Top 10 Space-saving External Vacuum Sealers 2020 – Suits even the busiest kitchen!

Top 10 Space-saving External Vacuum Sealers 2020 - Suits even the busiest kitchen!

Best External Vacuum Sealer Reviews

One of the most common reasons for the spoiling of different types of foods, especially the fresh ones like vegetables, fruits, meats and fish etc. is the direct contact of the item with air. Now, if you keep any fresh and raw food exposed in the environment, it will get rotten in two basic way. The first one is the direct oxidation due to the oxygen present in the environment, which will brown the food surface and then eventually makes it unable to consume. The second one is the presence of different microorganisms in the air, which destroys all the nutrients and other good things and makes the food full of harmful toxins. 

Now after several years of extensive research in the food packaging industry, it comes a conclusion that food packed in a vacuum sealed pack, without any types of water or air, can be stored for months and sometimes even for years as well. With time, people started to trust this mechanism, and with time, the entire phenomenon becomes a household affair. In order to keep food safe and consumable for a long time, specialized External vacuum sealers are started becoming popular and so many developers are started to manufacture them in small size and capacity, especially for household usage.

As a home consumer, there are times where you may wish to conserve left-overs or bulk purchases from the grocery. A Best External vacuum sealer ensures that your grocery items and protected meals are not stale and kept fresh for more extended periods in the fridge. It also elevates their capability to remain fresh up to 5 times more. There are even other types of Best External Vacuum Food Sealer which can be utilized effectively, especially when it comes to vacuum sealing unusual items in your pantry or kitchen. Therefore, you don’t need to set up a storage capacity space which should be moisture free along with no impurities in order to enable high-quality freshness for multiple household food items.

Home users do love a Table Top Vacuum Sealer With External Pump these days. An external vacuum cleaner is a consumer appliance which is built in order to deliver two of the biggest advantages for an all-time kitchen purpose. Firstly, these vacuum sealers types are really reliable and convenient when it comes to usage. Secondly, they don’t tend to take up much space in the kitchen as well, thus giving you the perk of not cramping up your kitchen with so many appliances. It can be a possibility where these two advantages are the biggest plus points which make an external vacuum sealer a favourite among a majority of home users. Here we have given Best External Vacuum Sealer Reviews, all you have do is just refer them and get perfect one of your choice.

Top 10 Best External Food Vacuum Sealer for Sale

Nesco VS-12 deluxe vacuum sealer

NESCO VS-12 Silver Deluxe Vacuum Sealer image
  • Double Vacuum Pump
  • Built-In Storage
  • Suction Power

Nesco VS-02 food vacuum sealing system

NESCO VS 02 Food Black Vacuum Sealing System image
  • Auto shut off
  • Simple to use
  • One touch operation

Weston 65-0501-W vacuum sealer

Weston 65 0501 W Professional Advantage Stainless Steel and Black Vacuum Sealer image
  • Easy to control
  • Versatile Controls
  • Suction Power

The brand new Nesco VS-12 Deluxe Vacuum Sealer provides you with the capability to consider which settings work amazingly when it comes to conserving the food you are sealing. You can select either gentle mode for storing softer foods and regular for sturdy, substantial food items. The sealing options include moist, dry, and double. Additionally, the pulse vacuum mode is remarkable when it comes to sealing things which are frangible such as buns and bakery.

  • Built-In Storage

  • Suction Power

  • Easy to clean

  • Storage Capacity

  • Durability

All you need to do is to press the seal button (which is manual) to a double seal option when you have obtained the required vacuum level. Furthermore, it brings you double lines seals for extra strength and a double vacuum pump for maximum, efficient performance. Lastly, it also features a bag cutter and a bag roll storage space.




  • Seals for delicate items which are about to crumble such as leftover cakes, bread and other bakery items
  • Extended seal time to help conserve liquid items which take a long time compared to firm items
  • A port is integrated with this model which allows you to seal sturdy containers


  • If you try to undertake the seal operation several times, the time or heat sensor will not work instantly and needs adequate time to elapse

The Nesco VS-02 vacuum machine saves both money and time effectively. You can heat up entire meals in advance and even freeze leftovers if needed. This machine works well when it comes to reducing waste and spoilage, and eradicates freezer burn. You can always purchase in bulk and seal in food items for later use.

  • Easy One-Touch operation

  • Auto Shutoff

  • Easy to use and clean

  • Durability

A food vacuum sealing system is a unit which is operated automatically and features a one-touch function where you don’t need to take additional efforts when you’re busy in the kitchen and even comes with an automatic shut off feature which makes this vacuum sealer simple to use. The Seal-Only button avoids exceeding the vacuuming process and further crushing of the food. The VS-02 features a roll storage area and bag cutter which can fit up to an 11.8-inch thick roll bag material. 




  • Automatically shuts off after the sealing process is completely finished
  • Prevents fragile food items such as berries or pastries from getting crushed
  • There is an option to seal goods much tighter than usual therefore food items can withstand against immense pressure


  • It’s a large machine, therefore, takes up large storage or counter space

The Weston 65-0501 External Vacuum Sealer has everything you require when it comes to initiating a convenient sealing process in an appealing model. As it uses a 210 watt powered motor, the vacuum pump can deliver up to 23 inches in terms of HG vacuum strength. There is also a simple to use control panel (backlit), and even a motor which is fan-cooled that avoids overheating for regular bag sealing up to 11 inches wide.

  • Quick and Easy

  • Versatile Controls

  • Easy to use Control Panel

  • Suction Power

The Commercial Vacuum Sealer External has an automatic mode which carries out the one-touch ‘vacuum-to-seal’ performance easy. You can take advantage of the marinate mode with two different options provided along with it. Furthermore, it comes with a manual seal mode which permits you to control over the vacuum pressure in order to carry out fragile jobs. 




  • Can be cleaned up quickly
  • Easy to control and use
  • Maintains the high quality of food stored for long periods in the fridge


  • Does not provide a long-term warranty period

The VacMaster PRO350 is a great external vacuum cleaner which helps extend the freshness of food up to five times longer than compared to conventional storage systems. All you need to do it insert food items into a bag and seal it using this Best Vacuum sealer machine thus you can now enjoy fresh food despite storing it for many days or months. The model brings you a roll cutter which is convenient for usage and an inbuilt storage unit which is integrated with this machine.

  • Digital panel control

  • Easy to use

  • Suction Power

  • Leak proof protection

 It uses a practical and peculiar lid which is transparent and enables you to assess the bag placement found on the seal bar smoothly. It embeds brand new smart digital panel control thus allows you to easily vacuum package meals, hard cheeses, fish, and veggies. It also includes an added broad seal wire which features a leak-proof and heavy-duty protection.




  • A heavy-duty and well-built piece of equipment
  • Offers customizable opportunities such as changing the seal time, vacuum strength and manual seal


  • A bit expensive when compared to other similar models
  • Takes too much space due to its large size

The PolyScience 150 series vacuum system has phenomenal features which makes it an all-time worth of investment. The model provides you with high-quality kitchen services wherein the vacuum system functions quickly and simultaneously saves you both time and energy. PolyScience external vacuum sealer has a motive of shielding poisonous food and avoiding food wastage. It even acts as a medium for food storage and conserves fresh food for long periods.

  • Low profile design

  • Built-in Accessory Port

  • Seal Plus feature

  • One-touch automatic vacuum sealing

What’s interesting to note that you don’t need to discard food leftovers since this system offers storage space to conserve any leftovers. Other impressive features include a low profile design which enables reliable handling and storage along with excess storage bags which are specially designed for storing food. Moreover, there is a quick seal function which is created for working with delicate items.




  • Comfortability: The vacuum sealer needs no technical explanation when it comes to using since its design is simple therefore any individual can utilize the system.
  • Safety: This structure promotes great quality since food content does not spoil over many days or even change over time
  • Storage: The model stores food for longer periods hence, consumers don’t need to throw away leftovers since the system extends the duration of spoilage
  • Operation: The PolyScience system is idiot-proof when it comes to operation. Consumers only need to read the manual instructions in order to learn more information. You also don’t need to apply much effort since this kitchen mechanism is not manual
  • Durability: This model is long-lasting since they offer services for a longer period of time


  • Food taste: Food which is stored for preservation will lose its unique taste content despite being protected. Vitamins and nutrients tend to become saturated in this process
  • Cost: There are very few people who require such an appliance since they are comfortable with using manual systems

If you are looking for a particular vacuum sealer to store meat and meat products for a longer period, then do not look beyond. The next inclusion in our list of best external vacuum sealer is from the house of Greatrue and specialized in vacuuming fresh food ingredients like fish and meats. One of the best Vacuum Sealer in its genre, this particular one excels in both built and functionality. 

Now coming to the individual features, this particular one is compact, and lightweight is the size and does not takes a lot of counter space as well. Built with industrial-grade ABS plastic body, the machine is durable and meant to last longer as well. Now coming to the technicalities, the advanced sealing mechanisms, sucks out all the air from the inside of the packaging but helps id restoring all the natural flavour, texture, colour and the essential nutrients as well.

  • Specialized external Food vacuum sealer for storing fresh fish and meat

  • Inclusive dual modes for both dry and wet foods

  • Powerful suction capacity

  • Extra tight lock latch included for creating the internal environment air locked

  • ETL and NRTLs certified, hence food safe

The tight lock latch function and potent suction ensures cent per cent airproof environment inside the External Strip Vacuum Sealer and is the main reason behind all the high functioning as well. Like the previously discussed model, this particular external clamp vacuum sealer is also equipped with dual modes for both dry and moist types of food. 

The soft-touch control buttons and added LCD indicator lights are also included in the appliance to make it more user friendly and hassle free to use by all means. From bag to the external canister, this particular one is a versatile piece of equipment, which is suitable for vacuum packing both bulky and small amount of foods as well.




  • Compact and lightweight, hence easier to carry around
  • In-built roll cutter
  • Extra powerful suction with tight latch lock
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The touch screen buttons are sensitive
  • Get heated up pretty easily

The VacMaster PRO380 is packed with a 16-inch seal bar which enables sealing broader bags and even 2 bags simultaneously and all at once. This External-Clamp Vacuum Sealer is developed with a lot of features, especially when it comes to packing such as from meals which are pre-made and leftovers to fish and game. The PRO380 also brings you a sturdy dual piston pump and even a cooling fan which will let you keep sealing packs and bags for many hours if needed. It is suitable for sour vide cooking, intensive home usage, and recreational fishermen and hunters.

  • Easy to use

  • Suction Power

  • User Friendly

  • Leak Proof Protection

Also, it brings you a simple to use control panel with pre-programmed vacuum settings for basic functionality. You’ll also be able to season and marinate fish as well as meats by using the marinating mode. You can even seal in fragile items with the pulse button or utilize the accessory port when it comes to packaging snacks in VacMaster storage canisters. Other features include storage of 50 feet long rolls, with a useful cutter. A transparent lid makes it effortless to check whether if the bad is being positioned on the seal bar.




  • Leak-proof
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Seals huge batches without being overheated
  • Easy functioning


  • Can’t seal wet foods effectively

The FoodSaver V4880 complete automatic vacuum sealing system is a once in a blue moon innovation. It is convenient and affordable where it’s been acknowledged as one of the best food saver models found in both in-store and online stores. With its 2-in-1 appliance functionality, this vacuum sealer provides both an automatic to speed option as well as an instant marinating mode. Also, its broad sealing strip encourages reliable, thick seals. At the same time, the pulse vac feature lets you seal in delicate food items.

  • Retractable handheld sealer

  • Automatic Operation

  • Built-in roll storage

This External Vacuum sealer increases the lifespan of food items by 5 times more and even avoids dehydration, bacterial growth and freezer burns. As this model is entirely automated, the FoodSaver V4880 can identify how dry or wet the food item is. Furthermore, it can adjust the two-speed modes automatically to seal and store food items much better than before. The system is equipped with a handheld vacuum (retractable) which is ideal for sealing canisters and jars. 




  • Easy to operate
  • Automatic process and minimal efforts needed
  • Tightens and seals the food items thus secures it from spoilage in the near future


  • The bag insertion point gets disrupted in between

The FoodSaver V3835 vacuum sealer is a beneficial add-on to any kitchen which has seen busy days. You can expect this model to preserve food and keep it fresh up to five times longer than compared to conventional and standard storage methods such as foil, zipper bags, containers and plastic wrap. In addition, this FoodSaver V3835 vacuum sealing system tends to separate away moisture and oxygen from multi-layer bags. These are uniquely-designed and secure flavour so that your food tastes fresh and natural even it is placed in the freezer for many months.

  • Space-saving vertical design

  • Automatic operation

  • Convenient roll holder

  • Dishwasher Safe

You also can employ this Vacuum Sealer to reheat meals during the week, cool dinners which are already made, preserve leftover pizza slices or salad in the fridge for later use, deep-freeze chunks of meat, and many more. Being packed with dedicated SmartSeal technology, this highly-efficient vacuum-sealing model can sense the food and bag type automatically thus vacuums out the air to generate a flawless airtight seal.





  • Affordable price
  • Convenient and reliable when it comes to use
  • The SmartSeal sealing process is automated
  • Seal protects both dry and wet food items


  • Tends to waste an inch or so each and every time
  • May not scan the bag always

In most of the hot and humid tropical areas, keeping food safe and fresh for a more extended period is one of the most robust works to do, especially during summer and monsoon, when both the temperature and the humidity level of the surroundings are on the higher end. In most of the time, it has been seen that the refrigerator space also gets filled up pretty fast with raw foods during that time as well. 

If you are looking for a permanent solution to this problem and want your food items to be safe and secure for a longer time, then the Partu vacuum sealer machine can be the perfect choice to do the job. This particular vacuum sealer allows both dry and wet types of food to be perfectly vacuumed and sealed, which keeps them safe and consumable for as long as 12 months as well.

  • Specialized vacuum sealer to keep different food items fresh and consumable for a longer period of time

  • Can fit up to 12” of vacuum sealer bags

  • Automatic vacuum sealing operations

  • User friendly touch control panel with progress indicator

  • Equipment’s for external pumping functions are also included

  • Sleek and compact design, does not take a lot of counter space

The in-built addition cutter also enables you to cut the required size bag with ease and without any hassle as well. This PARTU  Commercial Vacuum Sealer also comes with two separate modes, for both dry and wet food ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and fish, grains and beans with equal ease and efficiency. As given in Commercial Vacuum Sealer Reviews it has a user-friendly and easy to use touch screen control buttons and progress bar, using this particular vacuum sealer is literally like a breezy Sunday morning.




  • Durable and strong machine, definitely meant to last
  • Suitable for both dry and wet food
  • Bag storage slot is included
  • In-built cutter
  • Very affordable


  • Relatively higher noise output
  • The included drip tray is not that efficient in trapping all the liquids

There are many vacuum sealers which are developed for home use and were come in external sealers which that press down on plastic bags that are embossed (bags which contain with ridges). As you start using these plastic bags, you can place your food inside and use the sealer to fasten the food items down on the open side. The sealer absorbs the oxygen out of the bag and utilizes heat to ensure an airtight seal for protection. You can find other kitchen mechanisms to take advantage of vacuum sealing such as:

  • Bottle stoppers – an ideal solution when it comes to sealing oil, wine, juice and vinegar bottles. With this system, you can removes oxygen from the bottles in order conserve taste and pure freshness
  • Sous vide bag sealer – this is perfect for sous vide water ovens wherein the food is typically sealed in a vacuum bag at first. There are few sealers which are being built based on peculiar needs of sous vide cooks in mind
  • Jar sealers – these sealers are suitable for both fragile and liquid food items such as dried fruit, brown sugar, jams and more, and even enables vacuum sealing on any jar size 
  • Pistol vacuum sealers – these are minute battery-operated, handheld vacuum sealers which are amazingly portable and effortless to use since it makes use of unique valve-type bags

 Now, like any other home and kitchen improvement products, once it gains its expected popularity, every second company started to manufacture them, hence makes the buying process more intimidating and confusing for the user only. With enticing marketing ideas and several promotions, the job is getting more difficult with time. So here we have provided some features, which will helps you to understand what to expect. Some of the major considerations are:

A clear idea about how much stuff you are going to pack, or in what frequency, they are going to use the machine, is always helping the user to determine which type and size of the machine will be suitable for their usage. As most of the popular manufacturers developed vacuum sealers of different size and capabilities, finding the perfect one is not a big deal.

If the user are intending to carry their vacuum sealer to many places, even on vacations, the portable vacuum sealers are the best for them. But in this context, one thing has to be kept in mind, that with portability and convenience comes low performance and poor build quality of the machine as well. So, if the user is looking for a long-lasting solution then it is always advisable to go for vacuum sealer which are strong and sturdy and made with stainless steel.

The types of a food item, which are going to get sealed in the vacuum sealer is another primary determinant of what type of vacuum sealer the user is going to need. If the particular food item requires all the air removed from the bag to be safe and consumable for long, then both the chamber or external sealer is capable. But for more sensitive foods like onion rings or potato chips, where there is a chance of the food item to get crushed, chamber Vacuum sealers are the perfect choice, as they use inert gas to do the job.

Suction power is undoubtedly is the primary and most important feature of any vacuum sealer. When you are going to invest in a vacuum sealer, go for the one with powerful suction quality, which can suck out all the air from the packaging. A little amount of air present in the packaging after sealing can lead to freezer burn, which eventually decreases the quality and the freshness of the food item. 

Always go for the vacuum sealer machines, which take lesser time to seal a bag. The more is the device, the more you can pack in a day. This feature is one of the important ones when you are going to invest in a vacuum sealer for commercial purposes. Faster vacuum sealers are way more cost-effective and energy-efficient ones than other comparatively slower vacuum sealers. 

There are mainly two basic types of vacuum sealers are available in the market- chamber vacuum sealers and external or suction vacuum sealers. After the user gets sure about getting a vacuum sealer for their home, the next daunting task comes is about choosing the particular type of vacuum sealer they should go for. 

As the selection of particular type solely based on how the user is going to use the machine and what types of foods and ingredients are going to get packed. Here is a brief idea about both the vacuum sealer types to understand a little better.

These particular types of vacuum sealers are the best choice when you are supposed to seal liquids or other sensitive foods in the vacuum sealer machines. Unlike the suction vacuum sealers, these particular chamber ones are vacuuming the package, by not only removing air from inside the package only, but from the entire chamber, hence equalizing the pressure both inside and outside of the pouch itself. 

This entire process reduces the chance of packages to get damaged, hence liquid things like soups. Marinades and other sensitive foods like potato chips, onion rings, cheese sticks etc can easily be stored for a much longer time. Now, unlike the External Vacuum Sealer For Food, the chamber ones can use regular or full mesh vacuum bags to seal the foods.

 These types of vacuum sealer are the traditional ones and also known as suction vacuum sealers as well. The underlying mechanism of this particular style of vacuum sealers are pretty straightforward, and it involves simple sucking of air from inside the vacuum bag in order to vacuum seal it. Unlike the chamber vacuum sealers, these are way more versatile and store any kind of foods both raw and cooked (except liquids and sensitive ones), ground coffee, clothing’s, upholsteries and many more.

 Another advantage with this External vacuum sealer is that these can use external canisters along with full mesh bags as well to vacuum-sealed food and other items in them.
In order to determine which one is better between the two types, it can understand that the purpose of these two particular vacuum sealers are completely different, and these two are used for two different purposes. Other than that, these are similar in most of the primary aspects like both the chamber and suction vacuum sealer can control the amount of vacuum to be used inside the machine. So as mentioned above, the choice of the machine solely depends on its usage and purpose only.

Consider how large the vacuum sealer should be and the location of where you will place it during in-between uses. There are few units which can be stored either vertically or horizontally when it comes to saving space and a majority of these models feature both accessory spaces and in-built cord wraps.

 Recently, many models have started to adopt the basic one-touch operation. However, do check if your sealer offers a manual mode during cases where you wish to have custom control over the food packaging. There are few which even permit users to seal inclusively and not separate air from the bags.

Even though some vacuum sealers have 100% duty cycles for constant operation purposes, there are few consumer-grade units which need around 20 to 30 minute periods of downtime in order to cool down especially when it comes to sealing bags in a higher volume. 

The bottle and jar sealers as mentioned above, are few of the attachments found available with several units such as Tilia vacuum sealers.


How does External Vacuum Sealer work with standard ziplock bags?

An external vacuum sealer works very well with standard Ziploc bags. The steps involved are-

  1. Place the open end of the vacuum bag inside the machine and close it.
  2. The machine will suck out all the oxygen from the vacuum bag from the open end.
  3. Seal it after all the air is sucked out.

You can consider an external vacuum sealer which suits your needs thus saves you from spoiling food in the near future.

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