ABOX V66 Full Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine – Best compact unit with one-touch operation!

We often throw away a large amount of food just because we don’t have proper sustainable planning or storage amenities, and it results in not only wastage of food but also of our hard-earned money. And at times like this, a vacuum sealer comes pretty helpful. Vacuum sealers like the ABOX Vacuum Sealer V66 are highly-effective and work in force without much hassle!

This ABOX V66 Full Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine has superfast suction power that vacuums and seals food bags consistently. This vacuum sealer machine makes sure to keep your veggies and snacks fresh and live a longer life with just a one-touch operation. It sits on your countertop without coming on your way, and unlike other vacuum sealers, this high-quality vacuum sealer doesn’t leave much air behind. It has a light indicator that keeps updating you about its work progress. Buying this sealer is definitely just a lot more saving than what you pay for it. Thus, given the amount of food you can save from wastage, it comes pretty cheap. We made sure to test this one and find out its characteristic features that it delivers.

ABOX V66 Vacuum Sealer Review for 2023 (Key Features)

1. Design

This airtight vacuum sealer is 14.01 x 5.71 x 2.91 inches (355×145×73mm) in dimension and 4.22 pounds in weight. It is sleek in its design and can be ported from one place to another easily. The maximum seal width with this vacuum is 280mm or 11 inches. It has an LED Display that projects green and red lights depending on the dryness and wetness, respectively.

This vacuum sealer works well in 120V (Rated Voltage) and with 60 Hz (Rated Frequency). This countertop vacuum is compact and makes sure not to take much of your kitchen’s space. It comes with a built-in cutter, a removable drip tray, an external suction hose for the external vacuum, and 10 bags to keep your food fresh!

2. Smart Control

The auto close and open feature makes this vegetable and meat vacuum sealer more interesting. There’s no need for much effort. Just choose from its 5 versatile modes (Dry, Wet, Soft, Single Seal, Outside Vac modes) depending on the food after placing your food packet. And also, it comes with a removable drip tray, which is very easy to clean.

While this vacuum is sealing the packet, an LEF progress light keeps telling you how much sealing progress it has made. After indicating full operation, its intelligent progress bar stops automatically and lifts this machine’s upper cover automatically. It has a powerful suction capacity and ensures less vibration. Its smart touch keys make sure to give you comfort and a possible hassle-free sealing experience. It seals wet items with the same potential just as it does with the dry items, without leakage and dampness.

3. High-speed Functionality

This professional vacuum sealer is extremely fast at its work and highly efficient. You can seal food packets with your desired modes just within seconds. What makes it more compelling is the powerful pump it comes with. This said powerful pump produces a very minimal vibration while working.

This V66 ABOX vacuum sealer comes with a high-quality sealing strip that ensures air-tight food packaging to be preserved for months by keeping the taste, smell, and nutrients intact. You don’t have to wait for long periods to get it started with this vacuum sealer. It can be powered up, and the next second it will start sealing, with its light indicator being precise.

4. One-touch Operation

This ABOX V66 Full Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing System can be operated with not much extravagant procedure but just a simple touch. You just need to put the bag with food in its designated area and choose your desired model, i.e., Normal, Dry, or Moist. With merely one touch, this food sealer will get to its work. It will seal our kept food bag automatically.

After this vacuum sealer’s work completion, it will automatically open, and you can have your bag packet perfectly sealed. This packed bag can be stored as this bag will keep your food fresh for a more extended time. And no wait time after power-up makes it convenient and a lot faster to get this one-touch machine started. To make sure that you have perfect sealed packets, wait for up to 30 seconds between seals.

5. Warranty

The warranty of any electronic device ensures that machine’s durability, quality performance, and efficiency. This vacuum sealer machine, ABOX V66, comes with a 1-year warranty! This assures us of how strong and robust this vacuum sealer is. If this product or any parts of it comes damaged, or default, or any sorts of glitches, you can contact its customer support team, and they will get back to you immediately with the solutions.

ABOX makes sure to provide the best quality of materials. Hence, the machine and bags are made with FDA approved materials and are BPA free. Thus, this vacuum sealer ensures to preserve your food in the best way possible without any rottenness or poisonings.


ABOX Vacuum Sealer V66 Specifications

  • Manufacturer : ABOX
  • Product Dimensions : 14.01 x 5.71 x 2.91 inches
  • Color : Grey
  • Item Weight : 4.22 pounds
  • Rated Frequency : 60 Hz
  • Rated Voltage : 120 V
  • Maximum Seal Width : 280mm/11in


What bags can you use with the ABOX food sealing machine V66?

This ABOX compact vacuum sealer V66 is compatible with almost all sorts of bags, but one must make sure that one side of the bags is smooth and the other one with lines or should be folded.

Does the ABOX Full Automatic Food Saver Machine V66 work as well as FoodSaver?

ABOX V66 Full Automatic Machine works better than Food Saver. It does its job pretty well.

Does the ABOX V66 sealer open and close automatically?

Yes, the ABOX V66 vacuum sealer machine opens and closes automatically.

Are the ABOX V66 vacuum sealing machine and the bags BPA free?

Yes, the V66 ABOX vacuum sealing machine and the bags are BPA free and made with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved materials.


As we conclude this ABOX V66 review, this vacuum sealer is an instant hit due to the bulk amount of food that can be saved pretty fast that too for a long time. It just fits into any space, can be carried anywhere you wish and works effortlessly without any problem. Its one-touch operation, versatile modes, and progress bar ensure a systematic operation that is stress-free.

As this ABOX V66 Vacuum Sealer gives airtight sealing, the bag gets sealed in the food’s shape that it contains, saving space at your storage. You can store all sorts of food, and the best part is that you can protect wet food and select the desired modes. So, to make your kitchen smarter and sustainable, this little one just makes sure to add the right amount of quickness, ease, and convenience to your future food planning. We took extra care to make this article one of the best vacuum food sealer reviews on this machine. Hope this ABOX V66 Vacuum Sealer review is found helpful. Have a happy shopping!

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