Difference between Chamber Vacuum Sealer and External Vacuum Sealer

Chamber vs External Vacuum Sealer: A vacuum sealer is the very prevalent kitchen appliances as it seals the food items with an airtight that helps in storing the food safely for an extended time. But, people might get confused between external and chamber vacuum sealer while buying these machines.

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Chamber Vs External Vacuum Sealer

Let’s have a short-term explanation about these vacuum sealers that may clear out all your misperceptions and helps in picking the better model.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer vs. External Vacuum Sealer

The external vacuum sealer is very popular among the customers as it offers few unbelievable benefits compared to another sort of vacuum sealer. This kind of machine is very simple to use as it is controlled just with a single button and saves kitchen space because it occupies very little space on the kitchenette countertop. Below are a few factors to take into account before buying the external vacuum sealer.

Suction strength

This sealer machine’s suction power is high so within no time it removes the air from a bag. So always check and prefer the model that has high suction strength.

Ability to seal the larger bags

This type of sealing machine is capable of sealing the larger bags easily and even some models seal several little bags all at once. So pick the vacuum sealer with this feature. 

Chamber vacuum sealer

Chamber vacuum sealer is pricier than an external sealing machine but it is still chosen because of its vacuum proficiency. In an hour this machine can able to seal about 40 bags which is a quite impressive and effective feature so it is highly beneficial in profitable zones like restaurants. Below are few things to take into account before buying the chamber vacuum sealer.


A chamber vacuum sealer with bigger size offers you to seal many bags than a small size vacuum sealer. To verify the size of the vacuum sealer machine as its speed is directly proportional to the size of the machine. 

Liquid packaging

External sealer bags and few other sealer bags are not only used to pack the dry and solid food but also can store fluid foods like gravies, soups, and many such liquids. So while buying the chamber sealer machine, be sure that it is capable of sealing the liquid foods firmly. For better liquid packing, the appliance should have an angular face.

While using this vacuum sealer, the vacuum inside and outside the bag remains the same. That means with this sealer machine you can even vacuum the sauces, soups, stews or some other liquids. If you are using the external sealer machine to seal the bag of soup then it would first suck out the air from the bag and then begin to pull the soup out of from the bag as well, making all untidiness and collapse the chance of safe and tight seal. You might even run into trouble with humid items like cheese and uncooked meat. As the bag gets damaged with these items, liquids are pulled out from the bag along with the air, so initially take safety measures to freeze such items or else limit the use of this machine to dry and solid foods. 

Chamber vacuum sealers use the larger selection of available bags whereas the external sealer machine requires some superior texture that is highly expensive. 

Above are some of the differences between the external vacuum and chamber vacuum sealer. So if you are planning to buy a Vacuum sealer appliance for kitchen purpose then go with an external vacuum sealer or else chamber vacuum sealer is for commercial use. 

What is the difference between the chamber and the suction sealer?

Initially, you need to decide which one is useful to your chamber vacuum sealer or suction vacuum sealers. this decision depends on how you plan to use the appliance. The largest decision depends on whether or not you are going to seal the liquids. 

Chamber vacuum sealer

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For the liquids to seal you certainly need a chamber vacuum sealer to do this. If you wish to seal the liquids like beverages, soups, marinades with this vacuum sealer, and then you should use a chamber vacuum sealer instead of suction sealer. You can able to seal the liquids in the chamber machine as the air is removed from the whole chamber instead of from the pouch by parting the equal air pressure on both sides of the pouch and even aids in keeping the liquids safely in the bag. 


Suction vacuum sealer

Suction vacuum sealer image

Suction vacuum sealers are the most traditional vacuum sealers. These machines just pull out the air and then offer air taut seal for the chosen bag. These sorts of machines are ideal to use in the houses which allow vacuuming the items like leftovers, coffee beans, out of season clothes, extra bedding and many more. 


Chamber vs. suction vacuum sealer

Chamber sealing machine can store both solid and liquid items whereas vacuum suction sealers are used for packing solid foods. 

The Chamber vacuum sealers use regular pouches and full mesh bags and the sealing bags are used inside the chamber machine. For suction sealers, there is a particular bag that is accomplished with some texture inside. 

Chamber vacuum sealer has the ability to control the amount of vacuity and this sealer machine is used for vacuum packing the liquids as they don’t use suction. In this type of machine, you must place the bag or jar inside the chamber that you want to seal, without any suction power all the air is exiled from the whole chamber. Whereas the suction sealer pulls out the air from the façade of the bag and once the air is completely sucked out, then the bag is sealed and the process is finished. For more information on Chamber Vs External Vacuum Sealer, stay tuned to vacuumsealer.io site.

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