ABOX CalmDo Vacuum Full Automatic Sealer Machine, CD-V001 – Even vacuums Jars, Canisters & Wine Bottles!

Keeping food fresh for a long time is quite a challenge. Even if you freeze it, the food item loses its flavor and color due to oxidation. To prevent your food from getting oxidized, the oxygen needs to be vacuumed out from it. That is precisely what this CalmDo CD-V001 Vacuum Sealer Machine does to your foodstuff and becomes a lifesaver. Being curious as to why this specific product is being famous, we bought one to test and know its features. After analyzing for more than 2 days, here is the detailed CalmDo CD-V001 Vacuum Sealer review about what we observed.

ABOX CalmDo Vacuum Full Automatic Sealer Machine sucks out the air from our food bags to keep them fresh and flavourful for a long period. It looks like a smart vacuum sealer having a sleek body, touch-sensor buttons, an LED light, and a stylish knob to open it. Also, it has two powerful suction cups for vacuuming food bags quickly and effectively. It calms your anxiety about spoiling some delicate food while preserving it as there is a built-in design separate for easy cleaning. You can even vacuum several small food packets at once. With this vacuum sealer, you can save your food, time, space, and money without any hassle.

CalmDo CD-V001 Vacuum Sealer Review 2023 (Essential Features)

1. Design

CalmDo Vacuum Sealer CD-V001 has a fantastic stylish design that will definitely make you fall in love with it at first sight. It has a sleek body with a separated design, because of which its upper lid can be taken off quickly. There are digital touch sensor buttons at the top and a cute knob in the middle to open it.

This vacuum sealer is compact and lightweight, having dimensions 15.4 x 8.7 x 3.9 inches and 4.66 pounds weight. Thus, it makes it easily portable so that you can place it wherever you want to. This vacuum sealer not only serves its purpose of preserving your food but also enhances the decor of your area where you place it.

2. Fully Automatic

Vacuum sealing several food items can be tedious and tiresome when you need to press different buttons to do the procedure. However, with this CalmDo Food Vacuum Air Sealing System, everything occurs automatically, so you don’t need to worry about any complicated step.

You just need to insert your food bag’s mouth into this vacuum’s chamber, then choose a mode. That’s it! The cover will lock and release automatically after vacuuming and sealing it. It reaches an appropriate vacuum level by itself within a few seconds and gives your vacuum bags an airtight seal. It sucks the air from bags quickly and effectively without degrading the shape of your food item.

3. 2 Vacuum Pumps

Most of the vacuum sealers have a single pump, which do not give impressive results. That is why this vacuum sealer has two powerful vacuum pumps with strong suction capacity having up to -80 Kpa vacuum power.

This huge vacuum power ensures effective airtight sealing after reaching an appropriate level of vacuuming. Because of such a strong suction capacity, it can also be used as a sous vide vacuum sealing machine for moist food items such as meat and fish. It also offers a customized vacuum by which you can remove air from the bag as per your requirement and seal it afterward.

4. Digital Controls

Managing a traditional vacuum sealer complicates the process by following a lot of steps. But this CalmDo 80Kpa Full Automatic Food Sealer Machine has made it easier by possessing digital controls. It has 6 digital touch sensor buttons to control the process and an LED light indicator.

Through this vacuum sealer’s control buttons, you can vacuum seal any food item you like by choosing different modes. You can either choose the automatically sealing option or customize it by vacuuming it up to your desired level. These controls not only make its usage more convenient but also look very stylish and appealing.

5. External Vacuum

Some food items cannot be kept in vacuum bags. Plus if these food items, when kept in food containers, have a chance of getting spoiled. It is quite difficult to vacuum those food items in jars and containers to preserve them. Well, this Compact vacuum sealer has a feature called external vacuum which allows you to remove air from jars, containers and wine bottles. Sounds good, right?!

This vacuum sealer comes with a hose connector whose one end needs to be inserted into this machine and the other end into the container. To start the process, simply touch the external vacuum button, and when the LED indicator blinks, touch stop and voilà, your container is free of air.

6. DC Heating Strip

The most common problem with vacuum sealing is the heat. Sometimes, the wire becomes so hot that it burns the vacuum bag or does not work at all, giving uneven and wrinkly finish. To avoid such problems, this CalmDo 80 Kpa vacuum sealer comes with a built-in high-safety DC wire or strip that supports heating in low pressure also.

Because of this advantage, that said DC wire supports heating in low pressure also. This wire gives a neat and wrinkle-free finish to the vacuum bag, ensuring an airtight seal. The strip is placed at a position where it does not contact the user to maintain safety and avoid any injury.


Technical Specifications

  • Manufacturer : CalmDo
  • Item model number : CD-V001
  • Product Dimensions : 15.4 x 8.7 x 3.9 inches
  • Item Weight : 4.66 pounds
  • Vacuum Power : 80 Kpa (MAX)
  • Maximum Sealing Width : 30 cm/ 11.8 inch
  • Voltage : 120V/ 60Hz
  • Control Panel : LCD Touch Screen
  • Vacuum Modes : Dry, Wet, External Vac, and Custom Vac


Is CalmDo CD-V001 food sealer fully automatic?

Yes, CalmDo CD-V001 food sealing machine is fully automatic.

Can you use any vacuum sealer bags for this ABOX CalmDo CD-V001 vacuum food sealer?

This ABOX CalmDo CD-V001 vacuum sealer is compatible with most vacuum bags available in the market except the smooth ones.

Can you use this CalmDo 80Kpa vacuum sealer for quick marinades on food?

Yes, this CalmDo 80Kpa vacuum sealer can be used for quick marinades on food.


In the end, we would like to tell you that this CalmDo Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine stood up to all our expectations. All the features that it possesses are wonderful, and it is an excellent option for a vacuum sealer available at a budget-friendly price below 100$. From its separated design to its touch sensor controls and its vacuum power, this appliance surprised us at every level.

This is a heavy-duty vacuum sealer which will help you save food, time, space and money, all at once. We do not have much to complain about it as it could not be any better than this. This vacuum sealer is the ultimate solution for all the sealing requirements of any person. Hope this CalmDo CD-V001 Vacuum Sealer review is satisfactory enough for you in giving detailed info. Have a happy shopping!

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