10 Best-rated Handheld Vacuum Sealers that are stylish and super convenient to use!

10 Best-rated Handheld Vacuum Sealers that are stylish and super convenient to use!

Best Handheld Vacuum Sealer

It’s important to know that the sealing industry is the most selling industry as every business wants to sell their product after sealing the same. Your food requires a perfect partner to store the remaining food or even store the fresh food to ensure you can utilise the space in your refrigerators.

 So here is a list of “Best Handheld Vacuum Sealers” that can provide you with access to information. And help you lead a better way of storing food in vacuum-sealed bags designed to fulfil your need. And keep food fresh and durable for an extended period. 

Before investing in the “Best Handheld Vacuum Food Sealer ” know the basics that will tell you about handheld sealers and seal FOOD at one place. You always get the best of both worlds when you understand the product and also understand what you can store in those bags. 

Removing the air and moisture from the food is as essential as its important to store the food. So, to make storing food easy, we have come with these bags that keep your product fresh and durable for the long term. And you can also follow the bag for keeping marinated product that will help you store fresh food at one place and offer you the opportunity to grow. 

You should make a wise decision for yourself by knowing this product in detail. And here are some feature highlights that will help you buy this product. Long term storage of food is now easy and possible as it makes things possible. Here is a list of Best vacuum sealing system at your service to help you make a wise decision before investing. 

Are you spending a lot of money on groceries every year? Do you feel bad that the food gets stale and rotten before you grab a chance to eat? It is a bad thing that the food is wasted every day because of heat and air. Here we come with the solution for food spoilage: the Handheld vacuum sealers.

Food preservation for days to months is possible if we remove the excess air from the food and freeze them. For removing the excess air and vacuum the food, we can use handheld vacuum sealer that is available in the market in different sizes, shapes and specifications.

Top 10 Handheld Vacuum Sealer in 2020

FoodSaver V4400 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer

Foodsaver V4400 2 in 1 Black   Silver Vacuum Sealer Machine image

FoodSaver FM2435-ECR Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver FM2435-ECR Vacuum Sealing System image

FoodSaver FSFRSH0051-000 111 Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver FSFRSH0051-000-111 White Vacuum Sealer image

FoodSaver 4400 is a Best 2 – in -1 automatic vacuum sealer that removes air from the food and keeps the food fresh and away from mold and food spoilage. This system detects the bag and vacuum seals. It also has a hose to use it on the canisters and zip lock bags.

  • Automatic bag detection

  • Simple to use

  • Easy to clean

  • Durable

This Food saver countertop vacuum sealer removes the air with the press of the button and seals the food under vacuum. This Food Vacuum sealer delivers strong suction in one touch with hard-hitting performance.





This variant offers you with features like – preserving your food for up to three years and keep the flavor intact. With this product, you can store leftovers easily and create a custom-sized bag. The inbuilt LED light guide you about sealing the bag with the vacuum. 

All you need to do is press the vacuum button and remove excess air by pressing the seal button. Its advanced features do not allow freezer burns. Its built-in roll storage and the cutter will allow you to store the food into custom-sized bags without using scissors and reducing wastage of bags.

It completely removes the air to create a perfect vacuum to store the food and can seal 60 bags at a time in one go. It has the patented removable drip collector tray that collects any overflowing food liquid. It is dishwasher safe.

  • Stainless steel body

  • BPA free food grade plastic bags material

  • Air tight fresh storage for long time

  • Multi – ply material prevents freezer burns

  • Inbuilt LED light for proper sealing

  • Reduced bag wastage with integrated seal and vacuum chamber

  • Easy to use controls and designing of the machine

  • Extra wide sealing strip

The foodsaver vacuum system with handheld sealer comes with many features. Using this Hand vacuum sealer jyou get a stainless steel body having dimensions 18.4 x 6.5 x 11 inches which makes it durable for long term use. This variant reduces bag wastage and offers you with a best-storing feature.

The seal rolls are made of BPA free food-grade material which will not harm the quality of the food being stored. Its advanced integrated seal and vacuum chamber reduces bag wastage. Its multi-ply material prevents freezer burn and damaging the food quality.

With this vacuum sealer, you can keep your food fresh in an airtight bag for future use. It is the best rated handheld vacuum sealer on Amazon for sale with good reviews by real-time users.





FoodSaver Vacuum sealer is a cordless one that sucks air from the zipper bags to keep the food fresh and away from molds and spoilage. FoodSaver brand has produced so many good products, and this is one of them. At a good price of $18.98, it works like a professional heavy duty vacuum sealer. It is suitable for vacuum sealing deli meats, cheese and refrigerated foods.

  • Cordless Design

  • Durability

  • Removable vacuum sealing disc

  • Easy to hold

 It is so compact that it fits inside your kitchen drawer and can be used whenever required. It is suitable for tiny and small kitchen. It works like a pro to seal 20 bags per charge. It can be used for sealing Mason jars with special Mason jar adapter.





This Mini Food Handheld Sealer comes with some different features, and these broadly include the following features. It mainly has a 3D corrugated heating sheet that offers you with the best sealing of food stored in these packages. It sizes 2.5*0.78 inch in width and helps you seal the food effectively at one place without letting it waste.

Storing leftover food will still be kept fresh and durable for a long duration. This mini food bag heat sealer has the corrugated suspension heating sheet for airtight sealing and food storage. It will keep food fresh and free from mould growth for a more extended period.

  • ABS material of this bag offers you with quality offering

  • It keeps the food fresh and prevent food wastage

  • 43.1 inches long cable

  • Independent switch design

  • Safe for children and household use

  • 3D corrugated suspension heating sheet technology

  • 30 seconds of heating time

  • 1 second time required to seal the bag

The plastic used in sealing is made of good quality food grade ABS plastic. It is resistant to high temperature and hence can be used to store hot food items. Its heating time is of 30 seconds and takes 1 second to seal the bag. It is best suited for household use with ease and convenience of use with its 43.1 inches long cable. It can be used for storing snacks, cooked food items, etc. it is child-friendly and safe to use at home. It has an independent switch design for easy controls.





This product is best for storing the basic food of the day to day life. Be it cheese, deli meats, refrigerated or pantry food. It’s important to have a sealer that saves the food in a manner that helps. As the best way of storing the food is ensuring that the device you are using to store is easy to use, handy and friendly to use.

This compact sized food vacuum sealer is cordless and easy to use at home. Its one touch operation vacuum sealing technology makes it easy to seal with one press of a button. It gives the perfect airtight sealing of the food items.

  • Quick and convenient way of storing the food in bags

  • Zippers help you save the dishwashing soap in transparent bags as well

  • Come with a one year limited warranty on this product

  • 2AA battery is required to operate this vacuum sealer effectively

  • Easy to clean dishwasher friendly nozzle

  • One touch press button operation

  • Variety of solid colors range to choose from

It has the easy to clean the nozzle, and its dishwasher safe nature makes it easy to clean and maintain. It is designed specially to seal the vacuum zipper bags and deli containers. It comes in a variety of bright solid colours to choose from the range for a matching kitchen appliance set. Its dimension is 8.9* 3 * 4 inches and weighs only 1 pound. It operates on two AA batteries that last for a comparatively shorter period but does the work efficiently.





Handheld Vacuum sealer from FOYO is a one hand easy to use portable, practical and palm sized device that vacuums the food storage bags at one shot. It runs by 6AA batteries and takes up to 8- 12 seconds for seal. This sealer ensures longer protection of food and useful for picnic, fishing, camping and barbecues.

  • Reusable

  • Easy to use

  • Long Battery Life

  • Seal baseball cards

This sealer protects the food from freezer burns, odour and spoilage. This device is ideal for everyday use to store deli meats, pantry foods, cheeses and other foods. The kit comes with one handheld vacuum sealer, 5 reusable bags and 1 sealing clip. They provide 60 days of money-back guarantee for this Handheld Vacuum Sealer.





NESCO handheld vacuum sealer Machine is a small compact and portable vacuum sealer with heavy duty motor and piston pump to pack and seal 50 bags per charge. It is a hand held vacuum sealer suitable for sous vide cooking. Charger and stand are included for convenient charging and usage. All you need is insert them inside a zipper bag and vacuum it.

  • Ergonomic hand-hold design

  • Heavy duty motor

  • Zipper locked bags

  • Reusable Bags

They are well suited for picnic packing and sealing. Deli meats, cheeses and other refrigerated foods are vacuum sealed with NESCO VS- 09HH. The zipper lock bags that come along this unit are heavy and reusable. It is suitable for everyday use.





It is a pistol style professional vacuum sealer from Waring with 12 one-gallon bags and 12 one-quarter bags. This Hand Vacuum sealer is well suited for countertop sealing. It comes with a rechargeable battery for extended use. When it is fully charged, it can seal up to 30 bags. The bags can be refrigerated, boiled, freeze or microwaved.

  • Easy operating

  • Heavy-duty rechargeable NiMH battery

  • Easy to use

The motor comes with 5 year warranty. The steps are very simple to seal the bag. We have to keep the food inside the zipper bag and position the pistol vac on the value. By pulling the trigger, we can remove the air and store them as per our choice.





This Cuisinart Vacuum sealer comes with some different offering. You get an easy locking system that offers you with keeping the food fresh. So get leftover food durable with Cuisinart handheld vacuum sealer VS 100. You don’t need to go anywhere when you wish to store delicate items.

This handheld vacuum sealer for jars comes in stainless steel and is compact to store all your food. It comes with an integrated drip tray that collects all the overflowing liquid from the bag and keeps the equipment clean. It has an extra wide sealing strip for locking long sized broad bags with ease.

This vacuum sealer can be ported easily anywhere in the house. The attached bag cutter will let you have the customised size of the bag without the use of scissors and also saves on bags used.

  • It comes in a compact design making things better

  • You get extra wide sealing strip

  • In-build Bag cutter

  • Convenient to store leftovers in the fridge

  • Two 11 inches and 8 inches wide 10 feet rolls of good quality plastic bags

  • Air tight vacuum sealing

  • Easy locking system

  • 3 simple button operation

Its compact design is smartly framed to suit the daily sealing requirement. It includes two 11 inches by 10-foot rolls and two 8 inches by 10-foot rolls of plastic bag to use for storing food. The kit also provides accessory port, cutter and vacuum hose.

Its advanced sealing technology extracts out all the air from the inside and keeps the food fresh and healthy over time. It has the secure locking system and a simple 3 – smooth button operation of the sealer.





Foodsaver’s everyday use handheld vacuum sealer is suitable for cheese, deli meats and regular meats. This cordless vacuum sealer stored in a drawer for daily use. The nozzle is easy for cleaning and is dishwasher safe. By the press of a button, it sucks the air from the bags and jars.

  • Cordless

  • One-touch operation

  • Dishwasher Safe

The foodsaver handheld vacuum sealer is small with a sleek look that has a charger base for easy charging and looks great on the countertop. The kit includes 1- charging stand, 1- deli container, 5 one-gallon zipper bag and 5 quarter zipper bags. The bags keep the food fresh as if out of the store.





Storing the leftover food has never been easy, as it became with the arrival of handheld vacuum sealers. Why is this important is because this allows you to store the leftover food? It guides you to save food in a manner its not spoiled. You need this sealer is because it offers you with following features.

This Hand Vacuum Sealer is best for storing food be, it meat or cheese.  Almost everything is possible when it comes to saving the leftover meal. So it’s essential to get going with preservative sheets that help you store food to seal freshness.

Storing leftovers in containers and buying so many containers to store has never been easy. We help you save finance and expand your base by reducing your investment cost and purchase food in bulk without fearing spoilage.

Storing the food in plastic bags will ensure storing the food in vacuum-sealed bags without compromising on the taste of food.

Even an open package can be resealed, and you can make it possible by using this package, keeping the leftover in bags its possible to store the waste or extra food without fearing the space issues caused in the refrigerator.

You can store marinated food, be it meat with extra spice and flavour. This is capable of sealing even marinated stuff that help you keep the food fresh and delicious. 

Before investing in Vacuum Sealers, it’s very important to know these terms to avoid taking a wrong decision for yourself. Here are some terms and features you must be aware about-

The essential thing seen in sealer is the vacuum capacity of the package the food item. So, it’s necessary to know that it’s important to understand how the same is operated and how much user friendly.

You get benefited with the in built features that mean to comply with your requirement of sealing the food to prevent loss of flavour.

Whether the vacuum sealer you are using has a battery system or works on cable operation with constant power supply.

For having an extended stay of product in your life, it’s important to have durable products. So it’s essential to understand the quality of this Handheld Vacuum sealer.

It’s important to know about the warranty as well. Because if your product is not under a warranty period, it will soon obsolete or malfunction without allowing you to heal.

Make sure that the plastic bag provided with the sealer is made of good quality which is food grade and preserves the flavour and freshness along with the healthiness of the food. 

It is very simple. Find the seal port in the zipper bag. Keep the bag flat on the countertop and press the button. The food is vacuumed in 8- 10 seconds with these amazing handheld vacuum sealer machines. Handheld vacuum sealer reviews have found that most of the sealers are compatible for zipper bags and not suitable for mason jars. There is separate Mason jar sealing port available in the market that suits all types of machines. You can get one to vacuum sealer your mason jars with regular vacuum sealers.

Handheld vacuum sealers are a great breakthrough for the small kitchen. They occupy less space and do the job for you. They are also called mini vacuum sealer or a portable vacuum sealer, and you can take it anywhere you need. 

  • Portable
  • Should occupy less space in the countertop.
  • Vacuum minimum 30 bags per charging or 5-10 mason jars per charging.
  • Work with all brands of zipper bag.
  • Economic and lasts long.


How does a Handheld Food vacuum sealer work?

Most of the Handheld Food Vacuum Sealers work on the principle of heat. They seal the food using heat waves by-

  1.  Lay Zipper Bag flat with gray circle facing upwards and slide fingers across zipper to close bag.
  2. Press Handheld Vacuum Sealer over the gray circle on the bag and press the vacuum button until air is removed from the bag. 
  3. Release the button to stop the vacuum.
  4. Place the bag with food into the refrigerator or pantry.
What is the pressure on a Foodsaver Handheld Vacuum Sealer?

We need to apply pressure on a FoodSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealer to seal the bags. A specific pressure parameter is not mentioned per se.

How much time does it take to charge a Handheld Vacuum Sealer?

A Handheld Vacuum Sealer would take 6 to 8 hours to fully charge its battery.

Which Handheld Vacuum Sealer is best for use in the freezer?

FoodSaver FM2435-ECR Vacuum Sealing System with Bonus Handheld Sealer and Foodsaver is the best for use in the freezer.

I hope all these Handheld Vacuum Sealer Reviews will help you to choose the right one of your choice. This product comes with many features that guide you through the process of sealing food items. By knowing how to seal the package, you end up sealing the pack and keeping the food fresh, flavoured and intact at one place. So, store the food in this package for not suffocating the fridge with lots of food items. But still, store everything in a manner that it remains fresh and worth the consumption. 

You need to understand that every business having a product to sell, need to pack there product in a manner that its durable. And also understand that having this product will prevent your product from spoilage and also keep it fresh for the long run. The handheld vacuum sealers help the busy homemakers in their daily activities. Homemakers always want to pick the best one in the market for doing their work faster and easier. Here we have narrowed our list and found 10 Best Food Vacuum sealer. 

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