BonsenKitchen VS3905 Vacuum Sealer – Vacuums both Jars and Bags!

Imagine you purchase the food in bulk and preserve it to use after a few days with all its taste intact, fresh, and without getting the food being dehydrated. All this can prove to be true, just like a piece of a cake with this BonsenKitchen vacuum sealer VS 3905. With this product, you can enjoy fresh food, including its original taste preserved even after storing it for many days and months. We tested this food sealer and examined it in detail with sharp sight. And let’s just say that we were very much impressed by its performance. See the complete BonsenKitchen Vacuum Sealer VS3905 review to know exactly what we liked and what we don’t.

The BonsenKitchen VS3905 Vacuum Sealer is a modern and efficient device with a power consumption of 130W that lets you effortlessly store food. Its dual preserving mode helps to provide different packaging conditions for dry and wet food. This easy-to-operate food sealer is equipped with a cutter that aids in conveniently detaching our sealing bag from its roll. With a longer heating strip, this vacuum sealer provides a larger sealing width for food bags.

BonsenKitchen Vacuum Sealer VS3905 Review for 2023

1. Multifunctional

Bonsen Kitchen Built in Air Sealing System works smartly as per your needs. It does not let you preserve all types of food in a generic condition. Rather, it comes up with different preserving conditions for different categories of food. Its dry and wet food mode helps you store snacks and boiled or steamed food with different storing conditions as you wish.

This vacuum sealer’s multifunctionality caters to sous-vide cooking and even lets you store red wine or vacuum jars. With its wide range of storing features, this vacuum sealer machine makes preserving food quite easier and convenient. Simply select its designated mode as per your want for preserving a particular category of food. And this product automatically does its job without any fuss.

2. Starter Kit Included

To provide you with a convenient and efficient start, this best vacuum sealer for sous vide is accompanied by a kit that includes some of the essential accessories that might be useful with this FoodSaver vacuum sealer. It provides you with 2 replacement sealing rings that can be easily replaced whenever needed.

Its included accessories are 1 long vacuum sealer roll with dimension 28cmx3m (9.8”x118”), 5 vacuum bags of size 20x30cm (7.87”x11.81”). And an additional standard-size vacuum bags 5 in number with a dimension of 15x25cm (8.9” * 9.84”). With all these accomplices incorporated, this product turns out to be the best vacuum sealer for wet as well as dry foods.

3. Sealing Functionality

You must have come across various vacuum sealers that can seal only 1 bag at a time. But just think that if you get an option that blesses you with the possibility of sealing more than one bag in one go. Sounds, amazing right?! This portable vacuum sealer machine comes with a 12″ long strip for heating that allows you to simultaneously seal 2-3 bags, depending upon the bag’s width.

This vacuum sealer’s multiple bag sealing concurrently saves your effort and time. It reduces the workload as sealing multiple small packets individually calls for much time to be devoted. It is due to this aided advantage many users tend to recommend this product to their relatives and friends.

4. Vacuuming the Jars

When you get fruits and vegetables in bulk, you face a challenge to store them in a way that keeps them fresh and juicy. Refrigerators do store our perishable food items but not for a very long time. But, thanks to BonsenKitchen Intelligent Electric Vacuum Sealer, we can keep our food items as long as we want without any spoilage.

This vacuum sealer sorts everything out for you. It makes storing in jars and food cans easier without compromising the taste or flavor. This jar vacuum sealer preserves your eatables in vacuum containers without creating any mess. Thus, this jar vacuuming feature allows you to go ahead with fresh fruits and vegetables packed in containers.

5. Efficient Food Storage

This best vacuum sealer for moist foods becomes an ideal choice for your kitchen by increasing our food’s life 5 times greater than any other regular fridges available in the market. With its smart suction technology, you can conveniently store a large amount of food, meat, or any other leftovers without getting them ruined.

Even storing the chopped vegetables, snacks, or any other meals can be possible so that you can go to your office hassle-free when you are in a hurry. Thus, keeping your cheese, sauces, or vegetables fresh by giving them 5 times longer life, this vacuum sealer with cutter is the best one.

6. Integrated Cutting Tool

If you are storing a small quantity of food, you would surely wish to have a smaller vacuum bag for the same. Why waste a standard size bag for a little food to be packed? So, to help you customize sealing bags as per your requirement, this best budget vacuum sealer comes with a cutter. This vacuum sealer comes with a 1-year warranty guaranteeing its durability.

Its integrated cutting tool makes your work simpler by many times. This easy-to-use cutting tool reduces the stress of using scissors every time you need to cut a bag. Just select the desired length of the sealing bag and slide its integrated cutting tool. That’s it! The vacuum bag with your requirements is ready to be vacuumed and sealed.



  • Manufacturer : BonsenKitchen
  • Model Number : VS3905
  • Package Dimensions : 16.26 x 8.5 x 4.33 inches
  • Colour : White
  • Item Weight : 3.56 pounds
  • Power Consumption : 130 W
  • Max. Width for Shrink-wrapping : 11.81 inches
  • Vacuum Value : -50 Kpa


Will this BonsenKitchen VS 3905 vacuum sealer seal mylar bags?

Yes, this BonsenKitchen VS 3905 Vacuum Sealer can seal mylar bags very easily and comfortably.

Can this BonsenKitchen VS3905 Food Sealer seal a Ball or Mason canning jar?

This BonsenKitchen VS 3905 Food Sealer can seal plastic bags but not a canning jar.

Can you use your own bags with this Bonsen Kitchen vacuum sealer VS3905?

Yes, you can use your own bags with this BonsenKitchen Vacuum Sealing Machine VS 3905 but make sure the bags are food saver bags only, not any generic typical storing bags.


With this BonsenKitchen vacuum sealer machine VS3905, you not only seal the food but also seal its taste and freshness. Storing food with such good efficiency and without involving any complications is what this vacuum sealer boasts. Equipped with a starter kit and multiple sealing modes, this gives you the desired results without compromising the delicacy of the food stored. By increasing the life of the food by 5 times, it reduces food wastage and saves money. This pocket-friendly vacuum sealer serves you the best.

So, if you are looking for an option that will help to store chopped vegetables for your breakfast or preserve bulk food or keep your leftovers fresh for reuse, then don’t hesitate to look into this product. Hope this BonsenKitchen Vacuum Sealer VS3905 review has been found helpful in guiding you all through its quality performance. Happy shopping!

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