BonsenKitchen Vacuum Sealer Machine VS3801 – Perfect addition on your kitchen’s countertop!

It is really painful to throw away the leftover of a delicious dish as the amount of money and time you invested in picking up its ingredients carefully also goes in vain when you can not preserve it properly. But we are here to suggest to you how you can preserve that extra food without its being wasted. A vacuum sealer in your kitchen can be the helping hand you are looking for. Especially when that vacuum sealer is BonsenKitchen VS3801, you get that extra touch of reassurance. To have a real-time experience and provide you with an honest BonsenKitchen Vacuum Sealer VS3801 review, we tested this unit out.

This BonsenKitchen vacuum sealer BZ-US-VS3801 has numerous useful features that help you keep your bulk food safe and healthy in sealed bags. It has multiple modes for living up to your requirements, which further make way for saving your money by minimizing your expenditures on victuals. Besides, the BonsenKitchen VS3801 vacuum sealer is remarkably lightweight with a weight of 5.08 pounds. This sealer machine’s vacuum value is 70 kPa, which is a high amount of suction enough for making your food packages air-free.

BonsenKitchen Vacuum Sealer VS3801 Review (2023)

1. One Key Operation Mode

There are 2 operation modes in this BonsenKitchen vacuum sealing machine VS3801, which work accordingly with your specific demands. The basic operation that it offers to us is the “seal” mode, and the other operation mode is the “vacuum and seal” mode.

Both the modes work best when you want to seal food items up, but there is a slight difference. The seal mode works literally with anything and any product, while the vacuum and seal mode is mostly used for sealing food items up so that moisture does not get to affect those foodstuffs locked inside the bag. You can make use of both of these modes to get the optimum outcomes.

2. Optional Modes

There are two more additional modes in Bonsen Kitchen food saver called the dry and moist. So, you can say it is the best vacuum sealer for moist foods & dry foods. These two functioning modes ensure that you can comfortably seal anything you want with this vacuum sealer machine, be it some dry food substance or wet food like stew or soup.

Generally, vacuum sealing machines which do not have these two special features, tend to catch stain due to sealing of wet food as it goes down into the machine. So they are good for dry food sealing, but when it comes to sealing wet food, it needs some extra caution. These dry and moist modes work best when choosing the “vacuum and seal” operation in BonsenKitchen vacuum sealer machine VS3801.

3. Jar Vacuuming

Reusing jars is a great idea to use plastic less and thus save the environment. There is no need to throw your jars into the trash bin once they have been used. Also, the food products we get to buy in jars can be managed best when kept and preserved. BonsenKitchen’s best vacuum sealer for sous vide is enough to give you your desired results for all these purposes.

All you gotta do is remove the jar lid a bit, place one side of the vacuuming hose in it, and attach the other end of that to the vacuum sealer. Wait for a few seconds after pressing the jar vacuuming button, and you are done with your sealed and air-free jar. Now you can keep all those crisps and fries in it, knowing it would never get damp.

4. Built-in Roll Bag Storage

Providing customization options does always demand a huge deal of importance, as it comes in use to you the way you want. Ziploc bags or pre-cut bags are devoid of that convenience. They do not let you select the size of the bag. But with this BonsenKitchen best vacuum sealer in your house, you can create your own bags of any size whenever and however you want.

There is an in-built roll bag storage in your Bonsen Kitchen VS3801 vacuum sealer machine, which allows you to get your bags according to wish. This in-built bag storage also ensures that you do not have to look for extra space on your countertop in the kitchen to store the bag rolls individually.

5. Built-in Cutter

Like the built-in bag roll you are getting in this BonsenKitchen VS3801 food saver, there is also a built-in cutter in the vacuum sealing machine. We have seen many vacuum sealers work decently but fail when cutting a piece from a bag roll. So with these vacuum sealers, you have to be ready with scissors to cut portions from the bag roll itself. That seems to be another liability, which can be easily avoided if you research properly before jumping into buying any vacuum sealer. Always make sure that the vacuum sealing machine does not only seal bags but also gives you an extra edge on cutting the bag sheet from bag roll on its own.

6. Sealing multi-bags at a time

When you are looking for that perfect vacuum sealer that would work multi-dimensionally to reduce your load of work in every way possible, you should always consider one vacuum sealer which has a heat strip long enough. These heat strips are those crucial parts of the machine where you put the end of your bags to get it sealed with the heat rods pressed together.

BonsenKitchen BZ-US-VS3801 vacuum sealer has a very long heat strip that measures 12 inches. This long heat strip can come into use when running out of time, but you have to finish sealing multiple bags in that limited time. What you can do is to put two or three bags at a time and place it horizontally in the opening of the machine so that they get sealed all at the same time.


Specifications of BonsenKitchen Vacuum Sealer BZ-US-VS3801

  • Manufacturer : BonsenKitchen
  • Model Number : VS3801
  • Package Dimensions : 17.17 x 8.07 x 5.16 inches
  • Vacuum Value : -70Kpa
  • Max. Width for Shrink-wrapping : 11.81 Inch
  • Power Consumption : 125W
  • Operating Voltage : 120V~ 60Hz 1.5A


Can I use the FoodSaver mason jar attachment with this BonsenKitchen VS3801 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer?

The vacuum hose is capable of sealing any kind of jar, including used jars as well. So it is believed that the FoodSaver mason jar attachment would work fine with it.

Will this Bonsen Kitchen VS3801 vacuum sealer work with the FoodSaver canisters?

No, it is advised to use the same brand canisters for a perfect and satisfactory sealing experience.

What is the input voltage of this BonsenKitchen food saver VS3801?

The input voltage of this BonsenKitchen vacuum food sealing system VS3801 is 120 volts.


If you are searching for an all in one sealing machine for your cooking space, we would love to recommend this BonsenKitchen 2 in 1 vacuum sealer to you without a second thought. Our own experience of this best home vacuum sealer has been mostly positive as there were not many complaints against its functioning. It is lightweight with a weightage of 5.08 pounds, can be fitted easily in restrained spaces, does not need much maintenance to keep working properly.

Also, its inbuilt bag roll and cutter were a bonus upon its compact size. It needs a voltage input of 120 volts, and the power consumption is 125 watts. Bonsen Kitchen food vacuum sealer VS3801 is also safe for your kids as this boasts a special child safety lock in it. Considering all these great features and based on our own experience, this BonsenKitchen Vacuum Sealer VS3801 review is to assure you of a worthy purchase!

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