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Cuisinart vs-100 Review 2020

You can save a considerable amount of money by buying your groceries in bulk. Moreover, you need not go to stores often if you buy in bulk. Preserving the food and other products for long run has become easy with Vacuum Sealers. Sort items out according to your need and then seal using a Vacuum Sealer. One of the best home Vacuum Sealer is Cuisinart vs-100. This Sealer Prevents air to combine with food thus protects it from damage.

In order to retain the fresh taste of food for a long time without cleaning, the sealer Cuisinart VS 100 is a better option. It is a smart machine that will reach your expectations with Excellent features. Overall Cuisinart VS-100 Review observed has positive feedback from customers. In general, freezer burns are caused due to air percolating into food. However, Cuisinart vs 100 Vacuum Sealer removes all the air and makes it convenient to store in the freezer. You can preserve meat, fruits, fish, poultry everything using a Cuisinart Vacuum Sealer.

Cuisinart VS-100 Overview

Cuisinart VS-100 Food Vacuum sealer is a Compact, Simple, Convenient to use when compared to other Vacuum Sealers. This is a Channel Vacuum Sealer that has a Control Panel, Sealer Bar to handle Bags. Vacuum Hose present in Cuisinart model VS-100 seals containers externally. Furthermore, Black Stainless Steel Surface adds an elegant look to the Cuisinart VS100 Vacuum Sealer Design. The three simple buttons present on easy locking system adds additional comfort to the user. Small hand-held bag cutter and vacuum hose can be stored in the appliance itself eliminating the hassle of searching it everywhere. Drip tray sits beneath so that it holds any food or liquid during the sealing process.

Whenever you open the Cuisinart vacuum sealer you can check the vacuum cutter bag that adds convenience to the user. The three buttons present serves three different functions namely seal only, vacuum seal, canister only. On the other hand, you can find the accessory port and the sealer consists of four rolls of bags. Two 11 inch by 10 foot, two 8 inches by 10-foot rolls and an accessory port vacuum hose are present in Cuisinart food vacuum sealer. The Cuisinart handheld vacuum sealer consists of an instant seal by which you can avoid damage to delicate food. The vacuum hose attached to built-in accessory seals food in separately bought canisters. Go through the Cuisinart Vacuum Sealer Manual for installation, Maintenance details and reviews to analyse product performance.


  • Sleek stainless steel accents
  • Button control panel
  • Other Accessories
  • Foam gasket

Cuisinart handheld vacuum sealer is a stylish, compact-looking appliance that fits anywhere in the kitchen. It matches any of your kitchen decor as it comes with black and stainless steel accents. The Cuisinart vs-100 is a pretty looking and an easy to use vacuum sealer and doesn’t occupy much space on the kitchen counter. It does it’s task excellently what it is supposed to do.

Cuisinart vs 100 is simple to learn and also easy to use. In order to start, simply press the lid until it locks in position. Locking the lid is not so difficult but it does require some hand power. The three control button operations are as follows

  1. Seal only: This mode is set when there is no need to vacuum especially while dealing with delicate food. As vacuuming might cause damage to the food we go with seal only mode.
  2. Vacuum seal/cancel: Press to start the sealing process, vacuum and machine halts when finished. You can also use this button to cancel when you want to stop the vacuuming process further as it might crush delicate foods.
  3. Canister only: This button is used to seal external containers by using the accessory port and vacuum hose.

Two 11 in*10 ft rolls, 8 in*10 ft rolls, bag cutter, accessory port, hose are present in Cuisinart vs-100. Usually, the accessory port is present on the backside of  vs-100 Vacuum Sealer. The Vacuum Hose that comes with the Cuisinart vacuum sealer unit is stored internally and favors sealing externally. Integrated drip tray captures or holds the liquid that sucks inside. The Integrated drip tray present is nonremovable, thus cleaning it causes little inconvenience.

The Foam gasket present is replaceable in case of wear out. Replacing the foam gasket may increase the lifetime of Cuisinart vacuum sealer. Also, there is an Instant seal feature which helps in sealing delicate food items like fish, pastries, fresh berries, and more such items. So, with this Cuisinart VS-100 Vacuum Sealer, you can get the benefits that healthy and fresh foods offer.


Specification Name Value
Item model number
14.9 x 5.2 x 2.9 inches
3.41 Pounds
Safety Feature
Easy Lock System

Cuisinart VS-100 Portable Vacuum Sealer Review

Here, I am sharing Cuisinart VS 100 Review on basis of my personal experiences and Amazon users. On removing air from the Cuisinart Vacuum Sealer Bags you can retain the foodstuff and its flavors for a long tenure. However, like all other suction vacuum sealers, this works pretty well with dry foods. It can also deal with moist foods like fish and meat and provide sealing effectively. As a matter of fact, Cuisinart vacuum sealer allows you to buy groceries in bulk thus saves money and time. VS-100 model from Cuisinart is a powerful, well-designed Vacuum Sealer and a great choice to buy.


  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Easy locking system with 3 button control
  • Vacuum Hose, Accessory port
  • Extra wide sealing strip for larger bags
  • Drip tray and bag cutter
  • Replaceable Foam Gasket
  • Limited warranty of 3 years


  • Works accurately as it is supposed to do
  • Compact design and doesn’t occupy much space
  • Three simple buttons present ensures Easy sealing process
  • Stainless steel fits well with kitchen interior decors
  • Simple to understand and use
  • The foam gasket present is replaceable


  • The moist setting option is absent in Cuisinart VS-100
  • The small size power cord creates inconvenience if it is away from the electric board
  • Drip tray present is non-removable

Bottom Line

Cuisinart VS 100 Vacuum Sealer is a compact yet powerful appliance. Stainless steel surface and simple buttons make the appliance look elegant on any kitchen counter. Drip tray included makes Cuisinart’s operation, cleaning easier. It is easy to use, well-designed vacuum sealer which has onboard accessories. This vacuum sealer does an excellent job of keeping food fresh and ensures they stay longer, preserves texture. Neglecting flaws like shorter power cord limits the usage, it doesn’t provide plastic roll storage for making bags it is a great option to choose.

Cuisinart VS-100 is the Stylish and Compact Vacuum Sealer that meets your needs. Keeps food and leftovers for long tenure and retains food texture. It is very lightweight that you can carry and place it anywhere. To get this best vacuum sealer, check the price now on Amazon and grab it soon.

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