealer comes in a lightweight structure. It weighs approximately 5.29 pounds and has dimensions of 5.7 x 12.2 x 4.3 inches (W x L x H). Such traits make it convenient for us to move & place it anywhere. This machine also comes with an 8″ x 10” Roll and ten 1- quart vacuum seal bags. When we use it with a handheld sealer attachment (sold separately), it works with FoodSaver zipper bags and fresh containers.

3. Drip Tray

You might wonder what makes this FoodSaver food sealing machine better than others? The answer is its built-in alignment Drip-Tray. This said Drip Tray is primarily an alignment tool that lets us line up the vacuum-sealed bag to this machine sealing strip. Hence, it helps us insert any bags’ opening accurately that we want to seal easily and quickly.

It now makes it effortless to seal & vacuum our bags without fearing the possibility of sealing them unsystematically. If you look carefully, you might notice that this small vacuum sealer seals bags very close to the edge. Having a perfect alignment thus helps us save a lot of space in our packet to store more food & also reduces plastic wastage.

4. Controls and Operations

The operation is as easy as it gets with this best vacuum sealer for sale. All we have got to do is insert a compatible bag, close the lid, pull this machine’s latch in the ‘operate’ position & press its ‘vacuum’ button to let the small food vacuum sealer do its work. It has a green-colored light bar below the ‘vacuum’ & ‘seal’ buttons.

While this appliance is carrying on its vacuum & sealing process, its light blinks to indicate that it is in the running. Once it stops blinking & becomes solid green, then your bag is tightly vacuumed & sealed. It takes roughly less than 45 seconds to complete its operation for a single pack. A significant feature is that we have separate vacuum & seal buttons. So, it gives us a license to seal bags that contain stuff other than food.

5. Other Notable Features

This best food vacuum sealer under $100 saves 50% more space physically than a vacuum sealer of the same efficiency & specifications. So that makes this vacuum sealer a space saver too! We can also use FoodSaver’s powerful vacuuming strength while preparing food.

During marination, our meat marinates faster if there is little or no air around it. So, we can use this vacuum sealer to marinate rapidly, which would not have been possible without it. On the other side, it defines us to vacuum seal bags of up to 8 inches with care-free. Additionally, we can make our packets as long as we like. However, we would have to cut them manually. Thus, this is the best vacuum sealer in the market.



  • Manufacturer : FoodSaver
  • Item model number : Inverter
  • Product Dimensions : 5.7 x 12.2 x 4.3 inches
  • Item Weight : 4.99 pounds
  • Wattage : 90 Watts
  • Material : Plastic
  • Color : Silver


Is the gasket of this FoodSaver vac sealer 31161366 removable and replaceable?

Yes. FoodSaver 31161366 has two gaskets: Upper and Lower. Both these gaskets are removable. They can be wiped or cleaned with warm soapy water. Always ensure that they are free from any stain & food materials.

Can you use the 11 inch rolls with Food Saver space saving food Vacuum sealer 31161366?

Food Saver vacuum sealer is mini-sized. It supports 8-inch plastic bags. However, you can make the bags as long as you would like. But it would be best if you cut these bags.

Does 31161366 Food Saver vacuum sealing machine have the cutter inside?

No, this FoodSaver food sealer has no built-in cutter for bags. To create bags from the rolls, scissors must be used to trim the excess material after the last seal.

Does this 31161366 FoodSaver vacuum sealer seal wet and dry foods both?

FoodSaver assures to seal both wet & dry foodstuffs. But this FoodSaver 31161366 vacuum sealing machine can vacuum & seal dry food and the type of food that is not dripping wet.

Can you use a jar sealer attachment with this FoodSaver 31161366 vacuum food sealer?

Yes, the jar sealer attachment is compatible with this Food vacuum sealer. But FoodSaver 31161366 does not come along with it. It needs to be bought separately.


This FoodSaver Space Saver Review is presented to you only after we experienced this vacuum sealer. If you want a vacuum sealer that minimizes your plastic waste & maximizes bag space, this FoodSaver space saving food vacuum sealer 31161366 is just the thing you need. It is a must buy irrespective of where you live & what you typically eat. It works well for an array of foodstuffs, even if it’s something fresh that you want to use later or leftovers from your dinner.

This product vacuums and seals quickly & effectively. It retains the food element by discarding the maximum amount of oxygen & moisture without damaging our food. The easy-to-understand FoodSaver 31161366 user manual and control panel allow even newbies to operate this device with ease. At such a low price, getting a product that works twice its size & the same proficiency is a total bargain. Hence, we recommend this device to be a part of your accessories. Hope this FoodSaver 31161366 review is found helpful to quench your queries. Happy shopping!

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