BonsenKitchen Food Vacuum Sealer VS3000 – No more food wastage!

Proper storage of food is essential for maintaining its taste and nutrition content. It helps to retain the quality of food for a longer time and use it later. But if it is not done, then it can lead to the contamination of food and degradation in its quality. For solving this issue, vacuum sealing can be a good and effective option. Bonsenkitchen VS3000 Vacuum Sealer is an advanced vacuum sealer machine that allows the buyer to vacuum seal the leftover food. Here is our in-depth BonsenKitchen vacuum sealer VS3000 review which helps you make the right decision.

From compact design to easy usage, the Bonsenkitchen food vacuum sealer offers several benefits to customers. It removes the air from the storage bag and prevents the food from freezing burn. Bonsen Kitchen vacuum sealer is a fabulous household device for preserving food in the refrigerator and retaining the freshness for an extended period. It is an excellent machine for vacuuming food items like fish, meats, and fruits, & vegetables. But it is not the end of these amazing traits. Let us gather detailed information about various specifications that this premium quality offers to you, which we have gone through with our test.

BonsenKitchen Vacuum Sealer VS3000 Review of 2023

1. Compact Design

Design is a factor that is essential to analyze before purchasing a product. This is because the design is the first thing that a customer looks at in a specific product. In the BonsenKitchen vacuum sealer, the design is the aspect that attracts a buyer’s attention towards this machine. It has a compact and sleek design suitable for home kitchens.

Adequate size and portable control design helps you to save a lot of space in the kitchen and works smoothly even in a small place. This portable vacuum sealer is easy to store when not in use and can be easily moved from one place to another. The extended design of the appliance helps to vacuum seal vacuum bags of maximum width in a single go. On top of the machine, a digital touch screen panel is available for making the necessary changes. LED indicator lights are also available to display the selected button.

2. Dry and Moist Mode

This kitchen vacuum sealer offers Dry and Moist mode to its users. In addition to this mode, it has several other modes also and is easy to switch between them. The presence of this dry & moist mode helps to seal every type of food item, whether it has water content or not. One can definitely say that the Bonsen Kitchen food vacuum sealer is the best vacuum sealer for wet food.

Due to this specification, it is one of the best vacuum sealers for wet food. It is designed to keep vegetables and meats fresh for an extended period. The vacuum sealing helps to keep soups flavorful even after days. This vacuum and sealing effect is perfect with dry and moist mode and delivers impressive results with every use. Further, the machine helps to prevent vitamins and nutrients from losing and maintains the texture and color of vegetables and fruits. Moreover, it is one of the best sous vide vacuum sealers that can lock the nutrition while sous cooking.

3. Easy to Operate

This vacuum sealer is easy to use and you will not face any trouble while operating it. The presence of a digital touch control panel has made it possible. It works with a single touch operation and lets you choose the mode suitable for your needs. After selecting the mode, you have to just press the “Vac & Seal” button. This will provide you with the finest and excellent results, and therefore, helps to save a lot of time and it is a best vacuum sealer for home use.

It has built-in packing storage and cutter that allows you to begin without any problem. With a single gentle touch, you can get what you want from it and make your life healthier and better. Thus, you can operate it easily and vacuum your leftovers for future uses and prevent wastage of food.

4. Seal Multiple Bags

Bonsenkitchen Food Vacuum Sealer allows you to seal multiple bags simultaneously. Several traits such as high vacuum suction value and long heating strip help to seal various bags and save your efforts. It ultimately reduces your workload.

This machine is equipped with a 12-inches long heat strip, which allows you to three to four bags at a single time. It further has a vacuum value of around 50Kpa that is quite less for sealing a normal bag. There are chances that the food items may come out of the bag. This may not protect the food from freezer burn or getting brown. It can help you to prepare ingredients for the entire week by preserving them in sealed bags and reduces the need to prepare every day.

5. Additional Features

Apart from the above specifications, the Bonsenkitchen food saver also has several traits that make it one of the best vacuum sealers for home use. This modern vacuum sealer has a kid safety lock that acts as a safeguard for children. It has above five times longer storage than traditional refrigeration. It keeps the food item as it was when purchased, even better than the original preservation. This thing is useful when you wish to store meat.

If you love to grow vegetables and fruits in your garden, then this jar vacuum sealer is a great machine for you. You can preserve them in jar containers or food cans to maintain freshness and quality. Lastly, you will get one extra-long vacuum bag roll, five vacuum bags, an instructions manual, and one replacement sealing ring, along with this small vacuum sealer machine.



  • Manufacturer : Bonsenkitchen
  • Model Number : VS3000
  • Package Dimensions : 15.94 x 6.85 x 4.06 inches
  • Item Weight : 3.5 pounds
  • Operation Mode : Manual
  • Vacuum Value : -50Kpa
  • Max Seal Width : 11.81 inches
  • Voltage : 120V~ 60Hz


Can Bonsenkitchen Intelligent Electric Vacuum Sealer VS3000 seal only no vacuum bags?

Bonsenkitchen Food Vacuum Sealer can seal any kind of bag, the only requirement is that it should be a vacuum seal bag. It cannot seal bags other than vacuum.

Where is Bonsenkitchen Vacuum Sealer VS3000 made?

Bonsenkitchen Food Sealer is made in the United States. Bonsen Electronics Inc. is situated in East Norcross, Georgia, United States.

Does this Bonsenkitchen VS3000 Vacuum Food Sealer have a Hose vacuum hole?

The Bonsenkitchen vacuum sealer doesn’t have a hose vacuum hole. It has a suction switch for accomplishing the sealing operations.


So, it is the end of the Bonsenkitchen Vacuum Sealer VS3000 review. This vacuum sealer home appliance is perfect for preserving and vacuuming food items like meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables in the refrigerator. It can keep the freshness of food for a longer time and an individual can get the original taste even after days. This entire vacuum sealer for meat & other foods offers various facilities and comes with additional products that can make the sealing process quick and convenient.

However, a few negative points are also associated with this product. But you can avoid them by using the product effectively and efficiently. Lastly, it is reasonable to conduct a thorough analysis of the appliance before buying it and also not to believe in all claims made by the manufacturer as they can also be inaccurate. But we hope you find this review helpful as it is true to its best and clarifies most of your concerns.

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