ENZOO Vacuum Food Saver Machine 80Kpa – Great option for both Dry & Moist foods!

ENZOO Vacuum Sealer Review: Before installing it, every morning we had to throw away the leftover food from last night’s dinner as it would produce bad odour due to the accumulation of fungi on it. The wastage of food in such quantities disturbed us. Thanks to the ENZOO Vacuum Sealer Machine, we no longer have to witness such squander.

ENZOO Vacuum Food Saver Machine 80Kpa is very compact, making it fit easily, even in small spaces. It’s a lighted display, and appropriately designed buttons make it modern looking, thus adding the perfect contemporary vibe to our home. The ENZOO Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing System base is non-slippery and sturdy enough to provide the vacuum sealer with a nice grip and stability. The locking lid is an efficient element of this Vacuum Sealer which balances the sealing bags.

This vacuum sealer helped us when we had to rely on limited food supply. It keeps our food fresh for a long duration, maintains its original flavour and prevents freeze burns. The thing that fascinates us the most is that it prevents food wastage and leaves plenty of room in our refrigerator. ENZOO vacuum sealing machine functions with two modes, moist and dry, saving a lot of our time as it takes only seconds to seal the bags.


1. Extensive Features

The ENZOO vacuum sealer has a compact size and a beautiful design. Its small size makes it portable and can be adjusted in any corner of our home. Its stylish appearance and lighted display truly elevate the modern looks of our home. This vacuum sealer’s locking lid feature helps to balance its sealing bags well, while its non-slippery base keeps it sturdy.

The 2.5mm sealing wire of ENZOO Vacuum sealer instead of 2mm makes it function efficiently. This vacuum sealer feature that we find most amazing is its built-in cutter that helps us organize a customized size latching roller. We should reduce the wastage of the sealing roller to make it function effectively.

2. Effective Suction

ENZOO is the best home vacuum sealer which effectively seals all the food items, including fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat and even grains. The suction process of this vacuum sealer functions on two modes, moist and dry. It has a big suction unit which adds on to its firm sealing process.

The food sealed by ENZOO Vacuum sealer has a five times longer shelf life than the unsealed food stored in the refrigerator. This vacuum cleaner comes with three vacuum bags which helps us to use the vacuum sealer immediately.

3. Control Features

The best thing about this vacuum sealer is its easy operating system. It saves a lot of time and seals the bags within seconds. It has a single click LED control panel, where all we need to do is press the dry or moist food option and wait for a few seconds to get our food sealed. This dual-mode of the ENZOO Vacuum sealer helps us provide the best food preservation according to the food type. For example, meat requires moist sealing, while vegetables and grains need dry latching.

This meat vacuum sealer also provides us with the facility to stop the sealing process in the middle in case we missed out on something. Sealing of this vacuum sealer in no way deteriorates the flavour or texture of our food, it remains as fresh and healthy as it initially was.

4. Food Storage

ENZOO vacuum sealer is the best option to level up our food storage procedure. It’s. The easy sealing process saves time and makes cooking quick. It prevents food wastage as its effective suction does not allow the ice crystals to develop in our food times. ENZOO helps us to organize our refrigerator, leaving a lot of space in it. It has a built-in vacuum tank where we can store the vacuum rolls beforehand to avoid panic at the last minute. We can say that this is one of the best vacuum sealer for moist foods.

5. Economic Option

Looking at the benefits that ENZOO Vacuum Sealer provides, its prize is affordable. It has moderate energy consumption which does not have a considerable effect on our electricity bill. By avoiding the wastage of food, we are indirectly saving a lot of money.

Hence the negligible expenses spent for the installation of this best vacuum sealer for wet food hardly matters. The vacuum sealer comes with adequate commodity safety measures and in no one produces any harmful effect on our food. It comes with a long power cord which helps us to use it conveniently on our kitchen counter.



  • Manufacturer : ENZOO
  • Product Dimensions : 15.8 x 6.3 x 3.3 inches
  • Item Weight : 4.71 pounds
  • Operation Mode : Automatic
  • Power Source : Corded Electric
  • Color : Silver


Can I use a jar sealing kit with this ENZOO Automatic Vacuum Sealer?

The usage of the jar sealing kit with the vacuum sealer depends upon the size and the quality of the kit. The kit’s size must correspond with the 2.5mm sealing heating wire provided in the ENZOO jar vacuum sealer, while its sealing bags should be thick and of good quality for effective functioning. So, while buying or using any sealing kit, make sure its properties resonate with the above-mentioned standards.

What are the best containers to use with this ENZOO Vacuum Sealer system?

Barrier bags with appropriate thickness and good quality, similar to the ones provided with the product, will be best for ENZOO Automatic Vacuum Air Sealer’s effective operation. We can also buy sealing rolls conveniently put in the vacuum tank for long term use.

Can I use this ENZOO automatic vacuum sealing machine to vacuum seal cooked rice?

Yes, we can very conveniently seal cooked rice for later use with the ENZOO vacuum packing machine’s help. As the cooked rice contains moisture the moist food button on the LED panel display of the ENZOO vacuum sealer will work in this case.


Nothing is worse than throwing away large chunks of food items, spoiled due to the unfavourable temperature and moisture conditions. It not only leads to the wastage of food but also money and efforts. EMZOO Vacuum Food Saver Machine 80Kpa helps us to get rid of such annoying problems. Its advanced sealing technology seals the food effectively and keeps it fresh for a longer duration with its aroma, flavour and texture maintained. It is a cost-effective option as all it does is savings, with only moderate energy consumption. It’s a compact design, LED display, single button usage and modern looks, vibes up our home by giving it a contemporary look. So what are you waiting for? Check out complete ENZOO Vacuum Sealer review and order this sealer now and prevent the wastage of food and money.

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