Aicok VS2330 3-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer – Ensures stronger suction for longer duration!

Aicok VS2330 Review 2023

How many of you have ever tried sous vide method of cooking and preserving? Or let me question it differently- How many of you readers even know what is sous vide cooking? Well, in case you have no idea about it, let me elaborate on it before we dive into the main topic of our article. Sous Vide cooking is a very traditional and old method of preserving food. In the days, when there did not use to be refrigerators or any means of keeping food fresh, the people used to half cook the dish, and vacuum seal it in some way. This method is called sous vide cooking. Now, you may be thinking, why am I talking to you about it? The reason is that we still use a sous vide way of preserving food. But as we have got more technology and advancement in our hands, we nowadays use a vacuum sealer to seal the half-cooked food. Now, you can quickly get a vacuum sealer in the market, go to a shop, ask for a sealer, and they will give you one. But that’s not the right way of doing it. If you are really confused about this Best Aicok Vacuum Sealer, i am sure this Aicok VS2330 Review is just for you.

Aicok VS2330 3 in 1 Automatic Food Saver Details

In case you are a person interested in sous vide cooking, then not all types of machine is compatible with that. And that is why we are going to talk about the Best Aicok VS2330 Vacuum Sealer for Food. The Best Vacuum Sealer For The Money has truly created a massive base of trustworthy customers. If you want to store food five times longer than other vacuum sealers, this machine is surely worth a try. According to the manufacturers of the Aicok Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer, its motor is very powerful. And as well know, stronger the motor, stronger is its suction power to vacuum seal the bag. Also, it’s a machine that is technologically advanced as well, as it comes with touch control. When you buy the Aicok 3 in 1 Automatic Food Sealer, you will find 3 buttons on its surface. One for vacuum and seal, one for the only seal, and the other for only vacuum. So, you can choose whichever function you want to use, with just one touch of your finger. Now Let’s get into the complete Aicok VS2330 Review with detailed features.


  • Food Storage
  • 3-in-1 Operation
  • Extra Pulse Vac Function
  • Size
  • Starter Kit
  • Automatic Operation
  • Vacuum Bags
  • Ease Of Cleaning
  • Warranty

1. Food Storage

The main motive of using a vacuum sealer is that you should be able to store the food for a maximum amount of time. The efficiency of the sealer will be noted by observing how long it can store the food. The actual time cannot be noted since the preservation time will depend on whether the food item is wet or dry. But with the help of Aicok Compact Vacuum Sealer, you can store the food 5 times longer than usual, irrespective of the type of food. You do not have to worry about the preservation of food if you have this Best Aicok Vacuum Sealer.

2. 3 in 1 operation

All the vacuum sealers work in the same manner. You have to put the food inside the bag and place it on the sealer. The machine will take its opening, suck out all the air present and then seal it. But what if you do not want to seal with the sealer provided in the machine. You may try to seal the packet with the zipper or with another process. There is no provision of just sealing the food or use it to seal other things without using a vacuum feature unless you have Best Aicok Vacuum Sealer. You can use your product to create a vacuum or use it as a sealer or both. It has the entire feature installed in it.

3. Extra pulse vac function

It is quite difficult to handle your vacuum sealers when it comes to preserving food items such as chips or donuts. In the process of creating a vacuum, food items like chips that are fragile can be broken into pieces. The baked items may lose their original shape and can damage the constituencies of the ingredient of other items of food. You should have a feature with which you may be able to control the air sucked from the packet. With Aicok Vs2330 Vacuum Sealer, you are enabled with the feature of controlling the air sucked out from the packet. Just press the button, and the sealer will seal the packet right away without taking off all the air present inside the packet.

4. Size

The size should be small of all the devices which you have to use daily. As urbanization is increasing day by day, space has become a major problem. The vacuum sealer is not a device of much priority but is one of the essential devices to complete your modern kitchen. Ideally, it should not occupy much space in your kitchen. The Aicok Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer covers an area of 14×16 sq inch, which is easy to store. It does not occupy much space in your kitchen. You can even store it in some other room as well.

5. Starter kit

Whenever you buy any product, and you do not have any prior experience with using it, you might get confused. If your product has a starter kit, it will give you a head start to start working with the product. Generally, people do not have any experience in Handling vacuum sealers. Looking at different settings and features, the user gets confused. Aicok Compact Vacuum Sealer comes with the starter kit. It consists of reusable bags, user manual, and the product itself. You can easily start preserving food right away with the starter kit.

6. Automatic operation

While using any machine, you need to provide some or more efforts to get the task done. But the machines are meant to reduce the efforts of humans. It will be so easy if you have to put zero effort, and in the meantime, the job will also be done. With the help of Aicok 3 In 1 Automatic Food Sealer, you do not have to worry about putting lots of effort into getting your job done. Just place the packet and press button, and it will take care of the rest. You can even save your time by opting for this product and invest it in finishing other tasks. It is the feature that makes it the Best Aicok Food Vacuum Sealer For sale.

7. Vacuum bags

The Aicok Vs2330 Vacuum Sealer comes with 10 vacuum bags in its starter kit. These vacuum bags are reusable. You can use it again and again if you use it properly. There are 5 small and 5 large vacuum bags in the starter kit. You can take it out and use it as per your convenience. After using it, you can even wash it with water and soap. Wash it gently so that it does not get tempered. After drying it, you can use it again for storing food. You can buy these bags by notifying the company or in shops which have a similar kind of bags available.

8. Ease of cleaning

Even one likes to create a mess since it is easy. But the cleaning process takes time as well as dedication from you. Especially in the kitchen, there are many ingredients which can give you deep stains which will not go away easily. It can be a tough job to finish when it comes to a deep stain on your kitchen devices. You cannot ignore it since you are using it daily, and at the same time, you need to maintain the hygiene of your kitchen. But with the Aicok Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer, you do not have to put lots of effort to clean it.

9. Warranty

The warranty is one of the factors which is essential for the product. The product may get damaged for some reason. The warranty period indicates how long your product will remain durable. The Aicok Compact Vacuum Sealer comes with a warranty period of 2 years. The lab tests every product before dispatching the product to check its durability and defects. In case of any malfunctioning of the product, you can call the helpline number of the company. You will get service 24*7 from the company. This is one of the Best vacuum sealers available in the market.



  • Manufacturer : Aicok
  • Item Model Number : VS2330
  • Product Dimension : 14 x 6.3 x 2.6 inches
  • Product Weight : 3.96 pounds
  • Power Source : Electric
  • Suction Strength : 9L/min
  • Voltage : 120 Volts
  • Hertz : 60 Hz
  • Vacuum Power : 0.75 bar
  • Warranty : 3 years



Go through the steps below to know how to use a Aicok VS2330 3-in-1 vacuum sealer-

1. Place the food in an appropriate vacuum sealer bag.
2. Place the packet at the opening latch of the vacuum sealer.
3. Please press both sides of the latch until you hear it click and make sure it locks up.
4. It removes the air from the bag, there by sealing the package.


Yes Aicok VS2330 vacuum sealer can use all types of bags


The Aicok Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer comes with 10 bags included in the package.


Yes, this Aicok Compact Vacuum Sealer can be used for sous vide preparation.


The Aicok 3 In 1 Automatic Food Sealer takes 6 to 10 seconds to seal a bag.


No, the Aicok Vacuum Sealer does not make too much noise while sealing food.


By now, you must have become aware of almost all the features with our Aicok VS2330 Review. The Aicok Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer is good for sous vide cooking as well as store important documents and papers. I can recall the day when I discovered my high school mark sheets had become yellow and even torn from sides because of a lack of proper care. But with the help of this Best Aicok VS2330 Vacuum Sealer for Food, you no longer have to worry about yellow mark sheets and other documents, as it can store all kinds of things. You are planning a holiday trip, but the rainfall in that area scares you, cause you don’t want your clothes to become damp in the weather, worry no more, as this Aicok Compact Vacuum Sealer can store clothes in the bags as well, and vacuum seal it. In case you are wondering what about storing soft food items like muffins and cakes, the Aicok has a solution for that as well, with its pulse vac option. In case you want to pull the air out manually, and with optimal control over the suction capacity, then you can use the pulse vac option. When you are using this button, you can stop immediately whenever you see the food item getting crushed inside the bag. Another advantage of buying this Best Aicok Food Vacuum Sealer for sale is that it comes with LED light indicators that will alert you and also show you the status of vacuuming and sealing. Hope you find our Aicok VS2330 Review, clear all your doubts about this One. Happy Buying..!!!

Aicok VS2330 3 In 1 Vacuum Sealer Machine image

The Aicok 3 in 1 Automatic Food Sealer has excelled in almost all our tests. We tried sealing dry, wet as well as soft food, and it did seal them up properly. The price of the machine is also in a very affordable range and is surely worth a buy. The only downside to this Best Vacuum Sealer for Home Use is that you will have to buy the bags from outside as the bags provided with it are not good enough. Also, you have to be extra cautious while using it so that you may not damage it.


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