Entrige Compact Automatic Food Sealer E2902-MS – Convenient to Use & Store!

We absolutely loved this product. It is cheap, useful and the best part is, it protects all kinds of food. A couple of weeks back, we bought an Entrige Vacuum Sealer E2902-MS, and honestly, this beautiful stainless-steel box has kept our food preserved just the way we want. From fresh meat to leftover foods, from dry items to moist ones, you can store anything just by using this single vacuum sealer. And the price is well within the shallow reach of your wallets. Along with pros there are some things which are not much impressive for us. So, check out the complete Entrige Vacuum Sealer E2902-MS review and take decision.

Vacuum Sealer Machine By Entrige gives you everything in one go. It is a steal for those who are too busy daily (every working person will treasure this). Our fridge cannot protect a wide variety of food for long periods. As such, the heat-seal bags help us to store them and use the food in later days. It basically sucks out the air(oxygen), sealing the airtight bags keeps the food fresh and increases their shelf-life. The user-friendly instructions at the top of the box are simple to understand. It is compact and very attractive and can be placed on any countertop. We can say that it is the best vacuum sealer for home use.

Within 10-20 seconds of sealing time, you can now store the ingredients to try different recipes at home. From something as simple as peas to last night’s half-eaten ham sandwich, you can store them all. Entrige vacuum sealer machines are one gadget you won’t ever regret keeping in your kitchen.

Having used this for quite a while now, we would like to enlist some features that might pique your interest in buying this sealer too. After all, why not buy a product that enhances the kitchen and is useful to a large extent.

Entrige Vacuum Sealer E2902-MS Review, 2023

1. Compact size

This rectangular silver box is compact and sleek in design. It can fit in wherever, either placed on countertops or inside drawers, and is very lightweight. It can easily fit any type of vacuum sealer bags or rolls but up to 12-inch width. You don’t have to buy any specific sealer bags for this Entrige compact vacuum sealer. It also comes with a cloth to clean the sealer both from inside and outside.

Even if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen, you can easily store it elsewhere and use it whenever required. The countertop space won’t be occupied much by placing it above it. Its lithe and small appearance speaks for itself. This is something you wouldn’t want to miss owning.

2. Control Features

Entrige sealer machine is a very user-friendly device, to be honest. The control systems on the top of the box have touch-sensitive buttons for sealing the different types of foods. With a one-touch operation, you can heat-seal the airtight bags in both dry or moist mode.

The manufacturer provides you with an upgraded heating wire inside and a user manual, which we didn’t have to look twice to understand its functioning. The rest of the work is automatic, just by placing the bag and selecting the type of mode for storing dry or moisture food. It has a heating support system inside to ensure that the sealed bags won’t open on their own accord. It will keep your food safe and tasty.

3. Extensive Features

Entrige Compact Automatic Food Sealer has a separated design from its body, which means that you can easily open the upper lid to clean the sealer machine. We were able to clean it up without any trouble and continued using it smoothly. The LED light indicator helps you choose the dry indication for solid food items and the same for moist indication. As such, you can easily distinguish between the two. This electric plug-in machine comes with an air suction hose as well.

Along with dry and moist, you have one vacuum seal and one normal seal option on the control panel to suit the user’s needs. The manufacturer provides five rolls of sealing bags that are reusable and waterproof as well. Such extensive features term this as the best vacuum sealer for food in the market.

4. Food Storage

Earlier our food would usually go stale in one or two days, after installing this, it helps us keep our food fresh for over two whole weeks. We have a standard single door fridge and as such, stockpiling all our favorite ingredients all the time was not possible. These airtight bags don’t just keep our food fresh and preserved but have helped reduce the space consumed in our fridge because of the wide range of foods.

Furthermore, we can now also place a combination of ingredients together in a single airtight heat-sealed bag to cook it up later, and now most of the time, one side of the fridge always has an ample amount of space left to store more. The best part about this Entrige airtight food sealer is that the sealer bags are reusable and waterproof. Hence the cost of buying more such bags reduces. Money saved!

5. Cost Cutter

In simple words, this Entrige stainless steel vacuum sealer is pocket friendly, you get everything in a single device. We are not exaggerating if we say that it looks like adding a luxury or fancy item in your place. But believe us, it is not. The outer appearance fools you, but this device is completely under your budget.

You won’t have to spend too much as compared to other models, plus you get an upgraded version. We mean to say that you will be satisfied with the money you paid in procuring this. It comes with reusable vacuum sealer bags, which is a plus factor for any user.



  • Manufacturer : Entrige
  • Product Dimensions : 14.6 x 5.5 x 3.2 inches
  • Item Weight : 3.74 pounds
  • Power Source : Corded Electric
  • Color : Silver (Stainless Steel)
  • Material : Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Sealing time : 6 ~10 seconds
  • Vacuum/Suction Strength : 12L/min
  • Vacuum Power : -0.8 bar
  • Power Cord Length : 3.3 feet


Can this Entrige E2902-MS vacuum sealer vacuum soup-based food?

Yes, Entrige countertop food sealer can help you seal soup-based food items. However, we would advise you to put the liquid stuff in a low width container that can be put easily in the vacuum-sealed bags and freeze it to use later.

What is the largest width this vacuum sealer Entrige E2902-MS model will seal?

The manufacturer of the Entrige automatic food sealer provides you with about 11.8-inch long heat seal bags, and it can seal around this 12-inch length very easily. This is enough for storing various kinds of goods and other food items.

Is there any difference between the model e2902-ms and e2900-ms?

The E2902-MS is an upgraded version of E2900-MS. The Entrige E2902-MS food vacuum sealer is a full stainless-steel model better than the previous one.

How many watts does Entrige E2902 MS vacuum sealer have?

As per the manufacturer’s user manual, the Entrige meat vacuum sealer has a rated voltage of 110-120 watts. You can check in the user manual to be sure of it.


We won’t have to tell you twice that this product will be useful to you. We highly recommend you to buy this excellent device. The maintenance is minimal when compared to the benefits it provides to its user. Your fridge will thank you for storing a variety of your necessary foods in such small spaces. The trouble of keeping half-eaten sandwiches is long gone. The next time you go for a picnic, prepare the food in advance, seal them up and enjoy. You can savor every aroma and flavor without taking the trouble to prepare your food during the trip. Your kids will stop complaining that their favorite dishes go stale in just a couple of days.

It is a win-win for you in any scenario. It has made our lives easier. Coming back from work and just reheating the food is just as healthy as making it then and there. Do see it for yourself, have a good day. Hope our Entrige Vacuum Sealer E2902-MS review helped you in bringing the best sealer to home.

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